Role Of Garlic In Health

Role of Garlic in curing most of the health hazards in men

Published on: 15/04/2021
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By John Mark

The health of a man is not only determined by how many kilometers he can walk, or how many hours he can work? If his sexual life is ruined no matter how much fast he can run, he cannot be called a healthy man. The total health sums up all the aspects of a man’s life. What most of the men focus is on their physical health.

As soon as their belly increases by an inch, they join a gym, but no one takes care of their sexual health. Pubic regions are often taken for granted. One would think that some pills might like Fildena, Cenforce 100 or Vidalista 20, from Powpills, would be the only solution. But use harmful chemicals when you have an option for natural treatment.

Yes, you are right, the garlic present in your kitchen can bring the lost spark in your sexual life. Apart from enhancing the flavor of your favorite chicken curry and kadhai paneer garlic can also enhance the intensity of your sexual activity.

In this article, we shall get to know how the various ways in which garlic boosts our overall health.

Positive effects of Garlic on our body

Use of Garlic in Erectile Dysfunction

The most encouraging thing about eating garlic is that it can treat Erectile Dysfunction. People all around the world are trying hundreds of things every day to get rid of it. Spending on nutritionists, dieticians, sexologists but then also the penis remains the same as before.

Do you belong to the same category of people, who are in search of solutions for ED? How to get the best aid from Garlic then? It is pretty simple, go to your kitchen and have a single bulb of garlic. Eating only a day will not work, continuing this habit for at least a month will show some improvements.

Garlic will help you get the perfect erection based on some factors. It depends on the reasons which caused your ED. If the causes of ED are your addictions of smoking, alcohol, and drug abuse. In that case, garlic is only suitable for adding in chicken curry. Because in such conditions counter ED pills or complete eradication of such habits will only work.

But if due to stress, anxiety your interest in sexual activity has reduced then garlic is the perfect masterstroke. Garlic is one of the stimulants that activate the hypothalamus in less than 3 seconds. This means you get attracted to the opposite gender in real quick time. And this leads to the desire for sexual pleasure thus eliminating ED without any use of chemicals.

In ED, the blood flow to the pubic organs is restricted which is the prominent reason for the non-erection of the penis. Garlic or more specifically allice, the active element in the garlic facilitates blood circulation. This ensures the necessary supply of blood during sexual stimulation.

Remember that any natural solution is for the complete eradication of the disease in the long run. In a short period, garlic and turmeric really cannot show any miracle.

In Impotence

Not only the erection of your penis, but numerous other sexual problems can be dealt with garlic. Many men suffer from the problem of less sperm count. This means they have an erect penis but the quantity of sperm produced is less.

A lower quantity of sperm signifies that the chances of him becoming a father are very less. Out of millions of sperms, only 1 of them attaches to the ovum of the female. And if our sperm quantity is reduced, then the chances of fertilization are even less.

Garlic acts as a solution to impotence by increasing the production of testosterone in the body. Testosterone, the male reproductive hormone determines the quantity of sperm produced in the testes. When more testosterone is produced in the testes more sperm is also released.

If you go to an ayurvedic clinic, any problem relating to sexual organs the most common item which they would prescribe you to eat would be garlic. This is the reason why a religious and a spiritual person stays away from foods that contain garlic. It stimulates a sensation of extra energy which can arouse people. People having stamina problems should also try eating garlic regularly.

How to eat garlic and in what amounts?

After reading the benefits of garlic you must be wondering how to eat garlic, raw, cooked, boiled, or what else? The simple answer is anyway; you can consume garlic in whichever way you like the effect is going to be the same.

Some people cannot face the strong smell of raw garlic so they prefer the use of garlic in vegetables. Each has its own choice some people eat garlic with a tablespoon of honey. This is a heavy stimulant, garlic with honey is a deadly combination. If you do not do a lot of physical work in a day, you should not take some combinations.

Daily eat 4 to 5 cloves of garlic to feel some change in your body. Too much garlic-eating can cause bowel problems and even piles.

Garlic makes the blood circulations faster and reachable to all parts of the body. So, only eat garlic in large amounts if your daily work is a laborious one. Eating garlic-rich foods and sitting in a corner is a really bad idea.


A male with a sexual disorder should at first try with garlic before using any medicines. But that too under the consultation of a doctor.