Vaping And Sexual Health: What Research Says?

Vaping And Sexual Health: What Does The Latest Research Say?

Published on: 09/01/2024
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By Ruby Alice

Vaping nicotine is not as bad as smoking, but it can still cause problems, especially for guys. A recent investigation revealed that men who use nicotine-containing vape products daily are over two times more likely to experience difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection compared to those who have never used e-cigarettes.

Smoking is known to cause health issues, including trouble in the bedroom because it damages blood vessels, affecting blood flow needed for erections. Since e-cigarettes also have nicotine, researchers wanted to see if they similarly affect guys.

The study found that vaping nicotine has a similar effect on this problem. It is the first time they have shown this link. So, while vaping is seen as a bit better than smoking, it is still not great, especially when it comes to something important for guys’ well-being.

How Was It Researched?

How Was It Researched

The scientists used information from a big study about how people use tobacco and how it affects their health.

This study had almost 46,000 people.

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They looked at two groups of guys:

Full sample: More than 13,000 guys aged 20 and up who answered a question about having trouble with erections.

Subset: About 11,000 guys aged 20 to 65 years with no heart problems before.

The guys were put into three groups: those who never used nicotine, those who used it before, and those who used it now and then or every day.

In the study, around 5 percent of all the guys said they use e-cigarettes with nicotine. Among the guys in the smaller group, around 2.5 percent said they vape nicotine every day. This was the first time they checked this for such a big group of guys.

All the guys were asked if they had trouble with getting and keeping an erection for good intercourse.
They could choose from four options:

👉-Consistently able to get and maintain an erection

👉-Typically able to get and maintain an erection

👉-Occasionally able to get and maintain an erection

👉-Never able to get and maintain an erection

Guys who picked “sometimes” or “rarely” were seen as having moderate to severe trouble. After that, the researchers looked at how these guys with trouble matched their vaping habits to see if there was a connection between the two.

Findings From The Research:

In the study, they found something not great for guys who use e-cigarettes. The results showed that guys who vape every day were more than twice as likely to say they have trouble with their private parts compared to those who never vape.

This was especially true for the guys in a smaller group. For the big group, it was 2.2 times more likely, and for the smaller group, it was 2.4 times more likely. In the smaller group, 10.2 percent of guys said they had some trouble.

Out of these guys, 5.5 percent vaped now and then, and 2.5 percent vaped every day. Fildena 100mg and Fildena 150 tablets contribute to improved sexual performance by enabling a more reliable and sustained erection.

What’s Important To Know About Vaping:

What’s Important To Know About Vaping:

The lead researcher, El-Shahawy, says this was kind of expected. He explains that nicotine is nicotine, no matter how you take it — and e-cigarettes can sometimes give a lot of nicotine.

But there might be some good news for guys who like to move around: the study showed that active guys have less trouble. It is not clear if having trouble is as connected to e-cigarettes as it is to regular cigarettes, El-Shahawy says. This is the first time they looked at this, and they need more studies with different ways to see if there is a connection.

El-Shahawy wants to check if e-cigarettes also affect women’s private health. He also wants to see if having trouble and using e-cigarettes have a long-term link.

It is kind of expected that vaping nicotine can have similar effects to smoking nicotine on the body. But it is important to remember that, health-wise, e-cigarettes are not as bad as regular cigarettes, especially if you don’t use them too much.

The Effects Of Vaping On Fertility:

Vaping, which many think is not as bad as smoking, could be harmful, especially for fertility. Even though people believe it is less harmful, it is not true, and it can be dangerous for our health and ability to have babies.

Research on how vaping affects fertility is still in the early stages, mostly based on studies with animals. The findings are worrying. Nicotine, even in flavored vapes without nicotine, has been shown to reduce the number of offspring and cause problems with the implantation of fertilized eggs in mice.

A recent study found that female mice exposed to e-cigarette vapor had trouble getting pregnant. Vidalista Black 80, Vidalista 40mg, and Vidalista 60 work by relaxing the blood vessels in the private areas, allowing increased blood flow during sexual arousal.

Other studies suggest that substances in e-cigarettes, even those without nicotine, can mess up the balance of hormones and the function of reproductive organs. In simple terms, vaping can mess with our ability to have babies, and not in a good way. Dr. Kirsty agrees, saying that although more research is needed, there is already concerning evidence that vaping could make it harder for both women and men to have babies.


In summary, vaping is not as harmless as some may think, especially when it comes to our sexual health and ability to have babies. The idea that vaping is safer than smoking is not entirely true.

This is a big deal for their intimate life. And for both guys and girls, the chemicals in vaping can mess with our ability to have babies. The products used in vaping can be different between brands, and some may even have harmful stuff like lead or mercury.

In short, vaping is not risk-free. It is not just about breathing problems; it can affect our private lives and our ability to have babies. Being careful about vaping is important, especially for young people who might be getting into it without knowing all the risks. It is a good idea to stay informed and make choices that keep us healthy, both now and in the future.