When You Have An Erection Problem, How Can You Identify It?

When You Have An Erection Problem, How Can You Identify It?

Published on: 25/07/2022
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

Erection problem or also known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in medical terms. Now, the reason that men find it difficult to identify is its parallel with normalcy. For instance, a poor erection is always not a problem, instead one or two days where you get a poor erection is actually normal.

Such as on days when you are fully exhausted due to overwork or some disagreement with your boss or colleague. Due to high-stress levels and dull mood erection will itself not occur in desired strength on stimulation.

This is not a disease but quite normal and must be ignored. But if such events of poor erection become common such as every time you go for sex, you find your penis is not erecting as it should be. If this is being gone on for days, weeks, or months, then this situation should definitely not be ignored.

Rather go to the doctor and talk about the problem. In this article, we will be focussing on what a man can do to identify the erection problem besides simply gulping medicines like Vidalista 80 and Cenforce 100

Do Not Over Anticipate

Some men have this issue of over anticipating things and anxiety is just the bigger version of anticipation where it turns harmful to health. Such men are found to be more focused on the result than on the process.

For instance, when they suffer from minor headaches, colds, or coughs they assume it to become a greater damaging form. So, if you have this habit then get rid of it by consulting your family doctor or psychiatrist.  

A usual poor erection may initiate a thought in your mind about whether you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or not. This is the natural human trait to assume negative consequences much earlier than positive ones.

A similar case was found during the covid pandemic because the symptoms were quite common like cold, cough, mild fever, and joint pain. Hence, even a minor cough generated a thought that could I be a covid positive patient.

First, Try Natural Treatment

There is always a natural alternative to anything damaging we have heard so far. The good thing about natural treatments of any disorder is that it is side effect free. For instance, suppose you are suffering from inflammation.

Now the usual treatment for inflammation is to take anti-inflammatory drugs from nearby medical stores. The natural treatment could be to use ginger, garlic, or turmeric as these possess anti-inflammatory properties.

Similarly for Erectile Dysfunction or erection problem,s one must first try using natural treatments like getting better sleep, practicing yoga and meditation, and switching to a healthy diet. You would observe that after making considerable changes in your lifestyle you would observe that you do not need the Strongest Viagra pill.

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Be Sensitive To Your Actions

Due to being over-engrossed in work you would realize that you are being insensitive to your body and mind. This is where spirituality takes place, it makes men raise their awareness about their own actions. You must compare your erection on normal days and on days when you are very stressed.

You must also check whether your erection is poor just for a few days or if it is getting serious. This is because being busy with their lifestyle men sometimes do not even realize their actions.

In many cases, it was found that men were suffering from erectile dysfunction but they didn’t even know about it. They just kept overlooking it and were found to be Erectile Dysfunction patients only when sufficient damage has been done.

Get basic sex education

Basic knowledge of sex is needed to understand the activities in your body like erection. For example, if you are a regular smoker and facing poor erection then a basic sex education will help you understand that smoking is a big reason for Erectile Dysfunction.

For instance, not just smoking, drinking alcohol, or any other addiction makes a good erection difficult. But most men are not aware of it, hence they end up being misguided by their relatives, friends, and close ones and act on their advice.

You need not be an MBBS doctor but just regular information which now you can get from the internet as well.