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Fliban 100 Mg

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What is Fliban 100mg? Fliban 100mg is an antipsychotic medicine that helps cure schizophrenia. It is a type of psychological disorder that can cause a patient to become lost in fantasies or have hallucinations. It is a type of disorder that may affect your capabilities to think and act. It results in a type of …

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Fliban 100 Mg

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What is Fliban 100mg?

Fliban 100mg is an antipsychotic medicine that helps cure schizophrenia. It is a type of psychological disorder that can cause a patient to become lost in fantasies or have hallucinations. It is a type of disorder that may affect your capabilities to think and act. It results in a type of crazy behavior in the patients and due to this, they have problems in leading a normal life.

About Fliban 100mg

Fliban 100mg is an antipsychotic medicine that is quite helpful in curbing problems like schizophrenia. It is a medicine that can help you to cure the problem.

The medicine contains a generic substance that is known as Fliban 100mg. This medicine can prove to be a good option for those who are suffering from excessive hallucinations and fantasies which are quite common when suffering from schizophrenia.

Manufacturer of Fliban 100mg

Fliban 100mg is a medicine that is a brand patent of the company Centurion Laboratories. With generic Flibanserin in it, it can help you to recover from the problems of the mental disorder.

The Company is into Manufacture Various Types Of Pills. It has already manufactured some of the highly demanding pills in the market that belongs to the category of general prescription pills, and generic pills.

Strength and Dosage of Fliban 100mg

Fliban 100mg is a dose that As You Can See contains 100mg of generic component Flibanserin inside of it. This dose is ideal for someone who is suffering from mild to moderate levels of schizophrenia.

When you visit the doctors to check out on confirming the dose they are Going to Check out a few details such as your age, type of existing disorders, and even your capabilities to sustain the strength of the pills.


If you wish to avail these pills then you can buy them both online and offline as well. If you wish to go for the online mode then you have several choices to make. In the online mode, you will find the presence of several portals that are selling the drug. You can compare the deals that any website is providing and then find out the best deals and then come to a buying decision.

Or else you may choose to go the traditional way of buying the pills which is to visit local medicine shops in your area.

Use of Fliban 100mg

Fliban 100mg is used in curing Schizophrenia. It can prove to show you good results when using the medicine. Remember that before using the medicine you must conform with the views of a doctor since you don’t want to suffer from the side effects of the medicine.

Remember that doctors will guide you to a dose that you can suit which can be other apart from the Fliban 100mg.

How to take Fliban 100mg?

Fliban 100mg is a medicine that is an oral medicine and does not have any special mode for administering the drugs. If you wish to use this medicine then you can simply take down a pill with water just swallow it whole.

Do not use alcohol for intake and even during the activation time for the pills. This may cause side effects such as headaches, and dizziness to worsen.

How does Fliban 100mg work?

Fliban 100mg will work by acting on some of the serotonergic neurons in the brain. It has indirect effects on the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine. It helps reduce the levels of serotonin levels in your brain and thus it helps you to ease off the symptoms.


As you can see from the dose name itself that the Flibaqn 100mg medicines will contain 100mg of Flibanserin in it. This is the dose that can help you to get over a mild to moderate level of Schizophrenia.  This dose is ideal for you to take only if the doctors recommend you to.

How long Fliban 100mg shall be continued

The use of Fliban 100mg is recommendable only up to duration as the doctors feel it is right for you. Do not use the medicines beyond the safe course term as recommended by the doctors.

Missed a dose of Fliban 100mg

The pills of Fliban 100mg will only work till a time when the dose effects are consistent. This means that you must take the pills consistently without missing out on doses. One more reason is that the dose may itself take a long time to work and thus discontinuing doses can further break the consistent actions.


There are various other types of neural disorders and associated medicines, some medicines for curing heart disorders that may contradict.

When not to take Fliban 100mg

Do not take of the doctors recommend you to as your current physical disorders or even your allergic tendencies to Flibanserin might complicate things.

Side Effects

Cerebral pain



Hazy vision


High cholesterol

High glucose

Overdose Effects of Fliban 100mg

Overdose of Flibaqn 100mg as given above gives rise to a few side effects. do not take a sudden high dose as this is the case when overdose cases are observed.

Precaution & Warning

To avoid side effects and to ensure getting the maximum efficacy out of using the pills the patients have to be adhering to some of the precautions.

Here we mention some of the precautions that you need to maintain-


Alcohol is a type of agent that is best to avoid when you are under a dose of Fliban 100. It may only work negatively affecting you in two ways. One is by reducing the efficacy of the pills and the second is by allowing side effects to crop up.

Pregnant or breastfeeding

Those patients who are currently pregnant or are breastfeeding must inform about such occurrences. Maybe the doctors will not prescribe you to use the pills or maybe they will prescribe only after a dose restructuring.

Kidney and liver disorders

Kidney and liver disorders can force you to avoid using pills of Fliban 100mg. These are some of the disorders that may increase your problems and thus it is always bette4r to avoid which your doctors will mention you too.


Driving under the effects of Fliban 100 and some of its side effects such as headache or dizziness may increase the chances of accidents.


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