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At what age does erectile dysfunction start?

Published on: 17/04/2021
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By John Mark

At what age does erectile dysfunction start?

If you are reading this article you must be wondering that until now you only thought that not having hard erections was only possible in older men and senior citizens.

Then why the hell are you suffering from ED when you are still in your lower 30s or mid-40s. Does this mean that ED can start at any age?

But wait… you are still in your sexual prime then why should you not have erections as hard just as any normal man will get?

To answer all your queries we will be giving you some useful information about ED.

Does ED have to affect any specific age group of people?

So does ED have any specific age group that affects people? Does it mean that there is any specific category or age of people during which they are most vulnerable to having ED in life?

No of course not…

ED does not have any specific age group or group of most vulnerable people.

ED or erectile dysfunction is a disorder that can affect anyone even those who are in their sexual prime up to mid-40s or 50s.

ED is a disorder that is having a specific cause. The underlying cause of your ED can be either psychological or physical distress.

You cannot have any ED unless you are suffering from these disorders as we have mentioned below-

  • Heart disorders
  • Obesity
  • Nerve disorders
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Liver and kidney disorders
  • Among the psychological issues are-
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Panic and
  • Fear

As you can see that we have listed the most commonly occurring problems which are generally the root cause of ED.

Any ED patient is most likely to have ED due to any one or more of the above physical or psychological disorders.

Why do all age groups of people suffer from ED?

So why is that any people whether be it someone who is from the mid-30s or upper 50s is likely to suffer from ED?

The reason is simple. ED is generally caused due to any underlying physical or mental disorder as we have listed above.

Now, there is something called natural impotence which is the total lacking of erection ability of a man since birth. The reasons for this could be genetic or potential injury or accident that lead to permanent damage of the tissues.

With other cases of you having ED is generally termed as an erectile disorder or ED.

What happens with any underlying disorder is that it is interfering with your erections in somewhat or others.

Either you are not able to have sexual thoughts generated in your brain that could indicate any potential psychological distress or the blood flow to your penis is hampered which generally indicates any nerve damage disorders, cardiac disorders, diabetes, or cholesterol.

Is there any specific time during which I am most vulnerable to having ED in my life?

No there is no such timing in a male life in which he is bound to suffer from ED the most. ED is such a type of disorder that can happen at any stage of life.

Any man whether they are still in their young sexual prime years or past their sexual prime can have ED.

With no such age of ED occurrence, how do I understand whether I suffer from ED or not?

Now, this is the next question that might automatically come up to your mind. When you don’t have any age to indicate ED then how can one tell whether he is suffering from ED?

Well, if you are not having erections or have difficulty in sustaining them then this could be a majority indication leading towards ED.

ED symptoms are simple for one to understand. With stimulation, you don’t get erections at all, or at least not as hard as required for penetration. There is something that classifies as soft erections that too comes under the category of ED.

With soft erections, you can achieve erections but not as hard as normal and neither are they sustainable. They will die down within a couple of minutes.

Anyways it is up to you to understand the symptoms of ED and report them to the doctor sooner rather than later.

If I have ED early in life are there any chances of total cure?

Suppose a man has erection disorder at a very young age say when he is in his lower 30s. So does this person stand a chance to get cured of ED completely?

On the other hand, the other possibility is to suffer from ED till the rest of their lives.

The thing that you need to understand here is that ED is not the same for all. there can be various intensities of ED which can roughly be categorized into three sets- mild, moderate, and severe.

Generally, mild and moderate chances of ED are curable with ED medicines or other wide variety of treatments.

Severe ED is having a much lower chance of total recovery and it could be that the patient needs to have an ED medicine for the rest of their lives.

One thing you cannot do is sit on your ED. You are expected to come out and speak to the doctor and consult a certified doctor about your erection problems.

And last but not least you have to take up treatment as soon as possible.

Not having the right form of treatment over a longer time can mean ED turning into a severe one.

If this person that we talked of earlier reports to the doctor and takes up a treatment faster then we expect the problems will get cured.

On the other hand, there is one thing too. Your underlying disorder is also going to have a say on how fast you can get cured of ED.

If you are not having the right form of treatment for your ED underlying disorder then things can also turn for the worst.

Final words

There is as such no age during which you are vulnerable to have ED. Even if you have ED in an early stage of your life don’t lose faith.

There are lots of curative options for you to get healthier and completely cured from. But you should not delay in consulting a doctor and assorting to a treatment style for ED.

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