Venomous effect of alcohol on ED

Venomous effect of alcohol on ED

Published on: 03/06/2021
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By John Mark

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a term which many people must have heard somewhere. But aged men of more than 40 years of age would relate to it because it is their reality also. Currently, every 1 out of 4 men is suffering from ED and using Fildena, Cenforce, Vidalista from PowPills or had a history of ED.

ED not only makes the life of the person affected a living hell but also of the people living with him such as his family, relatives, and friends. People treat ED as taboo and this is the reason that most of the ED cases are not reported and the doctor only comes to know when it is in the severe stage.

Well, if one asks what causes ED? There are not one but multiple reasons which lead to ED. From your addictions to injuries to daily lifestyle everything has some or the other connection with ED. In this article, we shall focus on the effect of alcohol in leading to Erectile Dysfunction.

Knowing the biology behind ED

Before knowing in detail how alcohol contributes to making a person a patient of ED, we should understand what differences occur during ED and normal situations.

In usual conditions when a man gets aroused or sexually stimulated the nervous system sends instructions for the blood to flow into the penis. This flow of blood during the stimulation into the penis makes it erect.

The penis would remain erect till there is blood in the penis, as soon as the blood exits from the blood vessels of the penis also start losing its erection. So, for a hard and erect penis, the blood needs to remain in the penis till the sexual intercourse is completed.

When someone gets contracted with ED due to smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, the side effect of other drugs, injuries in the penile region or mental disbalance, etc his body reacts differently. In ED when a man is stimulated these reasons prevent the blood from flowing into the penis.

So, the person is excited but his penis does not respond to the situation and remains unaffected, this is called Erectile Dysfunction.

How alcohol leads to ED?

As earlier discussed, there are several reasons why one can get diagnosed with ED. Drinking alcohol is also one of them but this statement is not true in all its aspects.

Consumption of alcohol is only hazardous for the body only after a certain level, but before that, it is in fact helpful for the body. When alcohol is consumed in small quantities the stress levels are reduced, the person gets relief from tensions and worries.

This is because the brain prevents the messages from other organs to enter into it. Hence, the nervous activity is reduced which ultimately leads to the calmness of the mind. This makes a person also sleep with peace therefore also acting as a tranquillizer.

Till now alcohol seems almost like medicine but as soon as you start drinking alcohol by crossing the limits the negative effects of alcohol show up. When the levels of alcohol start increasing in the blood the first thing which happens is that the neurovascular system is damaged.

The brain begins losing control over its organs and the coordination between them is fully damaged. This results in the halting of several important secretions in the body and the blood supply to various organs including the penis are hampered. And we all know what happens when the penis does not receive enough supply of blood, it cannot become erect.

This is the reason you would observe that most alcoholics are patients of ED.

What can be done?

Now to eradicate ED from your life caused due to getting addicted to alcohol has not many solutions. The first is to use counter ED pills such as Fildena, Cenforce, Vidalista from PowPills. But these pills have a limitation in that they are of one-time use only, for another night you have to take the pills again.

For the permanent cure, you need to eradicate the root cause of it. In this, the root cause is alcohol addiction and therefore you need to remove that addiction.

Get rid of the addiction to alcohol, if you can do it yourself okay, if not join a rehabilitation center. But for ED, if you just lower the intake of alcohol then also it is fine. Because as we have discussed earlier consumption of alcohol in its entirety is not harmful, only when the level goes beyond the normal.

So, limiting alcohol is beneficial for a healthy and satisfying sexual life. It is true that suddenly at a go it would be difficult for someone to get rid of alcohol or reduce the intake. But for the good cause, one has to make some sacrifices.