Who Suffers From Erectile Dysfunction Or Exactly Is It?

Who Suffers From Erectile Dysfunction Or Exactly Is It?

Published on: 02/09/2022
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By james Martin

Have you heard of the term impotence or the phrase Erectile Dysfunction? Maybe not if you are a sufferer yourself.

So the problem of ED relates to males only. This is a sexual disorder for men only. This problem relates to the problem where men fail to get a hard penis erection on their own. Now, why is that you may wonder.

Well, this is what exactly we will find out in this article. Of course, if you don’t know about a disorder then the first thing is to find out the reasons why the disorder occurs and what are some of the risk factors for it.

Having this knowledge will help you to figure out whether you are also belonging to the same category or bear the same risks. Of course, if you have some of the risk factors or causes in common you will try to do your best to recover from it to lower your chances of suffering from the disorder.

Apart from this, the good news is that this so-called erectile dysfunction disorder or ED is also curable mostly using the pills such as Vidalista.

But of course why not avoid the use of medicines and rather avoid the risks and causes of the disorder so that you never have to suffer from the same erection problems and take on medicines?

So let us find out who is at risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction with the reason for that being explained to you in this article in simple words.

Let’s begin…

Reasons For Having Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction may seem like a sexual disorder only ut the problem is that this disorder does have many non-relating causes behind but all of this just seems to us as we don’t know the exact physiology behind it.

Erectile dysfunction or the need to take ED curing pills such as Vidalista 60 in men can occur due to both physical and psychological reasons.

Let Us Get Down With The List Of Physical Reasons For ED First…

Heart Disorders

One of the major issues in men these days is the growing victimization of men with any form of cardiac disorder. Now how does it relate to ED?

Well, during cardiac disorder your heart may lose its original blood pumping capacity and eventually, the heart will be pumping out less blood. Effectively less blood reaches the penis tissues and thus you may have hindrances in your erection.


According to research reports at least 50 per cent of all obese men either have a risk of having ED or they are already dealing with the problem. So how may obesity trigger the need to take an ED curing pill such as Vidalista Black 80mg?

Well, you see due to obesity your blood vessels may get cramped in between the fat tissues and eventually due to this reason the blood reaching your penis tissues may be less than what is needed to overhaul a hard penis erection.


Men over the ages of 40 and above have a risk of turning prediabetic or type 1 Diabetes. Of course here you have a risk of having ED but it is not that much as compared to the men who have type-2 diabetes.

Being diabetic means that your blood sugar level is soaring and abnormally high due to which there is extensive damage to the blood vessel network in your penis. The network of blood vessels gets damaged and eventually becomes unable to carry blood to the penis tissues and fuel an erection.

Nerve Disorders

Several nerve disorders may also be the reason for erection difficulties in patients. You see the ED relation with nerve disorder stems from the fact that that having any nerve disorders the brain may not be able to bring about the necessary sex impulses to your brain tissues such that you can get feelings to have sex and thus you never attain an erection.

Understanding The Major Psychological Issues

Apart from the physical reasons for ED you may also have a reason that is psychologically linked with your ED.  here is why you are psychologically suffering from ED-


Men with severe or chronic stress issues have problems with ED. The reason is that if you have choric stress occurring as a disorder then this might hinder your sexual thoughts and thus you may not be able to achieve an erection at all.


One of the other major reasons for men having ED is depression. Depression can cause ED again due to the same reason that is hindering your thoughts about sex and thus it will avoid the brain from sending stimulations to your penis tissues to kickstart an erection. eventually, men may be forced to take pills such as Vidalista 80.

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Treatments For ED

Well, apart from the use of medicines which is only for a temporary cure basis you also need to make certain changes in your lifestyle so that you can attain a permanent change for ED cure.   For avoiding the risks of mental issues such as stress or depression you will need to do yoga and meditation.

Avoiding a lifestyle such as heavy addiction to alcohol and drugs can also bring down your chances for ED.

Other than this you need to take a healthy diet that is low in added sugars and processed fats and do exercises daily.