How to get Vitamin D when cooped up indoors

How to get Vitamin D when cooped up indoors?

Published on: 22/10/2021
Last updated on: 28/02/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

Are you feeling tired and lethargic than usual recently? Have you been experiencing muscle pain and spasms recently? Well, then chances are that you are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. Scientists say that vitamin D deficiency may lead to rickets causing incorrect development of bones and muscles in children while adults may face general weakness.

Further studies say that even Vitamin D deficiency may lead to a higher risk of suffering from sexual diseases like erectile dysfunction in men for which you have to keep using medicines like Sildenafil citrate 100mg and Fildena 150mg.

You see most of us know that vitamin D is synthesized in our body on exposure to the sun. And did you know that it is the ultraviolet rays that help synthesize it?

You remaining indoors is the major reason why you are suffering from low levels of Vitamin D. Remember that trying to get more exposure to the sun is the only way out for you to synthesize it. But before that, we will try and understand some critical aspects of why Vitamin D is so important for your body and who could develop a deficiency, and what may happen if you are developing a deficiency. Of course, as promised at the end of this article we will also help you find out the ways on how you can deal with such problems.

Let’s begin…

Why is Vitamin D so important for your body?

You see Vitamin D is produced in our body on exposure to the sun. It is one of the vital hormones in our body that helps in the absorption of important nutrients in our body such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphate.

It also works as an immune system regulator and this leads to anti-inflammation properties in the body.

Who can develop Vitamin D deficiency?

Generally, babies may develop vitamin D deficiency, and generally, for curing them doctors would give baby supplements that help them to cure the disorder gradually over time.

Babies and small children are more prone to suffering from rickets disorder. In adults, those suffering from Vitmain D deficiency in adults generally have a liver or kidney disorder relating to them.

Solution to cure Vitamin D deficiency

Doctors suggest that you expose your body to maximum sunlight during the daytime. We recommend ongoing for a nice sunbath at the beach and chilling out at the beach while enjoying with your friends on a nice day outing.

Or else those women who are wearing veil may also suffer Vitamin D deficiency as very minimal parts of their body is exposed to the sunlight.

For this, we recommend making a routine time of at least a week to try and expose yourself to as much as sunlight at your home. 

But what about those who are crammed indoors and do not go outside that much? how can you cure Vitamin D deficiency in them?

Let’s find out…but before we start here is a basic idea for you.  You see, the best way you can keep up to normal Vitamin D levels in your body is to ensure that you take up food items that are rich in Vitamin D.

you see your diet plays a huge role in keeping you fit from all disorders and avoiding any type of deficiencies.  So which are those food items that you can take in your diet to find a cure for Vitamin D deficiency.

Taking care of your diet to take in food item rich in Vitamin D

In this article we are going to find out about those food items where you can find more Vitamin D. Of course, the best thing that we recommend to all our readers is the visit the doctor or a dietician and find out the best food items.

Here are some of the food items that you can take for suggestions if you are crammed indoors and suffering from Vitamin D deficiency.


Salmon fish comes up first on our list about those food items that you can take. Most of you guys might be knowing that it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

But only some of you know that apart from omega-3 fatty acids salmon is also a good food item containing a load of Vitamin D.

According to doctors on standard Salmon fish intake per day can at least cover up for half of your Vitamin D needs per day.  And of course, with salmon fish, you can prepare some of your unique taste, and delicious dishes as well.

Egg yolks

Egg yolks are the second item that comes on our list. Egg yolks are a fantastic food item for increasing Vitamin D in your body.

You might complain that having an egg yolk contains too much bad cholesterol but then it also contains good amounts of minerals. This includes micronutrients like zinc, selenium, and a load of Vitamin D. One Egg yolk can complete your 10% of Vitamin D requirement daily.


Don’t go and buy mushrooms from the market right away. You see not all the mushrooms that you see are rich in Vitamin. Farm-grown mushrooms that are harvested indoors have very low amounts of Vitamin D in them. Remember that those that are rich in Vitamin have a marking or a label in them. 


If you are looking for an affordable fish option, then why not choose sardines? Sardines are an excellent source of protein. Apart from this, they are also rich in omega -3 fatty acids, calcium, and Vitamin D.  If you just take two sardines whole in your daily diet then you can get around 20% of your daily Vitamin requirement met.


The other way around is to visit a doctor or dietician and choose a Vitamin D supplement. We recommend visiting a doctor and getting recommended on a Vitamin supplement.

Final say

So, if you are crammed indoors the natural way out is to get as much natural light as possible. Or else if it not possible for you at all then you have to take in some of the food items as given above.

Remember that if you just overlook this then you might have a chance of suffering from sexual diseases like ED for which you may have to take Fildena 150.