Most effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction

Most effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction

Published on: 29/11/2021
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

So have you been a sufferer of erectile dysfunction lately? Have you not been able to get hard erections despite all the stimulations and temptations? Well, if your sexual life is feeling a little bit stressed right now then don’t stress over it. In this article, we have come up with solutions for you that you can implement right from today onwards that will help your ED problem sooth over the term. We have come up with some of the most effective and efficient ways of how you can get rid of the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Although below we have given some curative treatments that you can have, to all ED patients reading this right now, we will inform you all and suggest you take a consultation from the doctor before moving forward. We feel that it is only the doctors who can suggest what is going to be the best form of treatment for a patient based on his health, drug addiction tendencies, pre-existing disorders, and medicines being taken to cure them.

Let’s begin…

ED medicines

One of the most common ways of curing ED is by choosing to go in with the medicinal treatment. You have a lot of different types of drugs that you can take. The generic ingredient that you find in the drug is all coming in from one type of family of drugs that are known as the PDE-5 hormone inhibitor. The substances that you will find in this group of medicinal substances include Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Avanafil, and vardenafil.

This means that as all the generic substances of the medicines come from one origin family of drugs, all of them will have the same type of action and even the working action procedure.

Remember that all the generic substances that are mentioned above are prescription substances. Therefore to buy any brand of medicines you will need to have a consultation from the doctor and let them approve you to buy and use the medicines by writing them down on their prescription. 

Remember that the use of medicines to try and cure ED is only going to provide you with a temporary solution and it is not one of the ways of getting a permanent cure. When you have any medicine there are two things that the doctor is going to help you with. That is the brand that suits you the best depending on which generic substance is going to provide you with strong actions and help you to bring up a strong erection and the other one is of course the dose.

Exercises and yoga

One of the natural curative means this one has no side effects linking it as with medicines. in fact, you can do exercises as a side on treatment apart from using medicines daily.

No doubt doing exercises is going to provide you with the most important key benefit of all. Doing exercises is going to help you keep your heart healthy, Blood pressure under control, prevent diabetes and cholesterol, keep blood sugar levels in check which are all prime factors as to why one suffers from ED.

Again, doing exercises such as kegel exercises, aerobic exercises are one of your options. For those of you who don’t like to put in so much physical stress during exercises, you can try out doing yoga.

Yes, doing certain yoga exercises is also going to help you recover from ED. Remember that only when you keep doing yoga exercises, in the long run, are you able to see good changes.

Going herbal for ED cure

There are some herbal remedies for ED cures as well. Things like horny goat weed, Chinese red ginseng, Gingko Biloba, Yohimbine, Panax Ginseng, maca are some of the options. Of course, these things are processed and manufactured in the form of dry powder which you take in the form of a solution by mixing with water.

But the most common way is to find out a herbal pill brand and use it just like you use allopathic pills. remember that the herbal cure treatments do not guarantee you any side effects just because the things used are completely natural. There are some side effects. So before choosing any brand or product you must get a consultation from a doctor.

Undergoing surgeries

While most men cannot afford to undergo penile surgery for an ED cure, this is one of the more definitive ways of getting an instant cure from ED. Of course, you can undergo costly ED surgeries if you have the budget in hand.

But make sure that this surgical procedure has one major drawback. Sometimes it can lead to more severe side effects than using medicine and the side effects can bring about permanent damage and even be irreversible. Among the side, effects include internal bleeding, rashes, and permanent impotence.

Undergoing penile surgeries for ED means that the doctors will insert a manually inflatable penile tube and a penile pump that can generate erectile hardness.

Go visit a psychotherapist or a sexologist

ED has both physical and psychological reasons behind it. In today’s stressful world a majority of cases of ED are due to any pre-existing psychological disorder such as anxiety, stress, and depression.

These prevent a man to have feelings of lusty desire to generate thoughts of having sex. So if you feel like you are suffering from bouts of anxiety, severe stress or depression go talk to a psychologist and go for psychological treatment by way of conversations, feelings, and reactions.

Sometimes doctors suggest that having sex in the same style or fashion can also bring about a general disinterest towards having sex and not bring about erections. This is because the person shows an indifferent attitude towards having sex. If such is the case then you should visit a sexologist and consult them to find a possible remedy.

Final words

Although in this article we have shown you some of the most proven ways to get over ED but remember that unless and until you cure the underlying problem that may be a physical or a psychological disorder a permanent cure to ED is not possible.

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