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Tofajak Tablet

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What is Tofajak? Tofajak Tablet is a type of medicine that can help you to heal from various issues of pain. the most likely reason why the doctors recommend you to use Tofajak pills is for curing issues of various arthritis pain issues. The types of arthritis pain that are curable using the Tofajak pills …

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Tofajak Tablet

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What is Tofajak?

Tofajak Tablet is a type of medicine that can help you to heal from various issues of pain. the most likely reason why the doctors recommend you to use Tofajak pills is for curing issues of various arthritis pain issues.

The types of arthritis pain that are curable using the Tofajak pills include rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and spondylitis. Along with this, the medicine could be prescribed for healing the conditions of ulcerative colitis.

It is a doctor-recommended medicine with the content of Tofacitinib. The doctor may recommend the use of the Tofajak pills alone or in a specific dose in combination with other pills for curing such pain issues.

When the actions of the Tofajak pills are in full swing the patient can ultimately recover from the issues of severe and acute pain resulting from any of these conditions.

Remember that some safety guidelines are only good for your health to follow during a regular intake of such medicines. If you do not follow any of these conditions you may likely end up suffering from the side effects.

Knowing About The Uses Of Tofajak Tablet

The use for Tofajak pills is mostly used for curing issues of various pain resulting from arthritis. It is mostly prescribed to deal with the acute pain issues of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and ulcerative colitis.

For using the Tofajak pills different dosages could be recommended for curing such conditions. But once prescribed please try to follow the routine as suggested by the doctors regarding the amount of dose you need to take and also the likely tenure for using the Tofajak Tablet which may cause withdrawal symptoms and occurrences of various side effects for the patient.

Understanding The Dosage Of Tofajak Tablet

Tofajak pills are recommended in various doses depending on the type of the condition, and the severity. When you are dealing with any of the above-mentioned conditions you will need to speak with the doctors about its severity and undergo complete diagnosis.

This will help understand the doctors with the most suitable dose. Further on to prevent any health complications arising out of side effects of the Tofajak pills doctors may ask you about your current age, health, and the prevalence of any other disorders.

Know How To Take Your Tofajak Pills

For taking in your Tofajak pills follow the method of swallowing the entire medicine. You must have taken swallowing-type medicines before where you have to swallow the entire medicine in one go flushing it down your throat with lots of water. Exactly follow the same guidelines for taking the Tofajak pills. Remember that use of the Tofajak is not recommended to use substances such as alcoholic beverages as this could end up causing side effects in the patient.

Missed Dose

Avoid missing out on your Tofajak Tablet. The effects of Tofacitinib, the generic element of the medicine will only take place gradually. So if you regularly miss doses every few days it may not have the same potency in terms of curing and getting rid of your pain.


Exceeding the amount of Tofajak dosage as suggested by the doctors or exceeding more than one medicine for a daily dose is when you end up suffering from the side effects of the medicine.

Precautions With Tofajak

The patient has to take utmost care in having the pills regularly at the same time each day. As we have mentioned above taking the pills in excess could end up causing side effect issues for the patient.

It is also best to get rid of any addiction tendencies before using a regular course.


Here are some cases of possible interactions that may likely increase your chances of having side effects.

Medicinal interactions

Medicines like other pain relievers, pills used to cure muscular pain or those that are used as narcotic medicines are mostly unsafe. If you are using any such type of pill it is better to get it reviewed by the doctors only to avoid possible medicinal contraindications.

Disease interactions

There are various diseases such as neurological disorders like shingles or seizures, heart, liver, and kidney disorders, or even gut infections where it is not safe for the patient to use Tofajak pills.

Side effects

Headache, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, infections in the respiratory tract, muscle stiffness, laziness and fatigue are some of the side effect symptoms.


For using the Tofajak Tablet doctors will mention some critical conditions or warning measures mostly during which you will have to void using the Tofajak Tablets. here we have mentioned some of those cases.


During pregnancy, it is generally not safe to use Tofajak Tablet. But in certain conditions when there is no alternative doctors may recommend using the drug for pregnant mothers but with added precautions by reducing the tenure.


The use of Tofajak pills for breastfeeding mothers is also not recommended as the generic component could pass to your newborn through your breastmilk causing severe health issues for your newborn.

Long-term use

It is never recommended to go beyond the normal term for using the Tofajak pills. You are only safe to use the pills till the tenure which the doctors feel right.

Where To Buy Tofajak Online?

Check out the availability of the Tofajak pills online on any website, Since Cipla Ltd. is one of the largest drug manufacturers in India you can easily look for the medicine in any reputed online pharmacy. When you are about to buy and make your order check for the genuinity of the online seller.

Also, ensure to compare the prices of Tofajak Tablet on other portals to avoid buying at high prices.


Who Is The Manufacturer Of Tofajak Pills?

Cipla Ltd an Indian drug manufacturing firm owns the brand name Tofajak.

Can I Use Tofajak Pills After Meals?

Yes, there are no issues with having the medicine once you have meals.

Do I Have To Use Tofajak Pills Daily?

Yes, since the pill only takes gradual effects for curing arthritis pain it is recommended for daily pill use.

Which Is The Most Recommended Dose Of Tofajak?

Although there are many doses doctors recommend using the Tofajak 5mg pills for curing mild or severe issues.