Why do I get hard then lose it and How to manage it

Why do I get hard then lose it and How to manage it?

Published on: 28/09/2021
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

For a successful and peaceful life, all types of satisfaction are needed. It includes materialistic satisfaction like owning cars, expensive clothes, and big houses. But people often forget about sexual satisfaction and this is why intimate disorders are taking a toll on people. People take sexual organs for granted and when the time comes to satisfy their partner, they fail miserably. When we become adults, sexual satisfaction becomes one of our requirements like food and air. This comes with the precaution of not getting addicted to sex but at the same time not ignoring it.

Today we may have become technologically advanced but sexually we have become inefficient. Men have to depend on pills like Cialis, Vigora, and Kamagra to fulfill the sexual desires of their partners. Men suffer from the problem of not being able to retain the erection for a sufficient duration. For a satisfying sexual experience, not only you but your partner also needs to be satisfied. This requires the erection to withstand for sufficient time, which is often not provided due to men’s problems. From here dissatisfaction, frustration, and anger seep into the relationship. Due to men’s defect woman has to remain sexually dissatisfied. And this is not a rare situation but nowadays this has become common. Thus, some woman tends to find other options for fulfilling their sexual desire. This gives rise to options like divorce, separation, and extramarital affairs.

Thus, if you are in a relationship or married it’s your responsibility to satisfy all needs of your partner be it materialistic or sexual. The main obstruction is the lack of erection, this situation is known as Erectile Dysfunction or ED. You can say today ED is a booming industry because every year the cases are rising rapidly. This has increased the sales of pills like Vilitra and Tadalista. And all credit goes to our mismanaged lifestyle and lack of sexual awareness. Just as we go to the gym every day to maintain our physical health, similarly we must take measures to strengthen our sexual health. Currently, keeping the penis hard is not only the problem of the older generation but also of young boys. In this article, we shall focus on the steps on how to manage ED by keeping the penis hard for long durations.

Why does ED occur?

Before knowing the ways to keep the penis hard one must know the reason that prevents the penis from being hard. It is not natural to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction or ED. Normally when a person experiences sexual stimulation the penis receives a huge flow of blood. This flow of blood makes the penis hard. If the blood supply to the penis is affected, the hardness also gets affected accordingly. Due to reasons like smoking, alcohol consumption, high cholesterol levels, stress, anxiety, and depression, etc, the blood supply to the penis is seriously affected. When the penis becomes deficient in blood the expansion of blood vessels cannot occur thus, no more hardness. This situation is called Erectile Dysfunction or ED. From here, one thing is clear that blood circulation is the most important factor in making the penis hard.

Why do people get hard then lose it?

People get hard and then lose it because of Erectile Dysfunction or ED. Now this could be due to various reasons discussed earlier but they are not the only ones. Even the hours you sleep, the side effects of previous disorders, or even diabetes can lead to ED. Hence, overall, a person with a healthy and disease-free body can expect good performance in bed. If you smoke a lot then most probably it is your addiction to smoking that is troubling the erection. Almost all the smokers sometimes in their life suffer from ED. This is proven by the fact that smokers constitute a large percentage of the consumers of Vidalista 20 and Suhagra.

Similarly, like smoking, if you have gained a lot of weight by eating junk foods then probably obesity is the reason in your case. But in all the reasons there is one common thing that is causing ED. All of the reasons decrease the amount of blood flowing in the penis during sexual stimulation. Thus, if you want to restore your sexual performance by keeping it hard for more time then focus on maintaining a good blood supply in the penis.

Possible ways to manage

But one must not enter into a depressed state because there are various ways by which you experience the ultimate pleasure once again. The simple solution is to take counter ED pills which work to keep the penis for extended durations. But one must not take such pills by himself, proper consultation must be taken from doctors before consuming any of them. But remember one thing that these pills are solutions for one night as they provide erection for 5 to 6 hours maximum. Hence, when you go for another sexual intercourse, you need to take the pills again. This will go on for every sexual interaction, a permanent solution is only possible if we remove the reason for ED.

For example, if in your case, smoking is the reason for ED then using pills will hide the problem for few hours. But if you get rid of smoking then the problem is solved permanently. But permanent solution involves using pills and correcting your habits simultaneously. Give up any addictions which you have, reduce the intake of junk foods and increase the proportion of green leafy vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats in your meal. Doing yoga and any exercise of your choice is the best combo to keep your body healthy. Burning excess fats boosts the metabolism which facilitates efficient blood circulation in the body.


This problem is not unknown but it is the story of millions of men across the globe irrespective of religion, place of residence, and nationality. It’s high time that we give equal importance to sexual health to prevent clashes with our love mates in the future.