Surya Namaskar - The Method For Boosting Sexual Life

Surya Namaskar – The Method For Boosting Sexual Life

Published on: 15/02/2023
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By james Martin

Yoga is awesome. You find balance in your world, mentally, physically, and emotionally. By doing yoga at our home we can find so many benefits. It helps us to enrich ourselves on a spiritual level, and a psychological level as well.

Here we will know Surya Namaskar — The Method For Boosting Sexual Life.

Boost your sexual life with Surya Namaskar

The penis is straightened by bending your body

It requires a series of physical postures to bow to the sun.

You would need to stretch your body to perform it, ensuring flexibility. Flexible bending and long body extensions are important for blood circulation.

It is a unique cardiovascular procedure that keeps nerve blocks at bay since it involves physical activity.

Despite the accumulation of plaque in the arteries, the asanas force the heart to pump blood into the penis as well.

Taking part in a complete body exercise allows the blocked nerves to get blood flow sufficient to sustain an erection, minimizing the risk of Erectile Dysfunction.

If bending your body for a while straightens up your penis, why not? Cenforce Tablet can help you deal with erectile dysfunction if you are experiencing it.

Sloughing off belly fat is necessary for engaging in sex.

There is no denying that having sex with a belly plateau is difficult; nevertheless, you can slough off your belly fat by engaging in sex. You’d wonder why “body fat has any connection to your sex life”.

It is simple-fat cells that work like viruses-they love replicating themselves. Fat cells induce laziness in you.

A lack of exercise slows down the metabolism because fat continues to disperse throughout the body.

You must also be aware that slow metabolism affects your sex life in many ways.

These medications cause impotence and related sexual disorders as they decrease your libido and hamper testosterone production.

Simple steps can help you manage your cardiorespiratory system and weight with Surya Namaskar. It is very effective to get immediate relief from ED with the Centforce 200.

There is a focal point and ray in sex, and the penis is the point of the ray.

Stress is commonly believed to affect only your brain, but the truth is stress can affect your muscles, bones, and joints as well.

The brain cannot receive sexual signals under physical or mental stress.

Moreover, stress hormones lead to a lower level of sexual hunger than sex hormones.

You can overcome stress by having Surya Namaskar as your close benefactor.

The asanas involve the movement of the body and deep breathing; you may become overstressed quickly.

During sexual sessions, you will be more focused on sex while inserting the hard penis as the ray will be the focal point, as the practice induces a calming effect in the body.

Dracula is hiding under your pants when you sleep well

Sleep disorders have earned a foul reputation for ruining sex lives in a significant part of the world.

The danger of bad sex life is well within your reach if your sleep disorder has doomed your mental state.

Sleep disorders also affect sex life through issues like erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual desire.

A Surya Namaskar may help you regain the lost sexual prestige if your conclave with your partner is turning cold.

Additionally, it ensures that you maintain a proper sleep cycle and circadian rhythm, which helps you rid yourself of stress and have fresh sex.

Thus, you might wake up Dracula under your pants if you sleep well to the namaskar call. If you have ED, using Cenforce 100 will give you a hard erection so that you can perform well in bed.

Posing the Surya Namaskar boosts sexual health

You can feel a lot of emotions when you open yourself up to sensations with a partner. When you practice Surya Namaskar regularly, you gain self-confidence from an open heart to a tender touch.

Enjoy this Surya Namaskar poses for a deeper experience of loving intimacy and total relaxation. Here are some poses that will increase your libido or overall sexual life:

Cat/Cow Flow

  • Starting in Tabletop, shoulders directly above wrists, hips over knees.
  • As you inhale, arch your back (Cow), lifting your chest and heart away from your belly.
  • Pull your belly into your spine, separating your shoulder blades as you exhale.
  • Do it five times.


During orgasm, your tailbone moves from Cat to Cow, strengthening the Kegel’s muscles. Orgasms are better and more controlled with strong Kegels. Using Cenforce 150 will help you regain your sexual life if you suffer from ED.

Bound Angle Pose

  • Let your knees drop towards the floor as you bring your soles together.
  • Put both hands on your toes. Take a deep breath, and lengthen your torso. From your hips, exhale and hinge forward. Make sure your head is lowered towards your toes. Lie flat on your back in a reclining position and do this pose.
  • Take ten deep breaths in this pose.


The bound angle is great for low libido, stretching your inner thighs, and opening your hips up. When people do this pose, they tend to shed layers of anxiety and feel open and intimate.

Blood flow to the pelvic area improves immediately, and where the blood goes, energy and vitality follow. The level of arousal directly affects circulation and blood flow.

Surya Namaskar Has Any Side Effects?

If you perform Surya Namaskar incorrectly or do not maintain a steady breathing pattern, you may experience its side effects. Additionally, it may reverse all the benefits of Surya Namaskar. Following are some tips and tricks that won’t inconvenience you when they’re meant to help you:

  • It is always a good idea to warm up and stretch beforehand.
  • You should avoid swift movements of the neck.
  • When performing any pose, do not stretch beyond your limits.
  • Beginners should stick to slow movements and fewer repetitions.
  • Regular practice will help you gain stamina and expertise.
  • Throughout Surya Namaskar, keep your mind and body in tune with each other.