Your Virginity And First-Timer Sex

The Best Tips For Losing Your Virginity And First-Timer Sex

Published on: 10/05/2024
Last updated on: 10/05/2024
Written By Ruby Alice

Intimacy and intelligence: How sex can boost your brainpower and memory - The WeekLosing your virginity may be considered a taboo before your marriage in certain communities.

Some notions of having sex for the first time may hurt and since you are unaware you may carry out unhealthy sex resulting in the transmission of sexual disorders from one mate to the other.

While losing your virginity can have different meanings it is important to follow certain things in mind before having sex for the first time.

What Is Considered As Losing Your Virginity And First-Time Sex?

To lose your virginity can have different meanings in the minds of people. Some consider even oral sex such as a kiss as losing virginity, while others consider penetrating sex to lose virginity. For many it is not oral sex that leads to loss of virginity unless you involve penile and vaginal sex and experience orgasm for the first time.

In this article, we are going to consider some of the safe tips for losing your virginity and tips that you can keep in mind when having sex for the first time to avoid hurting yourself or your partner.

➥ Take Time To Stimulate One Another

Before having sex for the first time all of us are curious about how it feels. To avoid hurting your partner or yourself during sexual pleasures you can try stimulating one another which also helps you to get into the mood for lustful experiences.

It helps your partner to be accustomed to the feelings and adapt to them. you can stimulate yourself by doing masturbation or fingering the vaginal region of your partner to ease the discomfort while losing your virginity.

➥ Maintain Your Patience

We understand that you are highly excited to lose your virginity and surrender to the orgasmic feelings for the first time. But endure patience and don’t hurry yourself or force it on to your partner.

This also helps keep the trust in one another and avoid forceful intimations on your partner or yourself. As we told you above, you must begin stimulating one another, and introduce some further excitement such as by kissing, sensually touching your partner, fingering her vagina, or letting her masturbate the penis. This helps each other to adopt and engage in further pleasure and experience the fun of having sex.

➥ Use Lubricants To Avoid Pain

While having sex for the first time can cause pain for both females and males it is necessary to avoid such pain with the use of lubricants. In case you are willing to go for penetrating sex during your first time around it is essential to follow this tip.

See, penetrating sex, may not be easy the first time. As you are inexperienced in it, it may be difficult to penetrate the penis into the vagina. It is said that practice makes a man perfect and nothing is more true.

To avoid feeling the pain of penetration you can apply some lubricants or gels on the external penis skin to avoid feeling the pain on yourself or her. You can also use some lubricated condoms that are smooth and help you to penetrate easily.

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➥ Trying Out Different Positions Takes Time And Is Not Easier The First Time Around

Most of us have some sexual fantasies in our minds regarding sexual positions. But having sex in different positions may be difficult for your very first time. Since you are inexperienced in having penetrating sex in different positions you may not be able to continue for long.

The most recommended sex positions for the first time around include missionary position, doggy style, and girl riding on top. Don’t feel embarrassed about being unable to have sex in certain positions since it takes time to get accustomed to it.

Remember comfortability for both is the top priority and hence you must have sex with your partner in whichever way bit is more comfortable and relaxing for both of you.

➥ Communicating With Your Partner While Having Sex

While you may be enjoying yourself in the dreams of sexual fantasies the same may not be true for the other. Your partner may be feeling a lot of pain or having pain during certain sex positions.

Hence when having sex for the first time it is necessary to communicate regularly with your partner and show empathy for her or his feelings too rather than just having your desires met. You might want to ask your partner if he or she is enjoying it, whether it hurts a lot, etc.

Avoiding These When You Have Oral Sex

When having your first oral sex or kiss avoid involving your teeth or tongue as the other partner may not be comfortable or willing for it. Instead for your first oral sex you must start very gently, and allow it to progress from there on. Rather than going for a French kiss or smooch kiss just let it happen slowly and immerse yourself in the feelings.

What To Avoid When Having Vaginal Sex For The First Time?

When you want to have vaginal sex for losing your virginity it is essential to begin very slowly and gently before pounding yourself on her. During having sex, you must confirm with your partner if he or she is comfortable in that position and whether they are enjoying having sex.

To avoid pain during your first sex, it is important to make use of lubricants and gels. If you have enlarged nails do not insert them into the vagina of your partner as she may feel a lot of intense pain. before penetrating it is important to simulate one another which can be done by providing masturbation to one another.

Final Say

So, as you can see, in the above sections we have provided a lot of detailed analysis on how you must carry out sex for the first time. And in case you have problems in attaining erections for the first time have a Cenforce 100 medicine.