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Vitalitey 50 Mg

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About Vitalitey 50 Mg Vitalitey 50 mg is a medicine that potentially helps men to emerge out of a degrading sexual life and to have their sex fantasies fulfilled by enabling a strong erection to occur. With the use of this medicine, it is possible to recover from the failing erection issues. if you have …

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Vitalitey 50 Mg

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About Vitalitey 50 Mg

Vitalitey 50 mg is a medicine that potentially helps men to emerge out of a degrading sexual life and to have their sex fantasies fulfilled by enabling a strong erection to occur. With the use of this medicine, it is possible to recover from the failing erection issues. if you have such a form of disorder it generally indicates a sexual disorder in males known as erectile dysfunction.

But with ED, you no longer need to worry as the Vitalitey 50 mg pills can provide you with a quick-term solution. Only within a few minutes of having the Vitalitey 50 mg pills it can recover from the symptoms of ED and achieve a strong and hard erection easily.

The potential of the medicine stems from the generic content of the pills that have Tadalafil in them. This generic substance will induce an effect of vasodilation inside the penis arteries which makes blood flow to occur smoothly.

However, since Tadalafil is a prescription substance you will need to get approval from the doctors to use the pills as a regular course. Based on your age, and health and after diagnosing the severity of ED problems the doctors will suitably recommend you with a dose.

you must also inform the doctors if you have used Tadalafil ever before in life and if you have any other disorders currently present.

Uses Of Vitalitey 50 Mg

As we told you above, the use of Vitalitey 50 mg pills is for curing the sexual issue of failing erections in men. The sole purpose of using the medicine is to cure ED and erectile dysfunction issues. the use of the medicine can help increase sensations to rise in the penis so that a minor stimulation can help cause a strong and hard erection.

Remember not to think of the pills as being a performance-enhancing medicine. it does not help in increasing your sexual stamina. Rather it will help you in getting a hard erection.

How Does The Medicine Work?

Now let us find out what happens inside your body As you take Vitalitey 50 mg, within a few minutes the generic ingredient of the pill that is Tadalafil will be activated. It thus inhibits a specific hormonal group inside the blood known as the PDE-5 hormones.

eventually, the cGMP hormones would come in a replacement of the inhibited PDE-5 hormones. But with the levels of cGMP increasing it is not long before nitric oxide would also get activated.

And hence the blood vessels soon start realizing the effects of vasodilation due to which the blood flow would enhance through the penis tissues. this makes the penis tissues overcome the challenges of ED and have a hard erection when you externally stimulate the penis region.


Vitalitey 50 mg pills as the name suggests contain a dose of 50 mg of Tadalafil inside. this dose is only safe to be used at least once per day but not more.

If you use multiple pills throughout the same day and before the effects of the previous medicine are gone entirely you would essentially end up with a Tadalafil overdose and this would cause side effects.

It is also not safe to miss any dose if you wish to have sex that day since without the effects of Tadalafil you will struggle to get a strong erection.

Side Effects

Generally, it is possible that only mild side effects would occur with the use of Vitalitey 50 mg. Unless you are severely allergic to the use of Vitalitey 50 mg or your health conditions severely interact with the medicine only minor side effects can occur.

These include headache, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting nausea, stomach cramps, palpitations, nervousness, dry mouth, and so on.

But the severe side effects of the medicine if occurring would need you to stop taking any pills further as some of them can cause health emergencies. These side effects include vision blurring, chest pain, rise in blood pressure, increase in breathing rate, priapism, and lower libido.


➥ Drug interactions

A few drugs from specific categories may have the capability to interact with the Vitalitey 50 mg pills. it is not safe to use medicines that may increase blood pressure or act as blood thinners. Hence if you are already on the use of such medicines you will need to inform the doctors in advance.

➥ Disease Interactions

It is not severe when you have an existing disorder such as angina, high blood pressure, any other cardiac disorder, or liver and kidney disorders to use Vitalitey 50 mg pills.

➥ Food Interactions

Any food substance that has high amounts of nitrates in it may increase blood pressure severely causing some major side effects. Avoiding grape juice is one such example.


Any patient who is using the Vitalitey 50 mg pills will need to adhere to the safety recommendations prescribed by the doctors. you must not have any medicines possible to interact with Tadalafil. It is not safe to use the pills when you are having repetitive side effects.

It is also not safe to drive a car after taking the daily medicine as sometimes patients have complained about having a headache, dizziness, or nausea issues.


Storing the Vitalitey 50 mg pills is safe in a normal temperature range below 30 degrees Celsius and within normal humidity only.


When To Use The Vitalitey 50 Mg?

The best time for the day for having Vitalitey 50 mg pills would be before sex and essentially an hour before it.

What Are The Other Doses Of Vitalitey 50 Mg?

Other doses of Vitalitey include 60 mg and 80 mg doses.

Is The Use Of Tadalafil Safe With Alcohol?

The use of alcohol and Tadalafil renders side effects due to interaction possibilities. Some of the side effects are common for both substances such as headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Can A Woman Use Vitalitey 50 Mg?

No, the use of the Vitalitey 50 mg pills is only safe for those males who have ED issues.