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Keppra 500 Mg

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What Is Keppra 500mg? Keppra 500mg is a medicine that can likely reduce the amount of neural pain that a patient is suffering from during the occurrences of a seizure attack. This medicine acts as a pain reliever for neural pain which is pain occurring in the nerves when you are suffering from an epilepsy …

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Keppra 500 Mg

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What Is Keppra 500mg?

Keppra 500mg is a medicine that can likely reduce the amount of neural pain that a patient is suffering from during the occurrences of a seizure attack. This medicine acts as a pain reliever for neural pain which is pain occurring in the nerves when you are suffering from an epilepsy or seizure attack.

You will need to use the Keppra 500mg in consultation with the doctors who will recommend a suitable dose and tenure for using the pills. It is the content of Levetiracetam inside the medicines that enables the neural activity in your brain cells to reduce inducing a reduction from neural pain until the effects of the medicine last.

Knowing About The Uses Of Keppra 500mg

As we have told you above if you are a patient suffering from neural pain due to seizure or epilepsy attacks it would be recommended under this condition only. But remember that when using the Keppra 500mg pills will need to be careful and use the pills with caution following certain precautional guidelines and recommendations from the doctors.

This medicine may only be recommended as a short-term strategy for getting rid of neural pain. Only until you are under the tenure of using the Keppra 500mg pills is it possible to reduce the effects of pain.

Each medicine has a certain time length of action during which you can avoid the pain resulting from epilepsy or fits. It is thus recommended to only take the pills when the symptoms of an actual seizure attack have just begun.

Understanding The Dosage Of Keppra 500mg

Each dose of the Keppra 500mg pills contains an equivalent amount, 500mg of the generic substance Levetricetam in it.  Often as this is a form of pain reliever medicine doctors will specify a certain tenure for using the pills and you must not exceed it as again you may end up with side effects.

Know How To Take Your Keppra 500mg Pills

To take your Keppra 500mg pills we recommend swallowing the entire pill in a single shot with water. The use of water can help flush down the pills easily through your throat without getting it obstructed.

The best time for having the pills is only when you are just starting to feel the effects of an epilepsy attack underway.

Missed dose

It is critical for the patient to not miss out on even a single dose of Keppra 500mg. otherwise, without the effects of Levetiracetam, you can’t recover from the issues of severe neural pain.


Do not overdose on the Keppra 500mg pills by taking more than one medicine or even increasing the dose without the consultation of the doctors. Doing this often ends up with the patient suffering from the side effects of the medicine.

Precautions With Keppra 500mg

Any patient’s first objective is to clearly define the amount of daily dose only as per the recommendations in the prescription. Always ensure to keep sufficient time gas of more than a day in between successive doses. if you are having more than one occurrence of a seizure attack you may need to consult with the doctors on increasing the amount of dose.


It is due to interactions that you end up with more chances of having side effects. You must understand the possible interacting substances or even disease conditions that put you at a higher risk of experiencing side effects.

Medicinal Interactions

A few medicines may have the possibility of causing contraindications with the use of Keppra 500mg. do not forget to inform the doctor if you are using pills that cure sleep disorders, psychological issues such as depression or anxiety, or any other form of pain relievers that contain opioids or narcotic substances. 

Disease Interactions

Most likely those patients who are suffering from pre-existing disorders of the heart, liver, and brain conditions are the ones who will be prone to having more side effects and severe ones.

Side Effects

Among the most notable side effects of the Keppra 500mg pills include having-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vision blurring
  • Hallucinations
  • Numbness in the palms
  • Flushing
  • Dry mouth
  • Rise in body temperature


Here are some of the cases in which you need to be warned about using the Keppra 500mg.


Use of Keppra 500mg during the last few months of pregnancy may not be suitable for the health of the mother or even the newborn child.


For those mothers who are currently breastfeeding their infants, it is not entirely safe to use Keppra 500mg or use the pills for a very long time.

Long-Term Use

Beware of using the Keppra 500mg pills for the long term as it may cause side effects and withdrawal symptoms if you leave using the medicine all of a sudden.

Where To Buy Keppra 500mg Online?

You can check out any local medicine shop near your residence and see if they have availability of the pills. If you prefer buying medicines online choose any reputed online generic pharmacy to buy Keppra 500mg pills at low costs and discounts.


How Long Is It Safe To Use Keppra 500mg?

Usually, it is only for a temporary time of a few weeks of continuous use, that the Keppra 500mg pills are safe for taking in.

Can I Continue The Use Of Keppra 500mg Pills With Just The Mild Side Effects?

Side effects may be occurring only due to adjustment with the pills but we recommend that you consult with the doctor for any side effects.

What Are The Age Limitations On Using Keppra 500mg?

You have to be a minimum of 18 years or less than 64 to use the Keppra 500mg pills.

Is It Safe For Those Men Who Drink Alcohol More Often To Use Keppra 500mg?

Generally for substance use and addictive men, the use of Keppra 500mg can be highly severe for their health until they can recover from the addictions.

Is It A Good Idea To Go For Driving After Taking Keppra 500mg?

No, as there are chances of having a headache, dizziness, and nausea, it is better to avoid driving at least for the first few hours of the medicine acting.