An Overview of Male Pattern Baldness, Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

An Overview Of Male Pattern Baldness, Its Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Published on: 07/09/2023
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By james Martin

Hair loss and premature hair fall are some of the most common issues among men these days. Male pattern baldness is one of the growing concerns among people of all age groups. The medical term that indicates this form of disorder is known as androgenic alopecia.

One of the primary symptoms of improving male pattern baldness is having issues with premature hair fall and hair loss, thinning of hair, and receding of hair lining along the scalp.

In this article, we will find out about the male pattern baldness issues in further detail. First, we will check out the symptoms that you may usually experience, check out some of the causes of hair fall and baldness, and finally look at the available treatment options.

Let’s begin…

What Are Some Of The Causes Of Male Pattern Baldness And Alopecia Issues?

Hair loss which is referred to as the alopecia condition can affect your hair temporarily, or else permanently.


Of course one of the primary causes for experiencing hair fall is aging. As we age, our hair follicles begin growing weaker and even our hair tends to get old. And thus men and women in their higher 50s may begin experiencing accelerated hair fall, receding hairline, and other issues.

Hereditary Issues

Baldness occurs only when there is excessive hair fall causing the hair lining to recede too far. Heredity is also one of the causes of experiencing androgenic alopecia condition. A person who is suffering from alopecia condition may transfer such genes to their children too due to which they may begin experiencing baldness and severe hair fall from a much early age. At this stage, doctors may even recommend to be on use of medicines like Finpecia 1 mg.

Excessive Alcohol And Drug Addiction

It has been found after research that men and women who have severe addiction and substance use issues are prone to experiencing baldness. Particularly in men, they may begin experiencing male pattern baldness issues from a much younger age due to their addictions to alcohol and drugs.

Scientists say that taking in too much alcohol and narcotic substances causes a lack of hair follicle growth which may cause hair to fall prematurely thus resulting in male pattern baldness.

Suffering From Depression And Anxiety

Even psychological problems can contribute to having male pattern baldness. If you are suffering from anxiety and depression you may end up having to suffer from male matter baldness early on in your life. According to research, it has been found that up to 30% of males having anxiety and depression may have baldness or severe hair fall issues.

Radiation And Chemotherapy

Those who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment may also end up having severe hair fall issues. If you are having any type of cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy you will begin noticing hair fall too early. And by the time your radiation and chemo are over you may end up bald.

But this is not the worst thing that you can expect. Doctors say that undergoing excessive doses of chemotherapy and radiation may even severely damage hair follicles permanently causing them to become incapable of growing hair in the future. Thus a male person may experience complete baldness which is also irreversible.

Taking In Certain Forms Of Medicines

Apart from undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, it is the effect of some types of medicines as well which may contribute to having androgenic alopecia and loss of hair and baldness.

Yes, scientists say that usually, it is the orally swallowing cancer-curing medicines that may also contribute to hair loss. Other than this some of the other types of medicines which may induce severe hair fall and baldness include pills for curing arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout issues, high blood pressure, and so on.

Making Hairstyles, Application Of Hair Serums, And Hair Styling Gels

Another primary reason why males may begin experiencing baldness is due to the excessive use of unhealthy cosmetic products such as the use of wigs, the application of too much hair styling and hair fixing gels, and hair serums.

Having Head Lice And Dandruff

Now, apart from this if you have head lice or suffer from dandruff issues due to any sort of fungal growth infection on the head you are bound to experience hair fall as well. Around 80% of men having dandruff and head lice issues may experience up to severe hair fall issues that cause baldness within a few months or years.

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Symptoms Of Hair Fall And Baldness

Of course, having a hair fall has some primary symptoms. If you know these well, it can help you to detect the condition of having androgenic alopecia at a much early stage and this may help in getting an early cure as well.

Now, some of the symptoms of hair fall include-

Reduction of hair lining and receding of hair lining

Severe hair falls on the scalp which makes hair density too low causing some parts of your scalp to be visible

Too little hair growth also causes hair density to decrease much further

Patchy and bald spots beginning to appear from the sides, the back, and the front of the head

What Are The Preventive And Remedial Techniques For Curing Baldness And Severe Hair Fall?

Now, if you are already experiencing severe hair fall and see baldness or patchy regions on your head it is time for you to visit a doctor and get to know about proper remedial and treatment techniques that can be used to cure such a condition. Let us get to know more about these.

Allopathic Means To Curb Male Pattern Baldness

Use Of Medicines

Of course, if your hair falls and baldness issues are already too severe doctors will right away recommend you to use medicines such as Fincar 5 mg. Such medicines that contain FInasteride, help in the growth of hair follicles, providing hair with the right sort of nutrition, and stimulating hair growth faster.
Remember that the use of such medicines is strictly to the recommendation of a doctor and needs you to follow some precautionary guidelines. Of course, it is common to find both positive and unsatisfactory results with the use of such medicines.

Hair Transplant

One of the more costlier forms of curing male pattern baldness is hair transplant. Remember that this form of curing baldness will need you to undergo surgeries which may be often more than one. Depending on the outcomes and the results you may have to undergo multiple hair transplant procedures as well.

Apart from being costly, it may cause further problems such as head scarring, infections on the scalp, and so on.

Preventive Techniques

Now apart from the use of allopathic ways of curing male pattern baldness and the use of medicines like Finax 1 mg, you will also need to try out a few other preventive techniques for the growth of hair. These involve changing your lifestyle and diet.

Quit any form of addiction to smoking, alcohol, or substance use of narcotics

Use a natural hair oil recommended by the doctors

Use doctor-approved hair growth serums and oils that contain natural extracts of vitamin E, aloe vera, shikakai, amla, and so on. Ensure to apply such oils daily at least once or twice.

Ensure to take high iron and protein-rich food items.

Final Say

So as you can see in the above sections we have detailed the causes, symptoms, and treatments of experiencing male pattern baldness issues. Make sure to check out the curative symptoms if you are also beginning to experience baldness.