How Much Cholesterol Should I Have At My Age?

How Much Cholesterol Should I Have At My Age?

Published on: 26/03/2024
Last updated on: 26/03/2024
Written By Molly Wilson
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▶ Maintaining an optimum cholesterol level is certainly good for our body. This will ensure that we do not suffer from complex health issues.

▶ We men need to take care of this aspect particularly well.

▶ High levels of cholesterol certainly can cause many issues in men.

▶ It certainly can affect our intimate health as well, forcing us to take Cenforce 200 pills. Hence, we must know about the right cholesterol levels for men of different ages.

▶ This will provide a better insight into what we should do to manage it properly.

How Does Cholesterol Impact Our Body?

Higher levels of cholesterol mean higher presence of lipids in the blood. This is a major cause of concern for men and women both. For men, its impact becomes severe as it can directly affect their sexual abilities as well. For an adult man intimacy is a vital aspect that cannot be compromised.

Suffering from high levels of it will cause many issues relating to various parts of the body. The main impact it has is certainly on our hearts. Higher levels of cholesterol are bound to cause many issues relating to the heart and even trigger complex CVD and can even impose Cenforce 100 on you.

Why Are Younger Men Today Facing Issues Like Cholesterol?

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Having an optimum level of cholesterol is no problem. However, if it starts to increase beyond this it will affect a lot of functions. We are seeing that today younger men are also suffering from this sort of issue. This is leading them to suffer from complex health issues and depend on pills like Cenforce 150.

Certainly changed lifestyle has to do with it a lot. A faulty lifestyle is the main villain for men suffering from many health challenges. High cholesterol levels are one of them.

Eating all kinds of junk food, which contains high levels of oil, also plays a part in it. This is forcing men to develop erectile issues as well in the medium to long run. This is one of the leading reasons why even young men today are facing erection problems forcing them to rely on sildenafil citrates.

Does The Optimum Level Of Cholesterol Depend On Age

Certainly, with age our bodily factors and needs change. A person who is below 18 years old will not have the same needs as a person who is an adult. Similarly, optimum levels of cholesterol also depend on the age of the person.

The bodily needs of a person who is an adult will be much different from a teenager or a child. This means that an adult will have a much bigger diet and body to handle higher levels of cholesterol.

Besides age, there are multiple other factors of a person, which determine his optimum cholesterol level. A person needs to maintain this optimum level to avoid critical issues, which can make him take Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 tablets.

What Is The Optimum Level Of Cholesterol In Adult Men?

Determining the right level of cholesterol level is vital to avoid critical complexities in the body. Moreover, this depends on the age of a person as well. For any man aged between 18 years and 64 years, there is a particular level of this.


Total cholesterol Non-HDL cholesterol LDL cholesterol HDL cholesterol

19 And Younger

Below 170

Below 120 Below 110 Above 45
20 And Older; Assigned Male At Birth 125 To 200 Below 130 Below 100

40 Or Higher

20 And Older; Assigned Female At Birth 125 To 200 Below 130 Below 100

50 Or Higher

A person who has 200 mg/dl as his cholesterol level is believed to have optimum levels of it. This means that his internal health is almost perfect and his lipid profile is normal. Any person who has a range of 200- 240 mg/dl is exceeding this limit.

However, they still might not be at immense risk. A patient having this level of cholesterol is at borderline risk. However, by fixing some basic lifestyle issues and quick measures one can easily tackle them.

However, men having cholesterol levels exceeding 240 mg/dl have high levels of it. Such people may be at risk of diverse bodily issues, including issues, which may make them take Vidalista 40mg or Vidalista 20.

What Will Happen If Cholesterol Levels Increase Beyond The Optimum Mark?

Constantly suffering from high cholesterol levels is bound to cause many health issues including poor cardiac health. This certainly will affect many other bodily functions. For men, it can even lead to erectile problems that are going to cause massive damage to sex life.

What Factors May Trigger Higher Cholesterol In Young Men?

Cholesterol Level

Maintaining optimum levels of cholesterol levels can become hard for certain people. Men dealing with diabetic conditions will find it a little more troubling.

Such men will have to depend on various health measures by consulting a physician first.

Other than that suffering from obesity is a major indicator that you are going to have higher cholesterol levels. Obese people have a high lipid profile.

This certainly increases the presence of fat in the blood as well.

Obesity is one of the major reasons why younger men are also facing such issues.

What Should Young People Do To Maintain A Good Cholesterol Level?

Younger men have better chances of maintaining a good cholesterol level than any other person. They are fit and they have the age to take the right measures at the right time. Certainly fixing basic lifestyle choices can help a man avoid or tackle issues like this.

Regular exercise is a must to maintain an optimum cholesterol level. Besides that, you must also control eating excessive oily or fatty food, which is going to impact your health.

Not only will it increase cholesterol levels but also cause problems that will make you take Vidalista 60 pill. Hence fixing these basic things can help a person a lot in the long run.

Eating more green vegetables and fruits alongside doing exercises like yoga can help a lot. This will further enhance your efforts to control high cholesterol levels.


Maintaining an optimum level of cholesterol is vital to stay healthy. For men of any age group, it is vital to avoid all such factors, which can enhance cholesterol levels. Regulating it effectively is critical to avoid complex health issues.

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