Would A Urologist Be Able To Test Me For Ed?

Published on: 12/01/2024
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By Ruby Alice

When you do not get and keep a stiff penis during sexual intercourse, you come to know that you suffer from impotence. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual health issue that makes men impotent. In such a situation, men are not able to indulge in lovemaking with their spouses. Apart from treating impotence from a healthcare provider, men can take the help of a urologist. 

Would A Urologist Be Able To Test Me For Ed

When men go through this sexual problem, they do not understand which doctor they should consult. Many impotent men take the help of sexologists or a general healthcare provider to treat impotence. Cenforce 100 keeps men away from ED.

It is a fact that many experienced urologists can treat erectile dysfunction. An urologist is known to treat problems in the urinary tract.

Urologists also treat urinary issues that arise in the urinary tract. Apart from this, it can also treat issues in the male reproductive organs which include erectile dysfunction. An urologist can execute a medical exam to know the exact cause of the ED condition. As per the medical reports, an recommends the necessary treatments.

If you get constant signs of impotence, you should receive immediate treatment from an urologist. An experienced will help you come out of this sexual health issue with the best treatments. If erectile dysfunction is not treated, it can affect a man’s sexual health to a greater extent. Cenforce 150 helps men recover from sexual dysfunction in the fastest possible manner.

What Happens In Erectile Dysfunction?


Men who suffer from impotence fail to get a hard-on during sexual encounters. At the same time, men cannot sustain a stiff penis at the time of sexual intercourse. Erection problems occur when a penis does not get sufficient blood.

When the penis does not get an adequate blood supply, the erection will not take place during sexual activity. To have pleasurable sexual intimacy, having an erection is extremely necessary for men. Cenforce 200 resolves erection issues in men.


There are various reasons for not getting a stiff penis. Suffering from cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or high blood sugar can increase the risk of impotence. If any of the health issues are left untreated, it is possible to experience ED.

Getting untreated health issues can help men stay away from erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil Citrates help men get a quick recovery from impotence. Taking medications of Sildenafil can treat impotence in no time.

Can Medicines Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Many medicines are designed to cure impotence hassles in men. Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Avanafil, and other Viagra pills are designed to treat impotence problems. The component in the Viagra pills expands the penile arteries and vessels.

The constituent of ED drugs also relaxes penile muscles and tissues which further help blood to circulate properly all over the penile region. The improved blood flow in the sex organ helps men get the stiff penis they expect. Apart from impotence medicines, certain lifestyle choices can make a positive difference in your erectile health.

Quitting alcohol and smoking, consuming healthy foods, not taking stress, and doing regular workouts can keep men away from ED. Fildena 100 mg keeps men safe from impotence hassles.

Why Erectile Dysfunction Patients Need To Go To Urologists?

high-blood-pressureUrologists are specialized in treating urological conditions and male reproductive issues. Erectile dysfunction is an imperative part of a male reproductive problem. An urologist can diagnose impotence and can try to find out the reasons behind it.

An urologist will try to know your medical history which may have given rise to ED. An urologist will also perform a medical test to determine if an underlying health condition exists. Your doctor can check your heartbeat and high blood pressure. Fildena 150 Tablets will enhance blood flow in the genital organ, giving the needed erections.

An urologist can test the penis and testicles to assess the appearance. may also test your prostate condition. If required, a urologist may also test blood sugar levels, kidney, liver, and thyroid conditions.

An urologist can also test your cholesterol levels. Some urologists opt for a penile Doppler ultrasound test. It helps to see how blood flows in and around the penile area through the veins and arteries.

These tests will help an urologist to identify the actual causes of ED through medical exams. After finding out the potential causes through tests, the best course of treatment will be provided to ED patients. Vidalista 20 helps ED men get and sustain a hard-on.

How To Look For A Urologist?

You can ask a healthcare physician who may suggest you a highly experienced urologist. Some health insurance companies can help you suggest a well-experienced urologist. In addition, you can do online research which will help you find an experienced near you. While doing online research, you can check on the reviews of urologists which will help you select the right doctor. Vidalista 40 mg treats impotence in a successful manner.

Other Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Penile implant surgery can turn out to be a good option for ED patients. Penile implants let a man create an erection that lasts for a long time. Penile implants prove to be a successful treatment in treating impotence.

Another treatment for ED is a medical device such as a pump suction which pumps blood back into the penis through a suction process. A penile pump suction helps men get an erection. It is another successful treatment that helps ED patients recover impotence. Vidalista 60 helps men give back the erections they wish during sexual intimacy. Taking the medication properly will help men get an instant hard-on.

These treatments can prove to be useful for erectile dysfunction patients. With these effective treatments, you can expect to eliminate impotence problems permanently. Talk to your urologist who will help you provide the apt treatments for you so that you can get out of erection troubles.

Bottom Line

From the content above, it has been proved that a well-experienced urologist can provide apt treatments for ED. If you go to see a urologist to get ED treatment, you can expect a prompt and positive reaction to your erectile health.