The reason why Yoga is the right exercise for the kidney

Published on: 05/06/2021
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

One of the main misconceptions which people have about Yoga is, that Yoga is just about twisting your body like dried noodles. Yes, it is true that in Yoga you have to perform certain asanas and exercises for which one needs to twist one body in several directions.

But it is also true that Yoga is extremely helpful for the body and that too scientifically proved. This is the reason even United Nations recognized Yoga and we celebrate Yoga Day on the 21st June. Never before it has happened that almost all the countries came together for a single cause in the UN.

Yoga benefits the body in multiple aspects and the most important aspect is that it has no side effects and is 100 per cent natural. No matter what assurance the brands give you but they are not fully natural and have side effects.

But with Yoga, you need not think about its adverse effects because it does not have any. Another misunderstanding regarding yoga is that people think that yoga is only for mental health but the reality is that it is beneficial for the overall functioning of the body, including the kidney.

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Uses of Yoga in dealing Kidney

A kidney is one such organ that is heavily underrated but if observed with seriousness, without it functioning properly our body would be nothing but a waste bad in the real sense. All the waste we excrete is first filtered through the kidney then only we urinate.

So, in case the kidney fails to function our blood will be filled with waste and we could die of poisoning. To maintain the health of kidney we need to follow some steps, both medical and non-medical one.

Medical means the use of drugs and non-medical when we use Yoga and meditation. Now, what leads to the non-functioning of the Kidney. It can be due to various reasons such as poor blood circulation or less intake of water and fluids. This makes the waste accumulate in a place and cause difficulty in filtering it through the kidney.

This is the reason that doctors advise us to drink at least 3 litres of water in a day (24 hours). Enough water makes it feasible for the kidney to function normally. Hence, we do yoga regularly, our blood circulation is normalized, heartbeat is too brought back to normal. Overall, the toxic elements of the body are eliminated and in turn kidney’s functionality is enhanced. And people thought that yoga and kidney have no relation but yoga has a connection with all the parts of the body.

Yoga what does is what it brings the functions of the body to normal levels. Anything in excess or less is settled and the body and the normalcy start settling in. You should prefer asanas which are concerned with lowering stress levels and lowering blood pressure mainly in the lower regions of the body.

Kidney disorders

When disorders of the kidney are not looked after with care and determination something miserable happens. Often in movies, you must have seen that people giving out dialogues that people having surgeries and living a healthy life with one kidney while the other kidney was to be taken out for becoming non-functional.

This is not just about movies but the real story of many people whose life has turned into a real-life hell. If one kidney is damaged you have to either go for dialysis where an artificial machine is installed in the body in place of a kidney. It works as a replacement for one kidney but it needs maintenance periodically.

And another solution is to get a kidney transplant, this is much more effective than installing dialysis as there would be no maintenance required, but it is quite expensive as well.

In case of failure of both the kidneys the chances of survival are very less. Due to no kidney, the body gets accumulated with contaminated blood and the organs function only on pure blood.

Apart from the blood the urine and other wastes are also get mixed in the blood leading to coma and ultimately death. In such cases, you have to get both the kidneys transplanted or set up dialysis in both of them. This is a rare case and surgery is very critical in such cases.


Some people consider Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda as old age concepts and therefore refrain from using them. Indeed, they are old age concepts but they are even relevant today and will be relevant till eternity.

Making your kidney smile will need real hard work and sacrifice apart from using medicines all the time.

In the process start with the first step and that should be to do yoga for at least 30 minutes and drink 3 litres of water daily.