Here Are Some Reasons Why You're Hungry After Sex

Here Are Some Reasons Why You’re Hungry After Sex

Published on: 25/03/2024
Last updated on: 23/03/2024
Written By Molly Wilson


Key Facts 

🏷️ After having sex certainly, the body gets tired and we want to rest. However, sometimes with resting comes hunger. Certainly, most men face a hunger issue after having Sexuality.

🏷️ Vigorous Sexuality does generate this hunger in men. We must know what exactly the major factors are for men to feel hungry after having sexual intercourse with their partner.

🏷️ Even men who take sildenafil citrate pills like Cenforce 50 to get a quality erection may feel this urge to eat food.

🏷️ We must learn about the various physiological aspects that make men look for food after having vigorous Sexuality with their partners.


Does Sexuality Make Men Feel Tired?

Having vigorous Sexuality is going to make a man feel tired. This happens because as a person has Sexuality he loses out a lot of energy. We have to remember that sex ultimately is an intense physical activity, It is pleasurable.

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However, the basic thing remains that it involves massive bodily movements, which makes you feel tired. With tiredness, a person wants to gain energy and feel revitalized again.

Therefore, it is quite natural for the body to trigger such responses that ensure better energy restoration. Having food is going to provide energy to men after getting tired of having sex.

Excessive Physical Workouts Do Make Men Hungry

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✦ We must know that at the end of the day even though Sexuality is pleasurable it is a physical activity.

✦ All such men who face faulty erection problems also take pills like Vidalista 40mg to enhance their Sexuality abilities.

✦ This also allows such men to exceed well in bed and have vigorous Sexuality in the process.

✦ All these are the things, that make men, feel more tired and drained out. Certainly, this is going to send the brain the signals to make up for this.

✦ The body naturally will want to revitalize itself. This is the major reason why you may feel excessive hunger after having Sexuality.

✦ This is a vital factor, which makes the body respond by increasing hunger. The brain sends essential stimuli that enhance hunger levels. Right after completing the climax, the body will slowly start to cool down. It is after this that a man will feel hungrier and want to eat food right away.

Intense Sexual Activities Reduce Water Content In The Body- Its Relation To Hunger

A person who undergoes rigorous Sexuality is going to lose a lot of water content from the body. While you are having Sexuality, you are constantly sweating. This means that the water present inside is getting released.

In addition, we know that our thirst increases after a session of intense physical activity. The water present inside the body burns away, which increases dehydration symptoms. Often it is found that a dehydrated person may feel hunger more than a normal person may.

There are multiple studies to back this claim. Therefore, naturally, if the body loses water content that fast, it will automatically make him feel hungry as well.

Release Of Sperm Can Increase Hunger In Men

 Increase Hunger In Men✦ After you release sperm, this semen that you are releasing contains essential minerals and vitamins as well.

✦ Certainly, it includes elements like calcium, sodium, magnesium, and other such elements, which make up for better health.

✦ Therefore, if you release semen after having sex certainly the body will feel its absence. This deficit of essential minerals will trigger a certain response from the brain.

✦ This response will play a critical role in increasing your hunger after Sexuality. The body will naturally want to make up for the loss it has witnessed. It is exactly because of this that your appetite may get enhanced after vigorous.


Sexual Excitement Can Increase Hunger

Having sex is a matter of excitement for men. Excitement is a big factor behind stomach-emptying signs. The autonomic nerves are the ones responsible for triggering stomach-emptying factors.

As a person remains excited after having sex, this will directly translate into hunger. A person because of this factor is bound to feel an urge to have food right after having sex. This is a very normal thing to face for any man.

Do Men Feel More Urge To Have Food Than Women Do, After Sexuality?

Food Than Women ✦ The appetite to have food is certainly much more in a man compared to a woman. However, during Sexuality, there are certain things, which only a man undergoes but not a woman. This is a major reason why men may face a better hunger urge.

✦ There are multiple factors behind this, which need to be evaluated. Even though men may take pills like Fildena 100 or Fildena 150mg to enhance their sex life, of course, it cannot solve issues like hunger. A man after having quality Sexuality is bound to look out for food to revitalise himself.

✦ More than that, in usual cases, it is men who work or rather have to work harder to satisfy the intimate needs of their partner. Certainly, this is a major factor in why men may feel hungrier than women.


Is It Okay To Eat Food Right After Having Sex?

Even though a person is bound to feel hungry after having Sexuality, it is better to wait for a certain time. We advise you not to have food right after having sex. You first need to wait for some time until your body calms down.

You must remember that even after completing Sexuality your body remains very excited. Your heart is still beating a lot faster than usual. If you have taken drugs like Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 tablets, these effects will last a little longer.

We advise you not to eat any heavy food until and unless you calm down and come to your normal state. Till that time, you can certainly have some water or even some fruit juice to get instant energy and replenish your thirst.


It is quite natural for a man to get hungry after doing an intense session of Sexuality. You can certainly have some food after your body cools down to get energy and savor your meal as well.

However, to get hungry after Sexuality, you first need to have quality. If you are facing problems related to this, you can visit the Powpills pharmacy website and check out quality sex-enhancing pills.