If You Masturbate Too Much, What Happens?

If You Masturbate Too Much, What Happens?

Published on: 14/04/2023
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By james Martin

Do you masturbate quite often? Do you feel better after masturbation? It is important to know that masturbation is a normal activity that a large number of men do. Not only younger men, but older men are also into masturbation. Many men masturbate many times a week.

Not all time, you have your partner with you to help you indulge in lovemaking. At times, you stay without your partner. When you are alone and you get the urge of sex, you masturbate. It is important to know masturbation can keep your health good. Numerous men masturbate too much. In such a case, it can be harmful to your health.

There are many myths about masturbation. Many people believe that too much masturbation makes a man go blind.

Some men think that masturbation is a crime. Such claims are false. When a man stimulates his genitals to derive sexual pleasures which leads to orgasm, it is known as masturbation. You should know that masturbation is common in men. Men of all ages indulge in masturbation which plays a vital role in sexual development.

Countless research studies prove that many elderly men masturbate daily. There are numerous reasons behind masturbation. Some men masturbate for fun and enjoy sexual pleasure. Some men masturbate to release their tension and stress. Some men prefer to masturbate with their partners. While other men masturbate alone.

If you masturbate quite often, you may experience certain side effects. If you masturbate a few times a month, it will benefit your health. To enjoy masturbation, you need to be sexually healthy. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you may not indulge in the pleasures of masturbation. In such a case, you need to have Fildena 100

Myths Around Masturbation

There are ample myths connected to masturbation. Most myths that resurface again are not backed by science. In short, there is scientific evidence that shows that masturbation leads to side effects. You can be certain that masturbation does not lead to low sperm count, Erectile Dysfunction, or physical weakness. You will not suffer from a shrinkage penis, blindness, mental illness, or penis curvature.

Many couples believe that their relationship can affect when any of them masturbate. To avoid an unsatisfying relationship, couples avoid masturbation. Single men and married men both masturbate. Some men prefer to masturbate alone. Whereas, other men prefer masturbation with their partner.

It is a fact that masturbation is a healthy activity. If you masturbate once in a while, you are bound to enjoy a healthy sex life. To masturbate, you have to be sexually healthy. When you are sexually fit, you can get pleasure from masturbation. If you are sexually unfit, you will not enjoy masturbation. Instead, you feel pain during masturbation if you have erection issues. To treat erectile dysfunction, you should ingest Cenforce Pill

Harmful Effects Of Masturbation

If you masturbate twice or thrice a week, it is good for men’s health. If you make a habit of masturbating daily, you may end up harming your health. Some harmful effects you may experience if you masturbate too much.


Some men who believe that masturbation may conflict with their religious or spiritual beliefs may go through guilt. You should know that masturbation is not immoral. You should keep in mind that self-pleasure is no crime. If you feel guilty after masturbation, you should talk to your sexologist. A sexologist specialist helps you overcome the feelings of guilt connected to masturbation.

Prostate Cancer:

Many health experts think that too much masturbation increases the risk of prostate cancer. Many research studies prove that men who masturbate often have a high chance of suffering from prostate cancer. Men who ejaculate a lot of time per month can go through prostate cancer. If you develop prostate cancer, you will not be able to indulge in lovemaking. Further, prostate cancer gives rise to erection issues. You need to take Cenforce 150 to keep impotence problems away.

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Decreased Sensual Sensitivity:

When a man does aggressive masturbation, he experiences a decreased sensation. Aggressive masturbation leads to a tight grip on the penis. If you do not get sexual stimulation, you will not enjoy sexual activity. You can use a vibrator which improves your sexual function as well as your erectile function.

Nightfall Issues:

When you masturbate too much, you experience nightfall problems. This is a problem when a man experiences orgasm while sleeping. Many men have a wet dream during sleep. If you watch a porn movie or you are overstimulated, you experience a nightfall issue.

Swollen Genitals:

Masturbating too much can make your genitals swollen. You may experience Edema which is a disease of the penis. In Edema, the penis swells because of constant irritations.

Premature Ejaculation:

When you excessive masturbation, you are likely to suffer from Premature Ejaculation. Research studies show that men ejaculate before time during sexual climax. One of the reasons for premature ejaculation is excessive masturbation.

Disruption In Daily Tasks:

It is observed that men who do excessive masturbation are not able to focus on their work. Many men miss important events or are not able to attend important social functions. Masturbation obstructs a man’s daily routine in many ways.

Tender And Redness In Skin:

Excessive masturbation leads to pressure on the penis. As a result, it causes tender skin and redness which further leads to rashes. Too much masturbation also increases the risk of infections on the skin of the penis.

Low Sperm Count:

If you masturbate rarely, you will not suffer from low sperm count issues. If you masturbate quite often, you may suffer from low sperm count problems. When you masturbate often, it disrupts the production of testosterone. The disruption in testosterone levels leads to poor fertility and low sperm count. At times, low sperm count may also be due to impotence problems. To evade impotence problems, you should have a Cenforce 200

Low Self-Esteem:

Many men masturbate too much to combat depression and anxiety. In a bid to masturbate too much, men forget that they hurt their self-esteem and confidence indirectly.

Final Words

Masturbating at times does not harm your health. Rather, you can reap health benefits from masturbation. If you masturbate too much, you may experience any of the aforementioned sexual health issues. Talk to your doctor about how many times you should masturbate.