Know how to prevent kidney diseases when you have Diabetes

Know how to prevent kidney diseases when you have Diabetes

Published on: 08/11/2021
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

If you are suffering from diabetes then this is not an uncommon scenario. In today’s age, most people in their mid-40s to mid-50s are suffering from this disorder. If you don’t keep your diabetes in check then it may lead to other severe concerning disorders such as nephropathy.

This is a disorder of the kidney and guess what people suffering from diabetes are at least having 50 percent more probability to suffer from nephropathy due to suffering from diabetes already.

And guess what it is not late till you find sexual disorders also beginning to crop up due to suffering from diabetes. Severe disorders such as erectile dysfunction a problem of the penis that does not allow you to get a hard erection can crop up and for which you have to keep taking pills of Tadalafil 20mg.

Diabetes-related kidney disorders start occurring when you are not able to control your blood sugar and this damages the nephrons in the kidneys. As a result of high blood pressure goes further up and due to the sustained high blood pressure, the nerves in the kidney suffer from even more damage.

The glomerulus which are the filtering units of the kidney also get severely damaged due to this sustained blood pressure.

Diabetes or high blood sugar levels generally cause less effective areas for the blood to flow easily through them. And this causes blood pressure to go even higher. If you are suffering from high blood pressure or arterial hypertension already then you surely have a higher chance to suffer from diabetes and eventually, you may even suffer from kidney diseases.

Now, that you know about the relation between kidney diseases and diabetes let’s find out how you can effectively prevent kidney disease from occurring in the first place.

Let’s begin…

Maintain glucose levels in your blood

To avoid worsening your diabetes it is necessary to control your blood sugar levels. You have to keep on tracking your blood sugar levels at regular intervals or else using modern devices you can do the same on your own at home.

The A1c test is the best test to see if your blood sugar levels are in the controlled range. The A1c test shows whether your blood sugar levels have shot up in the last three months at any specific time.

We recommend visiting the doctor at regular intervals and keeping in touch during the whole of your diabetic treatment term.

Ensure that your blood pressure is within the safe levels

  When you are suffering from diabetes your blood pressure levels may shoot up easily. If you are already suffering from high blood pressure then this means that your heart is simply pumping out blood too hard. 

Generally, if your systolic pressure is too high then this is symbolic of high blood pressure and this can trigger nephropathy.

Pay more attention to your diet

The one thing that you need to do is to ensure that you are having a normal diet. Try and keep your glycemic indexes to normal levels.

The best diet to keep your high blood sugar levels in check is to eat food items that contain less salt. Generally, the doctor is also going to prevent you to take in any salted items. You should keep continuing on a low salt and low protein diet.

Drink more fluid items daily to ensure that your body is hydrated enough. Have at least 3-4 liters of water as a bare minimum for avoiding kidney stones.

Ensure that all your medicines are being taken regularly

It is no doubt that if you are suffering from diabetes and have high blood sugar levels then you have to take your pills on time. You will have to visit a doctor and find out any medicine that suits you the best.

Remember that if you don’t cure your diabetic problems soon enough then it may soon turn into a severe kidney problem that is diabetic induced nephropathy or else you can even suffer from ED.

Remember that when you have less blood flowing into the penis then this soon turns into problems for you in getting a hard erection.

This will lead to erectile dysfunction of the impotence disorder for which you have to start taking pills of cenforce 100.

Avoid suffering from excessive stress

Remember that if you take excess stress then this is directly related to high blood pressure. Remember that if you are suffering from stress over a very long time you can suffer from the problems that are related to it.

Generally, it has been surveyed that people suffering from high levels of stress have high blood pressure as well. And without a doubt on high blood pressure, the chances of kidney problems increase as well.

Get tests done to rule out diabetic nephropathy

Suffering from high blood sugar and diabetes and also having kidney problems simultaneously means that you have to keep undergoing tests at regular intervals such as urine tests that measure the levels of creatinine and albumin.

Conduct regular blood tests such as estimated glomerular filtration rate to find out how much your kidneys have been affected due to high blood sugar levels.

Shed your weight

There is no doubt that excess weight then will make you more sensitive to insulin. Kidney diseases are also directly related to kidney diseases. You will have to ensure that your weight is within the normal levels such that you don’t become overweight.

The best way to prevent gaining weight is to ensure a strict dietary regimen. Make sure that you are avoiding all fast foods and taking in home-cooked meals with less oil and cheese or butter. Try and have more lentils, fresh fruits, and vegetables in your diet to maintain your weight.

Final say

Remember that suffering from kidney disease is a severe risk when you are suffering from diabetes. One of the linked sexual disorders of the penis is ED or impotence for which you have to take generic Sildenafil pills.