A Q&A About Premature Ejaculation

A Q&A About Premature Ejaculation

Published on: 13/02/2023
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By james Martin

Premature Ejaculation or PE has many definitions. You may have PE if you ejaculate sooner than you want, or with minimal stimulation.

A lifelong condition or an acquired one, PE can happen to anyone. People with lifelong PE have it from the first time they get sexually active. A person with acquired PE has previously had a longer, satisfactory ejaculation time.

There are two kinds: generalized (happens most of the time regardless of partner) and situational (happens only with some types of stimulation). Your mind is filled with many thoughts and confusion when you feel that you are experiencing PE. Below you will find A Q&A about PE. So that you can clear your thoughts or confusion related to PE.

Q&A About PE

What Is PE?

PE is when you ejaculate before or within 1 minute (some researchers say 2 minutes).

Is PE Equal To Erectile Dysfunction?

No. PE measures how long it takes the man to ejaculate. However, Erectile Dysfunction is when a man has trouble erection or maintaining his penis for sex. (Also known as impotence). If you are experiencing ED then you can try Vidalista 20.

If I Ejaculate Too Soon, Should I See A Doctor?

It depends on how often it happens. When you have sex after a long gap, you might get PE. There is no need to go to the doctor. However, if you ejaculate too quickly every time you have sex with your partner, you need to see a urologist.

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I Have A Problem With PE. Why Should I See A Sexologist?

First, see your regular family doctor or general practitioner. If the need arises then the general practitioner may refer to a specific doctor with relevant experience.

You should see a sexologist directly if you do not have a family doctor or general practitioner.

Is PE Common In Men?

The PE problem affects one in three men. This happens to almost all men at some point in their lives.  The problem can be fixed with more practice and less medicine unless It is a physical one.

It is not uncommon to be affected by PE. If you are suffering from ED then you should use the Vidalista 40 to get instant relief.

How Does PE Happen?

Two things can cause PE.

  1. Problems with the body
  2. Having a mental health problem.

Most people do not have physical problems that cause PE.  There is no doubt this condition needs to be treated by a good sexologist near you. To diagnose the problem, he/she may run some tests and prescribe the right treatment.

A psychological problem like stress, Anxiety, or lifestyle can cause PE. By changing your lifestyle, reducing stress at work or home, and controlling performance anxiety when you are having sex, you can overcome these conditions.

You can also fix the problem by doing certain exercises. Taking advice from a doctor is a good idea. If you have an ED problem, Vidalista 60 will help you achieve a hard erection.

What Happens If I Do Not Treat My PE?

If you are in a relationship, it will depend on your situation.

You should not have much trouble with PE if you are not in a relationship.  PE might not be popular with your partner if you are in a relationship.  You might have trouble in your personal life if you are dissatisfied in bed. It could even cause mental trauma and rifts between you.

You need to see a sexual health specialist right away if you are in a relationship with PE.

How Do You Treat Pe?

There is no medicine to cure permanently PE. Patients with depression are treated with SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors).  The use of these medications has led to a delay in ejaculation as a side effect, and SSRIs have been used as a treatment for PE since that time.

Unlike in the past when SSRIs had to be taken regularly, dapoxetine can be prescribed ‘on demand’, typically about an hour before the anticipated sexual activity. Ejaculation can be delayed this way.

You should not self-medicate. There is a chance you will hurt yourself more than you will help. Instead of self-medicating, you should consult a physician.

How Else Can You Treat PE?

  1. PE can be overcome with Kegel’s exercise – Pause and squeeze.
  2. The Sarvangasana and the Uttana Padasana in yoga
  3. Condoms and gels for delaying the climax
  4. The SSRIs we mentioned earlier, as well as drugs like Modafinil and Sildosin

Can I Get My Female Partner Pregnant If I Have PE?

Getting your female partner pregnant is possible even if you have PE provided that there is no infertility problem with your partner.

Is It Possible To Cure PE?

You can treat PE. There are treatments or therapies for both biological and mental problems. Make sure you talk to your sexologist before you lose your job or career because of PE. ED can be treated with Vidalista 80 medication, so you can resume your normal sexual life.

PE Can Cause Infertility?

No. I do not think PE is the cause of infertility. The definition of infertility is when you can not get your female partner pregnant after a year of unprotected contact.

Is It Possible To Get Pregnant From PE?

A perfectly healthy couple can get pregnant with unprotected sex, even if they have PE. You should not try unprotected sex hoping to pull your penis out just before ejaculation even if you do not have PE. It is because pre-seminal liquids can sometimes contain sperms that can cause pregnancy if they are present in the pre-seminal liquids.

Final Words

In summary, these are the most common questions about PE. Several effective treatments are available for PE.

Seeing your doctor if you have concerns about your sexual function can help you determine why you are ejaculating prematurely and find a suitable treatment.