what is sciatica pain

What Is Sciatica Pain And How Can You Treat It At Home?

Published on: 16/05/2024
Last updated on: 17/05/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

➥ Sciatica pain is a form of nerve pain affecting the lower back and the legs. Sciatica pain occurs due to inflammation, and swelling and occurs in the form of a pinching, and irritating pain in the sciatica nerve.


➥ Although it is not a severe condition it is possible to cure this condition at home and generally people also get well with time. of course, there are home remedies possible that help you.


➥ In this article, we are going to find out about the details of sciatica pain and find out how can you treat this condition at home through some basic remedies. So let’s begin…


An Overview Of Sciatica Pain

As we told you above, sciatica pain occurs when there is some form of damage either through an injury or due to other causes affecting the sciatica nerve. Generally, this form of pain can be felt in the form of a tingling, sharp pinching pain occurring in the lower back region and the thighs.

This mainly occurs in the butt and the lower back region and may as well radiate down to your legs.

Let us get into the anatomy of the human body to understand sciatica pain in further detail. So you see, the sciatic nerve is the thickest and the longest in the human body.

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The name sciatic nerve comes from pence which is a 1 pence in US currency. The name has been derived since it is almost the same width as that of the 1 penny US coin.

But remember that the sciatic nerve is not a single nerve. It is a bundle of nerves that branches off from the main spinal cord. In severe pain, patients can feel pain not just in the lower back and hips region but affect the entire legs as well. generally, to cure such severe pain the doctors may recommend you to use medicines such as Pain O Soma.

The Types Of Sciatica Pain

Generally, sciatica pain is classified into two categories as we have explained below-

📣 True Sciatica Pain

This condition or pain affects the sciatica nerves.

📣 Sciatica Pain-Like Conditions

This type of pain does not affect the sciatic nerve but its conditions and symptoms may feel similar to the pain due to sciatic nerve pain.

Understanding The Basic Symptoms Of Sciatica Pain

Generally, most of the patients may feel one or more of the symptoms mentioned below due to sciatica pain-

➥ Severe pain

➥ Tingling sensation

➥ Numbness

➥ Muscle weakness surrounding the lower back

➥ Urinary incontinence or fecal incontinence

With these symptoms, you must consult with the doctor if they occur regularly for more than a few days. For curing the intense pain, and to provide immediate relief the doctors may recommend you to use medicines such as Pain O Soma 500.

What Are The Factors That May Result In Causing Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica pain occurs as the sciatic nerve in your body gets affected. Any one of the nerves that bundle within the group of sciatic nerves may as well cause similar symptoms. Here are generally the reasons why anyone might be suffering from sciatica pain-

➥ Hernia

➥ Spinal stenosis

➥ Osteoarthritis

➥ Any form of injury to the lower back or hip region

➥ Pregnancy

➥ Tumors and cysts affecting the sciatic nerves

Generally, you will need to consult the doctors and proper diagnosis to understand the true reason behind suffering from sciatic pain. of course, the doctors may recommend some diagnostic tests to find out the actual cause of suffering from sciatica pain.

Are There Any Severe Health Complications Possible Due To Sciatica Pain?

Most of the time sciatica pain is not a severe condition. Generally, it does not cause any major or severe health complications. But at times if you are suffering from sciatica pain for a long term and without the right treatment it may result in some complications.

Suffering from severe pain, in the long run, may cause a sense of permanent numbness and tingling pain around the lower back or hip region. Other than this it may also cause permanent nerve damage resulting in involuntary coordination movement of your legs.

Hence it may affect simple activities in your life such as walking, getting up from a lying position, and the inability to sit for a long time.

Homely Remedies For Sciatica Pain

Since most of the time early diagnosis can cure sciatica pain, you can adopt many home remedies for it. here are some of the homely remedies to cure sciatica pain-

Applying Ice Packs        ▶ Applying Ice Packs

Ice packs help you to get rid of the sharp and tingling pain and reduce any form of pain, swelling, and inflammation. All you have to do is apply ice packs frequently and several times during the day.

Heat Pads▶ Heat Pads

You may use heat pads and apply them to the affected regions such as the lower back. Hips and hip joint regions. You can also alternatively apply hot and cold packs as a remedy. Generally, you need to keep doing this for at least a week or 10 days and report to the doctors.

Lower Back And Legs▶ Exercises Involving The Lower Back And Legs

To cure sciatica pain apart from using Pain O Soma 350 mg, doctors will generally recommend you to do daily exercises that involve functioning, stretching, and movement of the tissues and muscles of the lower back, hips, and legs.

You may do basic exercises such as running, jogging, cycling, swimming, skipping, lunging, and other activities and see how the sciatica pain reduces. Try out these activities for a month and report back to the doctors.

Final Say

So, as you can see sciatica pain is a form of nagging and tingling pain that may affect your ability to move the lower back, hips, and legs. But as it is not a major concern most of the time, simple home remedies are enough to cure it.

you must be aware of the symptoms that we have mentioned above and report them to the doctors for an early diagnosis and complete pain relief as fast as possible.