Tretiheal 0.05 Cream

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Tretiheal 0.05 Cream

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Acne and pimple issues can crop up at any age. Although it is common for growing boys and girls during their early teenage years to have such issues, they may crop up suddenly at any time later on. The most common causes of the occurrence of pimples and acne issues include exposure to too much …

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Tretiheal 0.05 Cream

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Acne and pimple issues can crop up at any age. Although it is common for growing boys and girls during their early teenage years to have such issues, they may crop up suddenly at any time later on.

The most common causes of the occurrence of pimples and acne issues include exposure to too much dust and pollution. Such issues may also be likely to come up due to malicious parasites and fungi.

But in this article, we are going to find out all that you need to know about using the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream and how it can cure acne and pimples. So let’s begin…

What Is The Tretiheal 0.05 Cream?

The Tretiheal 0.05 Cream is a type of topical ointment only suitable for curing acne and pimple issues. You may use the cream for acne that grows on your face, neck, shoulders, and back. Tretinoin which is the generic substance to be present inside the ointment shows its actions quite well in curing such issues.

Before using the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream for curing acne issues consult with your doctor regarding the dose, possible tenure for use, and the likely safety issues that you may have to note about.

Generally, the ointment containing the generic element Tretinoin is a derivative of Vitamin A which will reduce the oil secretion through the skin pores to cure acne. It also works to kill the parasitic and fungal colonies that may be responsible at times for causing acne.

Most patients using the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream can find significant results within 7 to 15 days. Usually during the few initial days of applying the cream little to no significant changes may be observed.

At times mostly due to unsuitability or overuse of the cream patients may also suffer from side effects which we will discuss later.

What Is The Use Of Tretiheal 0.05 Cream?

The purpose of using the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream is to cure acne and pimple issues that crop up on your face, neck, and shoulders. Since Tretiheal 0.05 Cream is a prescription use substance only get prior recommendations from the doctors before starting your dose abruptly.

Generally, doctors will recommend you apply the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream at least once a day. but for severe issues, doctors may also recommend applying the cream on two or three occasions within the same day.

What Is The Dose Of Tretiheal 0.05 Cream?

Generally, you have to apply the cream judiciously in small amounts. Remember that the total dose of Tretinoin is only 0.05mg. Although this may seem to be a negligible amount you can find sufficient results for curing mild or moderate acne issues.

But if your acne is too severe or has a fast-spreading tendency then the doctors may also recommend a higher dose such as Tretinoin 0.25mg or Tretinoin 0.1 mg dose of the ointment.

Avoid making any changes to your regular dose without consulting the doctor since it may cause side effects due to overdose or show off no significant changes with a lower dose.

How To Use The Tretiheal 0.05 Cream?

Since the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream is a sort of topical ointment or gel you need to apply the cream directly on the acne-affected regions. During the application of the cream squeeze out only a small amount of the cream and gently apply it to the affected regions.

Initial application of the cream may cause slight burning or pain sensations but eventually, these will go away within a few minutes.

But if such issues become too critical you may need to consult the doctors. usually, the doctors may change your dose lowering it even further.

How Long Does Tretiheal 0.05 Cream Take To Cure Acne And Pimples?

Generally, the use of Tretiheal 0.05 Cream is only recommended for the short term but complete cure for acne and pimple issues. In most cases depending on the suitability of the dose your acne issues may be cured within a few days or weeks.

How Does Generic Tretinoin Work?

Generic Tretinoin which is present in the cream is a form of derivative of Vitamin A. This substance on absorption within the skin will reduce the oil secretion through the skin pores that may be responsible for causing acne.

Safety Precautions To Ensure During Application Of Tretiheal 0.05 Cream

You must oblige to some of the safety recommendations while being on a course of the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream. During the application sanitizing your hands and drying them is a must. After all, you don’t want further infections in the acne-affected areas due to any bacteria or dirt being present on your fingers.

Similarly, after administering the cream is done, immediately wash your hands with clean water before you put it in your mouth, nose, or eyes. Doing so can cause severe pain and burning along with other complications.

Before applying the cream it is a must that you remove any makeup that may have contraindications with generic Tretinoin. Do not miss out on your regular dosage schedule to apply the cream as otherwise, it may take much longer than anticipated to cure acne and pimples.

Side Effects

Usually, side effects of the Tretiheal 0.05 Cream do not appear as such, or even if they appear only mild side effects are possible.

Most of the side effects will cause burning, itching, pain, swelling, inflammation, peeling of the skin, or darkening skin tone due to overdose.


Avoid using the cream if your skin is too sensitive to the application of any new ointments or gels. Ask for prior confirmation from the doctors on this.


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