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Filitra Professional

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Filitra Professional (Vardenafil) is another mainstream drug for reinforcing and reestablishing an erection. A cutting edge option in contrast to Viagra with at least results.

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Filitra Professional

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Filitra Professional is a medicine that aims to rescue men from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It is a tablet that can be availed from regular medicine stores or online websites.
Men that complain of low erection must take Filitra Professional, but only when the doctor says.

Not following the rules of prescription could lead to serious damage. Fight ED and enjoy a happy sex life with Filitra Professional.

What is Filitra Professional?

It is a PDE5 inhibitor, a class of medicines for ED Pills. Mind you this is a water-soluble tablet, so ensure you are not using other drinks to swallow.

You will enjoy the best results from the medicine only if you accurately follow the prescription. This is why it is described as prescription medicine.


Fortune Healthcare holds the responsibility to make Filitra Professional tablets. It manufactures, packages, and also distributes to wholesalers across India and overseas.

Fortune Healthcare is in the business of medicine-making for more than 2 decades. Thus, resulting in brand loyalty and trust among doctors and patients.


The main item in Filitra Professional’s composition is Vardenafil. Other ingredients include preservatives or catalysts.

Working with Filitra Professional

Curing ED is possible only if we increase blood flow in the penis. This gets done when the muscles of the penis are smoothened along with reduced blood pressure.

And Vardenafil is the one that makes it happen. It also restricts the functions of PDE5.

How to take Filitra Professional?

  • Swallow the tablets with a glass of regular water.
  • Dare not to chew, break or bite the tablets.
  • Swallow with water and not any other liquid.

Dosage of Filitra Professional

Dosage is one of the sensitive matters of a drug. Be 100 percent with dosage as in the prescription. Do not change the current dosage unless advised by the doctor.

Taking excess dosage leads to an overdose that requires the patient to be taken to the doctor immediately.

In case you miss the dose, skip the dose and continue with the next dose. Some people try to compensate for the missed dose by doubling the next dose. This practice must be avoided as it could lead to harmful side effects.

Benefits of Using Filitra Professional

The ultimate benefit of Filitra Professional is getting cured of Erectile Dysfunction. Men that earlier failed in satisfying their woman, are now able to fully satisfy their partner with a super hard penis.

The benefits of Filitra Professional will be optimum only if you are following the prescription well.

Avoid taking Filitra Professional

  • Avoid consumption of Filitra Professional if you are already taking another ed pill.
  • Do not take Filitra Professional if you are diagnosed allergic to Vardenafil.
  • Avoid Filitra Professional if you are either a kidney, liver, or heart patient.

Side Effects of Filitra Professional

The usual side effects include inflammation, headache, itching, red rashes, swelling, etc.

The rare side effects include intense breathing, burning sensation in the heart, unconsciousness, loss of sensation, etc.

Precautions Before taking Filitra Professional

  • Restrict smoking, drinking, or any addictive habit while you take the medication.
  • Tell the doctor information regarding sleep cycle, eating habits, previous ailments, allergies, or infections. Information about family disorders is also helpful.
  • End the use of any other ed pill before starting consumption of Filitra Professional.


  • With Nitrates containing medicines – Dangerous
  • With Sulphates containing medicines – Dangerous
  • With Tadalafil, Sildenafil, or any other ed medicine – Dangerous


  • The best place to store Filitra Professional tablets is any place with a temperature between25 and 45 degrees.
  • A dry place with no exposure to direct sunlight is required. The tablets should not fall under direct sunlight.
  • The tablets should also not be exposed to high humidity.

Filitra Professional reviews

Check the reviews of Filitra Professional from Powpills. It is one of the trusted medical to purchase and check every detail regarding medicines.

The reviews here are original that are published only after proper verification.


To say in the end, Filitra Professional can make your sex life boom again by helping you achieve a hard erection.

But this demands complete obedience to the prescription.


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