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Some Of The Most Common Reasons For Erectile Dysfunction

Published on: 12/07/2022
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

If there is one disorder or ailment that is making the lives of men, especially sex life miserable then that is definitely Erectile Dysfunction or ED. If you are not an adult man yet, then you may not understand the real extent of the problem because it is a man’s disorder in the literal sense. Men who are adults but if they are not in their sexual relationship then also it is kind of hard to sense the real pain behind suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. This is most normal for people who are into any kind of relationship as Erectile Dysfunction can seriously damage any such kind of relationship if it lasts for a long time.

But Erectile Dysfunction is not something that has dropped from the sky, it is the result of our own mistakes but sometimes even not, which we shall find out later in the article. This is the reason that men have to depend on pills like Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate Cenforce 200) and Levitra (Vardenafil hcl). Knowing about the reasons may help readers not make the same mistakes again because the reasons are very normal things which are very common in a man’s life. This article can thus be a preventive measure for all men looking for a guide to become successful in their sex life.

Eating an unhealthy diet

The most common reason why men develop erectile dysfunction and end up becoming a failure on the bed is due to their unhealthy diet which they must change. The major concern while referring to an unhealthy diet is eating fast food. Fast food or food items that have a major component of bad cholesterol in them. Now it is very much true that one cannot give up eating fast food because of its popularity nowadays. But yes, even while gymming a cheat day is allowed so, in real life you can excuse yourself a cheat day for some days.

Fast food like burgers, pizzas, pasta and whatever there are, were made to be eaten as snacks for some days, not as regular meals. But unfortunately, we are witnessing a generation that is eating these food items for lunch and dinner. Although it is profitable for businesses but not for men. Men with a high concentration of cholesterol lead to less blood circulation, especially in the penis section which is the ultimate reason for erectile dysfunction.

Succumbing to addictions

This is no mystery that addictions are harmful to not only their sex life but an overall lifestyle. Addictions are never a good choice for health, no matter what you see in advertisements. In advertisements you may have seen men smoking a cigarette and looking cool and classy, don’t fall for this kind of prey. Be it smoking, drinking alcohol, marijuana, or drug abuse, any kind of addiction is not good for your sex life. For the same reason, there is a positive correlation between being men who smoke and sexual patients. Such men are more likely to become erectile dysfunction patients than non-addicts. So, if you are not into any addiction, very good to stay away from it. Alcohol unlike other addictions has some benefits but it becomes harmful when men drink it beyond the limits. Too much alcohol in the body disturbs the correlation between the mind and the organs. This is why will see that drunk men cannot walk properly. In such situations, blood circulation is stopped in some regions and the chance of even heart attack develops.

Getting too much stressed

One of the most common reasons for erectile dysfunction is too much stress in mind. Too much stress is never good for overall health, the reasons for stress can be anything, too much work at the office, relationship issues, career problems, fighting with a best friend etc. But these are issues which are common in most of our lives, but not everyone is becoming depressed or lonely or taking pills like Cialis (tadalafil Vidalista 20) and Stendra (avanafil). One must realize that stress will always be a part of life and that is a fact. Hence, wishing for a stress-free life is a dream that will never be fulfilled.

Being stressed can be directly negative for your sex life. Too much stress lowers the dopamine levels that make the person sad which eventually becomes the reason why less blood travels into the penis. A few days of stress leading to poor performance is okay but if this stressed period continues then that becomes unhealthy.


These are just the tip of the iceberg when the reason for erectile dysfunction is concerned. There are some reasons like side effects of certain medicines also cause erectile dysfunction. But this is temporary because as soon as the medicine is stopped the side effects also stop. In case even after terminating the medicine consumption if the side effects persist call the doctor.