Diabetic kidney disease: Know how to prevent kidney disease when you have diabetes

Diabetic kidney disease: Know how to prevent kidney disease when you have diabetes

Published on: 06/12/2021
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

Are you suffering from a diabetic kidney and wondering how to prevent things from getting worse? Do you know about the simple care and remedies that you can employ right now to prevent diabetic kidneys from worsening? Do you even know how diabetes can cause kidney damage?

Well, if you are having such questions ringing on the back of your mind right now then you have come to the right place to get some hands-on quick, and important information about the diabetic kidney. Don’t worry as we will not only tell you about details of the disorder but also give you suggestive ways of how you can get over this.

 So let’s begin…

What is diabetic kidney disease all about?

Diabetic kidney disease is a type of kidney disorder that is triggered because of diabetes. It’s not that you will have diabetic kidney disease if you are in pain from diabetes.

The thing is that people suffering from diabetic kidney will just have more chances of suffering from diabetic kidney disorder.

What happens when you suffer from diabetic kidney disease?

It is a disorder of the kidney that damages the fine capillaries and blood vessels inside the kidneys and does not allow the kidney to function properly. If you know about the functions of the kidney then it does not need any mentioning that once your kidneys are affected the blood filtration process stops.

Our pair of kidneys located in the lower abdomen in our body is responsible for filtering out the blood and purifying it. Waste containing blood means that your blood does not filter out the waste materials and this can have other health consequences as well.

How does diabetes damage your kidney?

Diabetes is one of the main reasons why a majority of the affected people might have highly increased chances of suffering from kidney disease at some point in their lives.

You see when you have diabetes your Diabetic level soar up. The excess blood sugar sometimes gets crystallized on the capillary walls and brings damage over time.

So how come that you develop a kidney disease more than not due to diabetes? Why do the other organs or organ systems don’t get affected as much as your kidneys?

You see, the answer to this lies in the structural formation of kidneys on the inside and their function. The kidneys have an ultrafine network of blood vessels and arteries. You can imagine how thin the fine network of capillaries is when we tell you that some of the capillaries are even only a few cells thick.

And due to the high blood sugar levels, the excess sugars get crystalized formation in the inner walls making blood flow and purification a challenge.

You see your blood flow will be hampered as crystalline sugar that gets deposited on the capillary walls means that your blood vessels have a lower cross-sectional area for blood flow.

What else can be the effects of diabetes?

Any organ or organ system that is working in the purification of the blood can get affected. W3e have mentioned the kidneys before and there is one organ that also gets affected and that is our heart. You see due to the sugar crystal deposition on the minute blood vessels of the heart can also affect the blood circulation and purification in our heart.

Many times people would suffer from heart diseases and even high blood pressure as well. Anyways as this is a topic for yet another day we will not focus and delve away from our topic.

So how can you prevent diabetic kidneys from worsening? The below section is devoted to this. Make sure to check this out if you are already in pain from a diabetic kidney.

How to prevent kidney diseases or diabetic kidneys from occurring or keep things in check?

Prevent smoking

Smoking can severe the chances of kidney disease as it causes nicotine deposition on the blood vessels and arteries. Surely your doctor will also suggest you quit smoking entirely from your life. We also know that it can also increase blood pressure and cause heart problems which further aggravate chances of kidney disease.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is one of the substances that increases the chances of liver disease. Sometimes doctors argue that this can trigger the chances of kidney disease and also bring about the onset of diabetes.

Have a diabetic diet plan

If you are already suffering from diabetes then you need to strictly follow a diet plan. You can visit a dietician to make the job easier for you. Generally, most of the food items having high carbs or sugars are something that you have given up consuming.

This surely means that you have to generally avoid taking in potatoes, rice although brown rice is a good option for diabetic patients, any type of sweet substances such as sweet dishes or chocolates, soft drinks and cola, and even red meat.

Do some exercises

If you are suffering from diabetes then surely doing some exercises can help a lot. Consult an expert for this. If you keep your diabetes in check then you can somewhat prevent a diabetic kidney from occurring.

Make sure to follow a plan and take out time to do exercises daily to lower blood sugar levels. You must have seen elderly people going for physiotherapy exercises to keep diabetes in check.

Avoid gaining weight

If you want to keep diabetes in check then stop putting on more weight. The more amount of weight you gain the more pressure the adipose or the fat-bearing tissues is going to exert a force on the blood vessels. We have already recommended a solution for this above and that is to do some exercises daily.

Go for regular blood sugar tests

The best way to prevent diabetes from triggering kidney diseases is to keep blood sugar levels in check. Make sure that you do one blood sugar test every few weeks or months depending on what the doctors suggest you.