Sildenafil Citrate 150 mg red pill

Sildenafil Citrate 150 mg red pill

Published on: 12/05/2021
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By John Mark

Ask any person suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or ED what it feels like to be an ED patient. ED is understood among the patients and normal public as a disorder but according to medical experts, it is a medical situation caused due to certain malfunctions.

ED is seen as a disorder that affects only in physical ways but in the real sense, its consequences are psychological as well. An ED patient has to take the burden of being unable to satisfy her woman due to the non-erection of the penis.

But with it, the mental condition of the patient also worsens. In our society where patriarchy is practiced the masculinity is associated with the ability to satisfy your women. Hence, when a male suffers from ED and he tries to tell his friends, family, and relatives about it, what he gets in return is a series of laughter and a sense of incompleteness arises in him.

Slowly and gradually the person becomes socially isolated, becomes irritated while talking with others, blames himself for every misfortune incident, and finally ends up in a psychiatrist’s chamber.

If you are also one of them no need to get depressed or lose hope because the Fildena, Cenforce, and Vidalista are there to provide you with the erection to satisfy your partner.

What happens in ED?

Erectile Dysfunction is a situation where despite the sexual stimulation in the body the penis does not get erect during the time of sexual intercourse. The female usually gets disappointed as her sexual desire has not been fulfilled.

It is the smoothness of the blood circulation of the body which determines the erection. During the stimulation, the penis receives a huge supply of blood which makes it erect.

If in any case, the blood is unable to reach the penis the erection does not takes place. So, the main problem in ED is that the penis is unable to get its share of blood at the time of arousal.

Now this stoppage of blood can be due to various reasons that ultimately make people choose Fildena, Cenforce, and Vidalista. Some of the reasons which can lead to ED are :

Lack of interest in sexual pleasure

This is the basic reason why the person may feel symptoms of ED such as the non-erection of the penis. To even get the sexual stimulation you need to be in the mood and vibe of sexual desire.

If you are engrossed in some work with full determination and working under a strict deadline it is quite natural to not feel the desire for sex.

For this type of reason where the interest in sex is lacking the solution is more mental than physical. Such people need to get treated with psychiatrists who could help them to reset their mental conditions.

Another factor that led to ED is the lack of sleep. Adequate sleep and a healthy sleep-work cycle are necessary for healthy sex life. We must make a balance between both sleep and work. We do not have to overdo one aspect and at the same time not ignore one part completely.

In today’s world, we see the complete opposite of this where the people are always stuck in front of monitors. In the lockdown the whole workforce was shifted from offices to work from home, this move turned out to be profitable for the companies but not for the employees.

Earlier home was a place where the employees returned after working with their blood and sweat in offices. The home was a place where they released all the pressure, tensions, and worries which they had by spending quality time with loved ones.

But with this step, the work and office had been mixed together in which we just stay in our homes but our mind is always in our work. Even the time which we used to spend with our partners went to our work. The companies did not lessen the work but instead increased the pressure on the employees.

And in the present scenario, no one wants to lose their job. This has caused a heavy toll on the mental condition of such employees. In such situations, no one can even think of sexual pleasure, but if they want, they cannot do without using Fildena, Cenforce and Vidalista.


Another reason which has also troubled men across the world is their harmful addictions. Most of our addictions begin in our teenage with our friends. We start with small quantities thinking that we look cool doing such stuff.

At that time, we do not know what grave mishappenings can occur in the future due to this. And when the time comes to enter into a physical relationship with our partner, our addictions pave the way to our failure.

This is the reason that almost all smokers are ED patients. This is because smoking induces carbon monoxide (CO) in our blood. And we all know CO contaminates the oxygenated blood that is transported to other organs, including the penis.

Hence, the organs are either left depriving of blood or the quality of the oxygen which they received has deteriorated. Hence, the penis which is deprived of blood cannot work to its full potential and thus it remains in its normal position despite sexual arousal.

How to overcome this problem of ED?

The problem of ED does not occur in a single night, it takes weeks and months of degradation of eating habits and overall routine.

Hence, to get rid of ED also you need to be patient as nothing much can be achieved in a single night.

Using ED curing pills is the best solution, but to get permanent relief from one needs to correct some of his habits as well.

Pills such as Sildenafil Citrate 150 mg red pill from Powpills some of the most sought ED pills across the globe due to their high efficiency.

Along with adopting some changes to your lifestyle such as eating fewer calorie foods, meditating daily can make an impact positively on your present condition.