Lisinopril Associated With ED

Is Lisinopril Associated With Erectile Dysfunction?

Published on: 24/06/2024
Last updated on: 24/06/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

Sexual performance is an essential part of a sexual activity. Unfortunately, a majority of older men face sexual health problems which impact their relationships to a greater extent. It is a fact that emotional and physical problems are connected to sexual dysfunction.

Here You Can Find Key Information About Lisinopril: 

Drug Forms: Oral Tablet

Year Of FDA Approval: 1988

Brand-Name Version Available? Yes

Prescription Required? Yes

Controlled Substance? No

Many men feel that after taking certain medicines, they have started going through erection hassles. If you are consuming medications based on your cardiovascular health, you should inform the medicine name to your healthcare practitioner.

One of the potent drugs that most doctors recommend to rule out impotence problems is Tadalafil pills.

Health experts believe that some medications can disrupt your sexual health and Prinivil is one of them.

It is also essential to keep in mind that Prinivil is given to male patients whose high blood pressure does not come under control. Some statistics show that Lisinopril makes men impotent.

Some male patients have reported dealing with impotence hazards right after consuming Prinivil. When healthcare professionals suggest men take Prinivil, they give this medicine to keep blood pressure in check. Cure long-lasting erection problems with the regular use of Sildenafil.

Derive Information About Lisinopril

Lisinopril (MK-521) | ACE Inhibitor | MedChemExpress

Hypertension is an escalating health problem that is affecting men in large numbers. Stress and imbalanced lifestyle choices are responsible for high blood pressure.

With hypertension comes various other health ailments which include chronic heart diseases.

Lisinopril belongs to the group of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors.

This is an enzyme that makes blood vessels narrow which in turn leads to high blood pressure.

The effective compound stops the enzyme from developing in the body.

To help heart patients recover from cardiac arrest, Prinivil is prescribed.

This medicine unwinds blood vessels which further decreases the risk of high blood pressure. The medication increases the supply of blood when your blood pressure is reduced.

The efficient constituent restricts the constriction of blood vessels which in turn reduces the risk of hypertension in men.

To reduce pressure in the blood, ACE inhibitors are the first-line treatment.

Taking one pill of Lisinopril can have a positive impact on your blood pressure.

You will notice your blood pressure stables when you take the blood pressure drug on time.

Increased blood pressure levels may hinder sexual function. If you are having impotence issues, taking Cenforce 200 can ward off chronic impotence.

Having a pill of Prinivil will not make you suffer from hypertension and you will not have to face hassles related to erection.

In Which Health Issues Lisinopril is Given?

If a man has renal failure, lisinopril can treat all types of kidney diseases. Cure your heart problems with daily use of lisinopril.

If you want to take the medicine in liquid form, you can have it. If you are comfortable taking pills, you can have this medicine in the form of tablets.

Depending on your heart condition, your medical practitioner will decide which form of lisinopril you would need. Taking the medicine once a day can rule out your hypertension.

When your blood pressure does not increase, you will not feel difficulty in gaining and keeping a hard penis. Drugs of Sildenafil Citrates can decrease the threat of erectile dysfunction.

Can Lisinopril Give Rise To Side Effects?

📢 After taking lisinopril, you can be certain that your sexual performance will not be affected in the least. Chances of suffering from low blood pressure are quite low with this blood pressure drug.

📢 Less percentage of men who have taken lisinopril have complained about having impotence signs.

📢 Some studies have shown that sexual side effects can be experienced by men for a long period after taking lisinopril.

📢 If you are using lisinopril for the first time, you have the chance to develop ED in the long run.

📢 If you are taking this medication to treat hypertension, you need to tell your doctor if you are having signs of ED. Fildena 150 tablets can mitigate the risk of erection issues.


Can Hypertensive Males Cause Impotence?

  1. It has been reported that hypertensive male patients have a risk of developing impotence. Men who have cardiovascular disease also suffer from sexual dysfunction.
  2. Men who feel difficulty in having a satisfactory erection tend to have high blood pressure.
  3. If you are diagnosed with hypertension, chances are high that you will experience problems in getting and maintaining a rigid sex organ.
  4. If you want to ward off erection hazards, keeping your blood pressure has to be normal. Vidalista 40 mg tablets are known to tackle extreme levels of impotence.

Can Lisinopril Crop Up Side Effects?

📢 Although lisinopril is a prominent drug for high blood pressure, side effects are likely to be experienced in men.

📢 Some side effects hypertension patients may experience are high levels of potassium, head pain, giddiness, feeling unconscious, or reduced blood pressure.

📢 If a side effect keeps on troubling you, getting the side effects fixed is necessary. If you follow the appropriate dose, you can be sure that you will not suffer from the side effects of Prinivil.

📢 Take the medicine from Powpills and have it as it is prescribed to you so that you do not have to face the challenges of side effects.


Can You Take Impotence Pills Along With Lisinopril?


If you are taking medicines such as Avanafil, Tadalafil, or Vardenafil, you need to notify your medical professional in advance.

If you intake an ED medication along with a hypertensive drug such as lisinopril, you may come across drug interactions.

To lower your blood pressure, Prinivil is given to hypertension patients.

Hypertensive male patients may experience interactions related to anti-hypertensive drugs and impotence drugs.

If impotence hampers your sexual performance, taking an ED medication is mandatory.

While taking an impotence medication, it is essential to tell your medical professional whether Prinivil suits your body or not.

It is best to report your healthcare provider if you are an ED patient and you go through high blood pressure issues.

In such a situation, your medical practitioner will prescribe you the right dose of blood pressure drug which will not cause an Inhibitor to your ED.

Final Words

From the above-mentioned content, it is clear that lisinopril has no direct link with impotence.

It would be best to inform your medical professional if you are on medication related to your blood pressure.