How to get hard in 5 seconds

How to get hard in 5 seconds?

Published on: 17/05/2021
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By John Mark
  • Getting hard in 5 seconds is a big deal. This is certainly not what the people suffering from ED disorder can do. The problem is that people suffering from ED don’t get hard at all even if they do they cannot maintain it for more than a few minutes.
  • This is what ED after all is. It reduces the internal capabilities of a man to get hard naturally thereby reducing a happy and blissful sexual life.
  • Frustration and stress keep adding up and this generally fuels your ED disorder even more.
  • But guess what you have an alternative in front of you to get rid of this nagging disorder. These days there are pills of Fildena and Viagra that you can take to get hard even though you suffer from ED.

What makes a man achieve an erection?

  • To get hard in five seconds you need to know the basics of erection and how you can get hard.
  • If you want to get hard then you have to come in the mood first. By this, we mean that you need to have thoughts about having sex and affection with your partner.
  • The causes of ED on the other hand most likely have a physical or a psychological disorder backing them. What this means is that they cannot get hard even though they want to.
  • When your ED is backed by any psychological distress you don’t have these internal feelings and desire to ‘come into the mood’.
  • This means that even after stimulating the penis you are not able to have hard erections.
  • On the other hand, when the erection problem is due to any physical disorder somehow your blood flow isn’t enough to get you hard.
  • Directly or indirectly the physical problems of ED are related to lack of or lower blood flowing into the penis.
  • But by using various pills available for ED in the market such as Vidalista or Cialis you can get hard. The pills of ED are made to make you hard even when you are suffering from any physical or psychological distress.

How does an ED man get hard after taking an ED recovery pill?

  • When you take an ED curing pill such as Cenforce powpills the working begins usually with shutting down the synthesis and the effects of the PDE-5 hormones in your blood temporarily.
  • This happens to clear the way for the cGMP hormone that is normally inhibited in any human being due to the effects of the PDE-5 hormones.
  • By triggering nitric oxide in your blood vessels which relaxes them the blood flow to the two main tissues inside the penis that is corpus cavernosa is increased. When all this happens you can get an erection by manually stimulating the penis.

Can an ED pill make you hard in 5 seconds?

  • Unfortunately, as you can see that the process of erection after taking an ED pill is quite complex in itself and is indeed lengthy and time taking.
  • This means that an ED guy will not be getting erections in anywhere close to 5 seconds.
  • But surely they will get the erections within say around 20-45 minutes. This largely depends on what is the generic substance contained in the pill and what is the dosage strength.

Let’s know about the ED pills in a bit more detail

  • See all the ED curing pills such as Viagra, Fildena, Cialis contain different generic ingredients in them. By generic ingredient, we mean that the main composition or the active substance in them that can bring about erections.
  •  Within the pills of Viagra and others, this is generic Sildenafil while another brand the Cenforce powpills contains active Tadalafil as the main generic substance.
  • All these generic substances can be grouped in a common family that is the PDE-5 hormone inhibiting family.

The main substances within this generic PDE-5 hormone inhibiting family are-

  1. Sildenafil
  2. Tadalafil 
  3. Vardenafil
  4. Avanafil
  5. Dapoxetine
  • Each generic substance such as generic Sildenafil has an actionable time and a turnaround time.
  • By the actionable time we mean the length of time for which they will have a substantial effect on your erections.
  • And by turnaround time we mean the time, it takes for a generic substance such as Tadalafil to come into effect fuelling a harder penis.
  • And all the medicine names that we have told you so far such as Vidalista, Viagra, Silditop, Cialis, et are branded names as these are manufactured by a pharma company.

How does the dosage strength matter?

Now each brand of pills let’s say for example Cenforce powpills have various dosage strengths too. you will find a number having a suffix of ‘mg’ after them which means that this is the strength of the dose.

  • Let’s say if we are talking about Viagra 100 mg then 100 mg of generic substance within each pill of Viagra.
  • Now, the dosage of the ED pills will have a say on how long the effects sustain or the effective actionable time of the pills.
  • For generic Sildenafil this is around 4-6 hours for generic Tadalafil this is 24-36 hours and so on, different for different generic pills.

How long does it take for an ED pill to become activated?

In the above section we told you about the actionable time so now, let’s have a look at the turnaround time. Remember the turnaround time we spoke about above?

  • Well, just like the effective time the turnaround time will be different for various generic ingredients and the strength of the dose.
  • Let’s take generic Sildenafil brand Fildena for example.
  • A 50 mg generic medicine of this brand will give you erections within say 20 minutes.
  • But for a larger dose such as a 200 mg dose, the turnaround time can be even more like 30 minutes.
  • So as you can see that the ED pills don’t give you erections within seconds of intake.
  • This is always advisable for you to take the pills and have some time in hand before you go to the bed and have sex with your partner. during this time there is nothing that you can do apart from being patient.