a comparison of tadalafil vardenafil

A Comparison Of Tadalafil & Vardenafil For ED Pills

Published on: 22/06/2024
Last updated on: 22/06/2024
Written By Molly Wilson


Dealing with ED can become hectic if you do not take proper medicines. There are available quality pills that can help you achieve a better sex life. These medicines help you improve your abilities in bed.

It offers you quality erection to satisfy the intimate needs of you and your partner. Both Tadalafil & Vardenafil products help in enhancing your sex life.

They support better erection, which makes them so potent in addressing your issues.

Still, depending on your condition you may have to take only one of such tablets. We have to discuss the different aspects of these drugs and how they are similar to each other.

We shall also know the differences between them so that you can make a better choice of taking the tablet to control erection problems.

Mechanism Of Action Of The Drugs

  1. Both drugs have almost a similar mechanism. The main purpose of the drug is to lower your BP levels.
  2. The drugs are designed in such a manner that can inhibit better BP levels in your body.
  3. It controls high BP conditions and promotes higher blood volume.
  4. A higher blood volume is critical to enhance blood penetration in the Penis.
  5. This ensures a harder erection whenever you get aroused.
  6. It can also dilate the blood vessels that reach your private region.
  7. This makes them more potent in carrying higher blood flow. In this way, it supports strong erections.

The Inhibiting Actions Of The Drug To Increase Libido Levels

Both tablets can improve your mental health situation as well. Libido is a sexual factor that results in higher urges whenever you have sex.

A higher sexual urge is important to get sustainable erections for a man. It is in this way that the inhibiting actions of the drug can increase this.

If you are facing issues such as low sexual urge, you can certainly take them. You can certainly buy Vidalista tablets online as well.

Onset Actions Of Tadalafil And Vardenafil Pills

Both these medicines have a very similar onset action. Usually, tadalafil products may take less time than vardenafil. The former may take about 25 to 30 minutes Max to render its results.

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In the case of the latter, the onset time can extend up to one hour. However, in most cases, you can expect quality results within 30 minutes even with vardenafil products as well.

How Much Time Does The Effects Of The Tablet Last

The efficiency of a tablet is determined by how much time it lasts in the body. The duration of these medicines is enough to help you achieve a better erection that will provide quality sex life.

In the case of Vardenafil, the effects of a tablet, like Vilitra 80 Mg can certainly last up to 36 hours. This is huge considering that you only need the effects for about 2 or 3 hours at Max.

The number does vary from person to person however still it indicates its effectiveness.

Tadalafil products also offer quality duration of services. It offers results for up to 7 hours. This means it is enough for you to take one Tadalista product and expect quality sexual abilities for at least one session.

On a head-to-head comparison, certainly, Vardenafil offers a longer erection. Hence, people were looking to minimize their intake of medicines and improve their intimate ability they take them.

Is There Any Difference In How You Should Take These Tablets?

Both tablets have similar actions and mechanisms in offering their benefits. However, there are slight differences you have to keep in mind while taking them. If you are taking vardenafil, certainly you have to take this without any form of food.

The efficacy of the medicine may fall if you are taking it with high-fat substances. Studies have found that people who take this with food require a longer duration to establish bodily effects properly.

In the case of tadalafil, there is no such restriction. You can have it with or without food without needing to worry much.

However, ensure that while taking this tablet you are not breaking or chewing them. The best way of taking it is to gulp it down as a whole pill. This ensures higher efficacy of the medicine, which will offer better results.

Possible Side Effects-Tadalafil Vs Vardenafil

  1. Most of the ED medicines available have their side effects as well. In most cases, these effects are mild.
  2. If you get Vidalista online, you do not have to worry much about the negative reactions.
  3. These side effects are manageable and may only limit up to some headache or dizziness. It can also result in some muscle aches.
  4. With vardenafil, you may not see similar side effects that tadalafil products may exhibit.
  5. However, these side effects can sometimes be serious and may cause cardiac-related issues.
  6. Maintaining its dosage becomes thus vital. Such products can change the rhythmic actions of the heart, which in turn causes problems for your body.
  7. Because of all such reasons, if you have acute cardiac issues do consult with your doctor before taking this.

Precautions With These Pills You Have To Take

You have to maintain certain precautions while taking these drugs. Both these drugs offer quality solutions but have their own sets of side effects.

To prevent these, you have to prevent overdosing. Be mindful of the dose of the medicine you are taking. Do consult with your doctor frequently to adjust the dose.

Also, ensure that you are not taking this medicine along with alcohol. It may exhibit interactions and cause a massive reaction in the body.

Other than that, you should also avoid taking this pill along with nitrates and other alpha-blockers. This will ensure that no major effects are causing harm to your body.


Both tadalafil and vardenafil are great ED pills. They enhance the intimate abilities of a man and promote a better erection.

Do consult with your doctor on which of these pills you can take.

Be mindful of the reactions it may cause and consume it by sticking to the prescription.

This will ensure that you do not suffer from any major issues while recovering from ED. You can get them from Powpills at great discounts.