How Does Cycling Affect Erectile Dysfunction?

How Does Cycling Affect Erectile Dysfunction?

Published on: 21/09/2022
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By james Martin

Cycling is known to be a good form of exercise. But can too much cycling be bad for men’s health? can it trigger ED?

Well, if you paddle bike a lot you might be interested to go through this article. In this article, we have provided you with all of your answers to queries regarding the effects of cycling and ED or Erectile Dysfunction.

So is it indeed true that cycling a lot can make you use the Fildena pills later on in your life? Well, let’s check out…

How Is It That Even Cycling And ED Are Even Related?

To most of us, cycling and ED do not even look related. Well, after all, most of us think that cycling is a good way of burning up calories post a heavy meal, or else it can also be a good form of Exercise for those looking to shed extra weight.

But according to scientists pedaling a lot may have health concerns such as ED. According to health experts, it is the perineum portion of your body that is exposed a lot to the saddle on your bike.

The perineum is that portion of your body between the area between your penis and the anus. This region in the human body is highly sensitive and one of the softer regions too.
When you remain seated on your bike cycling for hours the perineum portion of your body gets exposed a lot and eventually bears a lot of pressure.

Scientists say that this could be one of the reasons why men cycling a lot may have to end up using pills such as Fildena 100.

How Can Cycling Turn Out To Be The Reason For Your ED?

As we told you above that if you cycle a lot your perineum section of the body gets exposed under the saddle a lot and has to bear a lot of pressure.

According to research from Harvard scientists, it has been found that exposing the bottoms too much under the saddle for long hours may cause a lot of eventual damage to the minute capillaries and the nerves of this region.

Ed may crop up as a result of either damage to the Blood Vessels and capillaries in this region or else they may crop up due to damage to nerves as well.

Damage to the minute capillaries and fine blood vessels can hamper the blood flow to the penis tissues during the time you would want to have an erection and it is due to this lack of blood flow that you might have problems getting a hard erection.

On the other hand, the nerves may get eventually damaged too not being to communicate with the brain any longer.  Due to not being able to receive messages from the brain you might face problems with erection.

Either way could end up being the reason for you to look for outside sources for getting an erection such as the use of pills such as Fildena 150.

How Long Should I Restrict Myself To Cycling?

Now the thing that comes into question is how long should men cycle. What is the maximum time that is safe for you to use your pedal bike after which you are at risk of ED?
well, if you take the advice of experts do not use your bike for more than 3 hours per week. 3 hours of constant cycling is the maximum time you should cycle per week.

How Severe Is The Threat Of ED Due To Cycling?

Something that you might be pondering is how severe the threat of ED and cycling can be. Indeed if the percentage of men having ED due to cycling as a reason is high enough then this is a severe threat and you need to look into the matter with more concerns.

But if only a minute share of people had ED problems then ensuring just the basic precautions should be more than enough to avert the erection problem.
Thankfully for men, the erection problem due to cycling isn’t as severe. A few cases have been reported with men facing erection difficulties who cycle a lot.

And thus no clear relationship is established between the two.

Basic Precautions To Avert ED While Cycling

So, in the last section of the article, we put down some of the basic precautions for men to follow to avert ED while cycling.

Go For A Better Quality Seat

Ideally, you should have a wider seat and of course, the foam or the cushioning material of the saddle needs to be top=notch. You should ideally choose a gel-filled seat.

Lower The Handle Of Your Bike

Scientists say that when the handlebar of your bike is at par or higher than the saddle height that is when the ED chances rise in percentage. Lower the handlebar below the saddle height.

Use Only Recumbent Bikes

Scientists say that if you cycle for long hours you should ideally choose to go with a recumbent or a leaning forward bike. This body shape during cycling lifts the back portion of your body thus relieving pressure on your perineum.