How long would Sildenafil last

How long would Sildenafil last?

Published on: 01/11/2021
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

Many of you who are looking for a cure for your erectile disorder may have come to know about Sildenafil. Maybe you have come to know about what generic Sildenafil and its erection disorder curing benefits are.

Well, in this article we are going to share with you about one of the most critical elements of Sildenafil that is how long it will remain active, whether one pill can last forever and why is it that you cannot use Sildenafil for curing ED disorder.

Let’s begin…

How will sildenafil be effective in your body?

Sildenafil is an active ingredient belonging to the PDE-5 hormone that inhibits a family of the drug. On activation, the pill will increase the flowing blood into the penis tissue such that the penis tissue inside will be filled with it.

Once this happens, the penis tissues become all the more sensitive meaning that on tempting and on manually tempting and stimulating the penis one would get hard. Now, this action of work for generic Sildenafil does have a definite lasting time.

After all, you know the pills of generic Sildenafil do have a definite lasting time. This will depend on the dose amount of Sildenafil that there is. 

Remember, that the higher is the dose amount the more will generally be the lasting time and vice versa.

Which dose of Sildenafil has the power to stay active for the maximum time?

Generally speaking, like we mentioned before you have the option to choose from several doses of Sildenafil. Generally, all brands of SIldenafil in the market have fixed doses. By this, we mean that whether you choose to opt for an FDA-approved dose such as Viagra or a generic dose such as  Fildena all the brands have fixed doses in which you can buy them from the market.

So let’s get to know about the doses of Sildenafil first.

You see when you check out the doses available for Sildenafil all of them will begin with a small dose of 25mg. The higher doses include Sildenafil 50mg, Sildenafil 100mg, Sildenafil 120mg, Sildenafil 150mg and Sildenafil 200mg. Now that you know about the doses of Sildenafil let’s get to know about how long they will survive and have effects.

On experimenting with the doses scientists and researchers have come out with the fact that doses up to 50mg can stay active for up to 4 hours. Ongoing slightly higher up the doses you would find that the doses from 100mg to 120mg will last for about 5 hours and further up that is for doses of Sildenafil that are 150mg and 200mg the effects will last for 6 hours.

between all This Sildenafil has a maximum lasting time of around 6 hours. So you can easily confer that by taking in a dose of Sildenafil the maximum effective time that you can get is for 6 hours.

Doctors recommend that during this time you will have the full potential of higher blood flowing into the penis. This will lead you to erectile stiffness by just stimulating the penis. The actions of nitric oxide trigger the vasodilation effects that will make you erect anytime you want.

What is the minimum time of action for Sildenafil?

The minimum time for which Sildenafil will act to work and bring about erectile hardness is around 4 hours. And this effective time is for generally all the smaller doses that is Sildenafil 25mg and Sildenafil 50mg.

Why can’t you use Sildenafil as a means of curing ED forever?

Sildenafil is not a pill that you can use for getting hard and use for the rest of your life. There is a maximum time for which you can use any dose or brand of Sildenafil at a stretch.

When you visit a doctor the timeline for your treatment will depend on a couple of factors. And these are the long-term effects of using the medicine which the doctor will have a general eye on. You see during the whole of the treatment term you will stay in touch with a doctor and have to mandatorily go for some visits every few weeks or months.

The other factor that comes in crucial is how well your body can adapt and cope up with the doses of the pill. Generally, the better your boy can cope up with the drug effects the better it will be for you to remain away from side effects.

Another thing that the doctors will have close look at is the severity of your ED disorder. The more severe it is there is no doubt the longer it is going to take for even some of the slightest changes to occur. We ask all patients to keep up with the use of the medicines and use a drug that is only recommendable from the doctor. Avoid changing the dose without their consultation.

Also, try and stay away from using any of the contraindicating medicines or other general substances such as alcohol, narcotic substances like cocaine and marijuana, and grape juice.  

What side effects may one suffer from when Sildenafil is active?

Sometimes side effects may crop up after the actions of Sildenafil revoke in your body. You see the actions of side effects can range from mild ones to being extremely severe ones that bring about a lot of discomfort.

Mild side effects of Sildenafil include headache, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, gastrointestinal problems.

More severe ones include priapism, lower libido, chest pain, blurry eyes, changes in hearing ability, an irregular and faster beating of the heart, pain in having erections.

Remember whether the actions of the side effects are mild or severe it does not matter. But what matters is informing the doctor right away. We can say though that as your body keeps adapting to the dose in the first few doses the actions of side effects if any will tend to get milder and milder.

What precautionary measures do you have to take when Sildenafil is active?

Sometimes few things have to be avoided such as taking in contraindicating medicines or alcohol and grape juice. We recommend visiting the doctor with all of the pills that you are currently using.