The Causes Of Painful Erection: Why Do My Boners Hurt Sometimes?

The Causes Of Painful Erection: Why Do My Boners Hurt Sometimes?

Published on: 03/04/2024
Last updated on: 04/04/2024
Written By james Martin

Some people may experience pain when getting a boner Painful Erection are becoming very common in men. Besides ED, this is also a severe intimate health problem. A person who gets a painful boner is bound to struggle a lot. This will also make his sexual abilities fall.

We must know about the various reasons behind this. Painful Erection is a serious issue. Even drugs like Cenforce 100 cannot help with this. We must know about the various factors that can influence it. This will help us to take effective steps in controlling it.

Is Getting A Painful Boner A Very Common Thing?

A person who feels aroused is bound to get a boner Erected penis is vital for a man to have sex. However, expecting pain is not normal. A person who is facing chronic pain because of an erection must consult a doctor. It is not normal for a person to experience these things.

Today many men complain about pain because of getting an erection. Even quality ED medicines like Cenforce 150 cannot help you tackle pain. We must discuss if such issues are serious health problems.

Why Is A Painful Boner A Serious Problem?

Getting an erection when aroused is quite common. Painful Erection is a vital aspect for a man to have intimacy properly. An erect penis that lasts long performs well in bed. However, if you suffer from pain because of this erection it is a challenge.

Normally a person does not expect to face pain in the body when he is aroused. However, certainly, some diseases cause this.

There are complex underlying conditions that trigger pain. This is also similar to pain when you get a Painful Erection.

Hence, if you are getting a painful boner it is indeed a matter of concern. Different underlying issues cause it. We must discuss them to tackle pain properly because of erection. Pills like Cenforce 200 can help you get a good erection. However, it cannot help you tackle pain.

Bending Of The Penis Is A Serious Issue- Does It Trigger Pain?

Penis Is A Serious Issue

Many people today are facing issues like bending their penis. However, they are not undergoing a proper diagnosis for it. Many people assume this is a very normal thing. Because of this, most of such cases go unreported.

However, bending the penis is certainly an anomaly. It is also leading to pain. As your penis bends, it can trigger chronic pain.

The pain will not last for long and happiness spells. Nevertheless, whenever the pain happens it will cause immense issues. Peyronie’s disease is responsible for this. It is a condition, which increases calcium crystals, built up in your penis.

It affects your penile health and results in bending. Even pills like Vidalista 20 or Vidalista 40mg cannot help you fix this.

There are many risk factors behind the condition. Of course, the disease only happens in males as it takes place in your penis. However, older men are more likely to develop it.

A person above the age of 50 years can face such issues. This will also result in a bending of up to 30°.

A proper diagnosis is vital if you feel that your penis is bending. If it is backed with sudden pain then certainly there is a high risk of Peyronie’s disease.

A person needs to deal with this properly. It is a serious condition, which will affect your sex life as well. Constant pain whenever you get an erection is bound to affect your sex life.

Can You Cure Peyronie’s Disease?

Sadly, there is no proven cure for the condition. The condition is not similar to erectile dysfunction or a soft penis. It will affect your Painful Erection and provide you with a bent penis. This will trigger immense pain whenever you feel aroused or want to have sex. This automatically will restrict your sexuality.

However, there are potent therapies available to tackle the pain. We advise you to consult your physician to undergo proper treatment. This will help you control immense pain and also avoid its symptoms.

Besides that, if the condition affects your sexual mode you can take Fildena tablets to enhance it. Sildenafil citrate does enhance your libido levels, which will improve your sexual urges. However, we still advise you not to have sex when you are treating the issue. This will save you from pain before having sex.

Sleep-Related Painful Erections- Why Does It Happen

Erections do not only happen whenever you feel aroused. However, it also happens naturally when we are sleeping. An average person who sleeps for 8 hours may get a Painful Erection 5 times. These erections can last up to 30 minutes in some cases. However, a disease like SRPE does affect your penis and trigger pain.

It is a condition where you feel a painful boner when you are sleeping. This is a massive problem in its unique way. A person must not get disturbed to get quality sleep at night. However, such conditions do affect your sleeping quality.

Multiple studies indicate that OSA or obstructive sleep apnea can enhance this issue. OSA directly affects our sleeping quality. It also affects our nervous system, which can even increase its sensitivity. This can result in a Painful Erection when we are sleeping at night.

What Is Priapism? Why Does It Lead To Painful Erection?

Priapism is a condition where you get prolonged erections. These erections are often backed with immense pain. Sometimes it happens that your Painful Erection is not fading away. Priapism is a condition, which can trigger erections to last up to 4 hours. This is a problem in its way.

An erect penis for that long is bound to complicate things. It can even increase the sensitivity of the nerves underlying it. This results in painful reactions. This condition happens because of stored blood in the penis.

Using a needle to draw the blood out is an effective way to control it. Ephedrine injections or adrenaline can also help in tackling the pain.


We can see that event Painful Erection can result in pain because of varied factors. We must treat these issues that cause such problems. For that, you need to take quality medicines that assist your health. We advise you to buy quality medicines from powpills Pharmacy to enhance your treatment.