The Best Ways To Regain Your Sexual Interest

The Best Ways To Regain Your Sexual Interest

Published on: 15/06/2022
Last updated on: 28/02/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

Usually, Men are accused by women of always just wanting sex in a relationship. This is of course not true always, but still, the accusation persists worldwide. But there are times when men may lack sexual interest and even that could be a problem for the Relationship. But how can this happen when a man loses his interest in Sexual Activity?

An adult man is full of hormonal activity and stamina, hence losing sexual interest may not seem real but actually, it is. To understand this, you need not be a highly qualified person, just observe what is going around you. It may happen that this week your boss has given extra work due to which you would be returning home late every day of the week.

Now when this news would be announced, your mind that was suddenly thinking of going out and having fun would be converted into working even harder to fulfilling the work within a strict deadline. Thus, your sexual interest is gone.

This is the example where an event made the man lose his sexual interest, but this is not always the case. When such instances get common it may lead the man to permanently lose interest in sex and develop disorders like Cenforce 200 , Vidalista 40  Erectile Dysfunction, and Premature Ejaculation. Such situations may also occur due to other reasons like the side effect of any medication, mental health issues, irregular lifestyle, consumption of junk food more frequently, addictions, and several others.

The culmination of all these reasons may damage the man’s Sex Life by reducing his libido or want for sexual pleasure. This will not only affect him but his partner’s sex life as well and this is the reason partners indulge in extramarital affairs, divorce, and end up becoming depressed. In this article, we will talk about how to prevent the situation from getting worse and igniting sexual interest again.

Have Some Chocolate

Well, you must have chocolate being used in advertisements where chocolate is being portrayed as somewhat romantic. Indeed, it is very romantic as it is a very common gift given to lovers on valentine’s day, birthdays, and other romantic areas.

Thus, chocolate has become synonymous with love. But the fact of the matter is that in reality chocolate has the aphrodisiac properties. Aphrodisiac is a class of drugs that possess the virtue of enhancing the want for sexual pleasure. Eating Chocolate facilitates the production of certain mood-uplifting chemicals like serotonin and phenethylamine.

Hence, when you are in a good mood you are more likely to respond to sexual advances that when depressed. This was validated by a study in 2006 that concluded that the positive Effects of chocolate in improving libido are more due to psychological reasons than biological changes in the body.

Listen To A Romantic Or Sensual Song

In today’s world finding a sensual or romantic song is not hard. Almost every song or movie nowadays has some of the other sensual elements in it. But you cannot always watch a full movie due to a shortage of time but you can listen to a song anytime as it will take less than a few minutes.

Music has a good influence on the mind of individuals and this has been scientifically proved by doctors and health experts. This is the reason today you would get specialized music therapy for mental disorders like depression, insomnia, anxiety, etc. And this is not just a gimmick to fetch more money from the patient, it works.

Listen to a few romantic songs that have been your personal favorites for a long time. Those songs are more likely to incite sexual feelings as they are connected to our memories. The effect of the music will be even more at night due to silence and darkness, the two factors that can facilitate Sexual Stimulation.

Get a Good Sleep

Do not compromise on the hours you sleep, in any circumstance. Sleep is the time when the body and mind can relax freely without much work. All the hard work done in the office has to be compensated by giving some rest to the body. An average adult must sleep for 7 to 8 hours, but this is the ideal situation but it rarely happens.

If you compare the lifestyle of men that are employed or are involved in any kind of profession, hardly get those many hours of sleep. 5 to 6 hours is the max, one gets to sleep some even less.

Now with the shortage of sleep, you cannot expect a life full of high sexual performance. Lack of sleep leads to poor metabolism, poor memory, low blood pressure, an uneasy mind, and being prone to heart disorders. With such issues in life, you cannot be successful in Sexually Satisfying your bed partner. The sleep should be without any interruption and the burden of any work left in the morning. Given your body, the time it needs for better relaxation so that it can perform all the activities you want with required enthusiasm.

Spend Time With The Sexual Partner

Another reason why you may lose your libido is that you may have not met your partner for a long time due to distance jobs or due to some other reason. When you are far away from your sexual partner, your sexual want will get dipped because you know they are not going to be fulfilled now. But once she or he returns you know that when his/her mood sets you both can have a good time together. Spending some time together with someone so close like a candlelight dinner or having romantic conversations can help incite Sexual Desires automatically.

Well, there is no guarantee that your sexual desire may get excited after spending time with your partner, but it’s just a high probability.


For any relationship to move ahead in life, only fulfilling promises and giving gifts will not work. Besides this, just like any other human, your partner will have his/her Sexual Desires, and you need to be able to satisfy them as well. If not, then bad times may be ahead but prevent them by following any of the tips given above.