All You Need To Know About ED

All You Need To Know About ED

Published on: 22/09/2022
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By james Martin

What do you mean by Erectile Dysfunction? If you do not recognize it, then answer another question. What do you mean by ed? Do not scratch your head anymore because both are the same. Yes, ED and erectile dysfunction are the same, both address an issue that men (adult men) are suffering from all over the world. So, if you are not in the adult men’s group you may not find this article much useful. For newcomers, Erectile Dysfunction is the issue that leads to adult men being unable to get a good erection.

You may think that it is such nonsense, as there are days men just don’t have a certain level of erection. But does that mean that we become an ed patient? No, not. Due to stress, being engrossed or lack of mood on some days it is quite natural to get a lack of erection. But what would you tell if such an erection becomes common around a month whenever you and your partner decide to have sex, you get a low erection? This continuity of poor erection is what creates the definition of Erectile Dysfunction.

And this is where the consumption of pills like Vidalista 20 occurs. You may be glad to know that due to erectile dysfunction, men have gone depressed, suffered from Sleep attacks, and also committed suicide. So, let’s dig deep into the article and find out what leads to erectile dysfunction, what we can do, and other related discussions.

What Is Ed?

In the introduction part only, we have already discussed what is erectile dysfunction. The formal definition could be a medical situation that leads to dissatisfaction in the sexual activity or orgasm due to an unsatisfactory erection. Till this everything is known to most people. But what people don’t know is what happens in ed. Why is that one day a man was getting a good erection but one day that same man is not getting the same intensity of erection? What change has occurred in the body?

This is exciting and may educate readers about their bodies. Usually, when a man experiences stimulation of sex, blood flows heavily in the penis as ordered by the brain. This sudden movement of blood infuses much blood into the penis causing the hardness of the penis, which we call an erection. But during erectile dysfunction, few unhealthy instances occur in the body which reduces the amount of blood entering the penis when stimulated. Thus, there is no reduction in excitement for sex, but still, the penis does not respond as it should.

So, Erectile Dysfunction or ED is the result of a lack of blood in the penis. Thus, the main thing to be corrected is Blood Pressure, and this alone could cure ED. All the treatments of ED that you see in markets work together to the same goal of ensuring significant blood in the penis.

Why ED Occurs?


Talking about obesity, the name often creates an image of overweight men, teenagers, and even children. Your habit of munching burgers, French fries, pizza, and such sort of delicacies might end up you taking pills like Vidalista 40 every time you go to bed. You do not want such a life that even for good sex, taking pills is necessary.

Accumulation of fats blocks the mouth of arteries, leading to less blood being able to move into the penis. And with less blood erection achieved is less.

Mental Disturbance

Your mind also has a great role to play in making your sex life satisfying, after all, the mind is the central control unit of all functions. And most of the time not only ED but most sexual disorders are mental issues at the core. If you train your mind to not get carried away or not get burdened with expectations then there would be no need for Vidalista 60Mg and such pills. So, sleep well, take less stress and keep a light mind and see your sex life would be as exciting as a butterfly.


One of the main reasons that lead to ED is none other than addiction. It could be of any substance, tobacco, alcohol, or recreational drugs, any kind of addiction directly negatively impacts blood circulation. You can sense the extent of damage due to addiction from the instance that even ed pills fail to erect the penis if you have alcohol before or after taking them. So, smoking or drinking may make you look cool for a second but ultimately harms your performance in bed.


As men, it is our responsibility to not fully depend on ed pills for better sex. This is the direct path to slavery and eventually addiction to that medicine. Our aim should be how to overcome ED without using as much fewer pills as possible. This would require making correct changes to diet, attitude, and mental space.