Can I Take Sildenafil Tablets Daily For ED?

Can I Take Sildenafil Tablets Daily For ED?

Published on: 11/04/2024
Last updated on: 12/04/2024
Written By james Martin

  • Sildenafil, does this term ring a bell in your mind? Well, maybe not since you are hearing this term for the first time. But if you have a specific men’s sexual disorder termed as erectile dysfunction you may be using a brand of Sildenafil Tablets such as Cenforce 100 already.

  • But do you know if you can use this tablet daily? Is it safe to use Sildenafil for daily courses? Well, we will find out about this in further detail. More information awaits you for Sildenafil in this article as we will cover its doses when to take the pills, what to avoid with Sildenafil Tablets, and many other useful information.

  • So have you been willing to use Sildenafil pills lately? Make sure to read this article until the end to gain useful information.

Sildenafil- A Basic Understanding Of The Generic Medicine And Its Uses

So, talking about Sildenafil it is a generic drug. This means that you cannot buy it directly from any medicine shop or online pharmacy. Rather if you want to use Sildenafil Tablets you will have to purchase one of its branded versions such as Cenforce 150 or Fildena.

Sildenafil belongs to a generic drug substance from the PDE-5 hormone inhibitory drug category and its basic purpose of use is to cause a hard erection. Its use is only limited to patients who have been diagnosed with ED or impotence disorder.

➥ Is It Safe To Use Sildenafil Daily?

So, now let us dive into our main topic of discussion in this article right away. Can it be possible to use a Sildenafil pill daily? Well, of course, it is possible. But you need to wait until the doctors give such guidance. See, whether you will need to use a pill of Sildenafil or use it only on some days will be determined by the doctors based on the severity of your ED problem.

Doctors will diagnose and understand the severity of the disorder and only then identify a suitable dose routine for the patient.

Pros And Cons Of Sildenafil (Viagra)

pros header.svg cons header.svg
⚬ Erectile Dysfunction Is Usually Treated With Viagra First. ⚬ Viagra Only Works If You Are Sexually Aroused.
⚬ Erectile Dysfunction Is Usually Treated With Viagra First. ⚬ Viagra Only Works If You Are Sexually Aroused.
⚬ It Should Only Be Taken When You Need It ⚬ Can’t Be Taken If You’ve Had A Heart Attack Or Stroke In The Past 6 Months
⚬ The FDA Approved Sildenafil For ED Treatment In The 1990s, And Millions Of Men Have Used It Safely And Effectively Since Then. ⚬ The Incidence Of Erectile Dysfunction Increases With Age.

⚬ However, Viagra Can Cause More Side Effects In Older Patients (Age 65+).

⚬ Generic Version Available At A Lower Price ⚬ This Medication Cannot Be Taken If You Have Recently Taken Nitrates Such As Isosorbide Dinitrate (Isordil) Or Nitroglycerin (Nitrostat).

➥ When To Take Sildenafil Tablets Daily?

Sildenafil is a generic medicinal compound that produces and strong and hard erection upon its activation. Without a doubt, you need to take Cenforce 200 , a generic brand of Sildenafil only sometime before sex.

But how long before should you administer the drug? Well, simple research states that depending on the dose Sildenafil Tablets will need about 30 to 45 minutes to get activated depending on the dose. the higher the dose the long would be the waiting time for it to get activated.

Since you would want to have strong erections during the times of intimacy with your bed partner we highly recommend having the pill at least one hour before indulging in sex.

➥ How Does Sildenafil Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Now, that you have a basic understanding of how Sildenafil Tablets have to be used let us find out what exactly happens when you administer such a medicine. How is it exactly possible to get rid of ED by taking a pill that contains Sildenafil?

So, once you administer a pill with Sildenafil Tablets inside, it activates at first. Then it begins proceeding with its actions by inhibiting the PDE-5 hormones. once done the next stage begins where the place of PDE-5 hormones would be substituted with cGMP hormones that would take its place.

Now, the cGMp hormone is a precursor to nitric oxide activation. Nitric oxide soon activated, causing the blood vessels and arteries to dilate, which would enhance their blood flow carrying capabilities.

Eventually, within the penis tissues, this sudden urge in blood flow causes an increase in sensitivity causing a hard erection to occur when stimulated enough.

➥ Substances To Avoid When Taking Sildenafil

You may not know but there are a few substances that have to be prevented from intake when taking Sildenafil. See, there are some items both medicinal and non-medicinal that have a chance of contraindication with Sildenafil Tablets resulting in side effects.

Such substances include primarily avoiding any addictive substances such as alcohol or narcotic drugs. Even you will need to avoid certain medicines that also act to increase blood flow or thin your blood to flow rapidly as it may cause a sudden rise in blood pressure, chest pain, vision blurring, and so on.

➥ Activities To Avoid After Having Sildenafil

After administering Sildenafil blue pill you must avoid doing certain activities. Since there is a risk of having side effects such as headache, dizziness, nausea, and vision blurring after taking this pill it is not recommended to drive a car. Rather we highly recommend patients to avoid doing any such tasks that would have a chance of causing injuring the patient.

Dosage For Sildenafil Tablets Daily

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Sildenafil is a generic substance that is available in plenty of dosage variants. From smaller doses such as 25 mg or 50 mg recommended to cure mild ED problems, to high doses such as 150 mg or 200 mg recommended for curing severe ED issues there are suitable doses for every criticality of ED stages.

➥ Possible Side Effects Of Sildenafil

It is rarely possible to have side effects from Sildenafil Tablets if you are using only the dose recommended by the doctors. rather the side effects would only be visible when you have a severe overdose or medicinal contraindication.

To include the medicine’s mild side effects, you can have headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, palpitations, nervousness, flushing, dry mouth, and so on.

Although rare some severe side effects would also be possible. This includes issues such as a rise in blood pressure, priapism, chest pain, lower libido, and so on.

➥ Common Brands For Sildenafil

Lastly, now that we have seen a detailed description of how to use Sildenafil Tablets let us finish off with some of the most recommended brands of this medicinal substance. Viagra is one such dose recommended by the FDA. On the other hand, you have many dose variants, the generic brands of Sildenafil such as Suhagra, Cenforce, Fildena, Malegra, Kamagra, and so on.