How Many Times Can You Have Intercourse After Taking Vidalista?

How Many Times Can You Have Intercourse After Taking Vidalista?

Published on: 01/08/2022
Last updated on: 29/02/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

One of the often-heard rumors about taking the Vidalista pills is that it can help you to gain more power and the capability of men to have sex more than once.

But is it indeed true?

Well, this is what we are to find out here today in this article. We will first check out what the drug dose of Vidalista is and then go on to check out the possibilities of it playing any possible role in upgrading and enhancing your sexual stamina and capabilities.

Let’s begin…

First Of All, Let Us Try And Burst Your Myth

If you are wondering if that Vidalista pill or any of its doss such as the Vidalista 20 pills are for upgrading and enhancing your sexual stamina then you are entirely wrong.

Any pill of VIdalista or any of its existing doses is not for you to have intercourse more than once. Vidalista pills are not even related to this in any way.

Vidalista pills fall into a different class of drugs and that is not similar to the class of sexual stamina enhancers. You see in case you are looking to raise your sex potential and enhance your stamina while being on the bed you will need to speak to the doctors to buy appropriate pills for it. 

What Then Is The Use For The Drug Vidalista?

Well, VIdalista tablets will help you to recover from ED. Vidalista and all its doss are used for curing the sexual Erectile Dysfunction occurring in males that are known as erectile dysfunction also known by the name impotence.

The disorder relates to men not being eligible to enable an erection on their own. Some how despite all their capabilities, you cannot allow a sustainable and hard enough erection on your own.

Vidalista is a generic drug variant. It is not FDA-Approved. With the contents of the substance generic Tadalafil in it, this is a substance that is taken only when the doctors approve you of using the same.

Why Is The Vidalista Pill Not Able To Increase Your Intercourse Capabilities?

You see, using the Vidalista pills is not the drug you need to use for bettering your sexual stamina or to have intercourse more than once.

The problem with having Vidalista pills is that they will in no way influence your intercourse capabilities. It is just a medicine that can help you in getting a hard and strong erection that provides you with enough sustainability.

When you take a dose of Vidalista such as Vidalista 60, the blood flow through your penis tissues will increase which occurs in the presence of the vasodilation agent that is nitric oxide.  Due to this your penis sensitivity will rise which enables you to regain the capabilities to be able to gain a hard erection.

But the type of erections men have will be just normal. It does not influence your erection capabilities once you have ejaculation. It does not allow you to have sex or remain on the bed for too long.

Can You Remain Hard Even After Ejaculating Using Vidalista Pills?

No, that is what we are trying to tell you. You see the problem with using the Vidalista 40 pills is that it does not in no way influence your erection capabilities post ejaculation. But this does not seem to be influenced in any way when you take the Vidalista Pills.

Normally this time that allows you to get back hard again after ejaculating is known as the refractory period. The refractory period is dependent on a lot of other factors as well. Mostly it is relatable to the sexual health of the patient.

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What Are Some Of The Precautions To Maintain When You Are Using The Vidalista Pills?

When the patient is using Vidalista pills as a part of the regular dose the doctors will generally check out the patient’s health with a lot of clarity as well. They will also prescribe the patients to maintain some precautions as well.

The basic idea for any patient to maintain is not to overdose on the medicine or avoid using any contraindicating agent right after taking the Medicine.  

Along with this, the doctors will strictly inform you to use the drug only if you are within the age group of 18 to 64 years. Do not use the pills if you are allergic to the use of the generic substance Tadalafil.

Also, remember to note that you must have to keep taking only a single dose at a time only. Taking in two or more doses on a single occasion might easily cause more than a severe overdose and then the side effects will creep in.

Along with this, the effects of using the drug will last you for around 24 to 36 hours and this means that with higher doses it is only safe for you to take a drug every alternate day.