mens pelvic inflammatory disease

Men’s Pelvic Inflammatory Disease- The Truth About It

Published on: 08/05/2024
Last updated on: 08/05/2024
Written By Molly Wilson


Although pelvic inflammatory diseases are more common in females and affect their reproductive systems and organs even males can suffer from this disorder. pelvis the region between your groin and the genitals is referred to as the pelvic region.


Men can suffer from pelvic pain which is known as prostatitis. This type of pelvic pain may be caused by intestinal problems, other reproductive and sexual disorders in men such as ED or erectile dysfunction for which men need to use medicines like Cenforce 100, and urinary tract infections.

Without a doubt, if you are suffering from long-term pain in your pelvic region you must consult with the doctors. In this article, we shall explore this men’s pelvic inflammatory disease in further detail. We will find out the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for this disorder. So let’s begin…

☘ Causes Of Pelvic Pain In Males ☘

There can be some different reasons for having pelvic pain in males. We shall provide you the symptoms of such a disorder in the latter section but as of now let us explore more about the causes for which the disorder may begin in males.

➥ Infections In The Urinary Tract

Urinary tract infections can affect the bladder, kidneys, and the urethra. It may cause cystitis or bladder inflammation. It generally occurs due to infections and bacterial invasion in these parts of your urinary system.

Some of the symptoms that may occur due to urinary tract infections causing pelvic pain include high pressure around the pelvis, blood present in urine, difficulty in peeing, and pain while urinating.

➥ Cystitis

As we told you above, in this disorder, the bladder would be inflamed generally due to any kind of urinary tract infection. But this disorder may also occur due to other reasons such as adverse effects of certain medicines, chemicals present in products, radiation therapy, and so on.

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Some of the symptoms of pelvic pain occurring due to cystitis include pain or burning while urinating, frequent urge to pee, dark and smelly urine, and blood presence in urination. With such disorders, you may also face difficulty in having proper hard erections which may be cured using Vidalista 40mg pills.

➥ Prostatitis

The prostate glands produce and eject semen. In this disorder, the prostate glands in a male would be affected due to inflammation. Of course one of the reasons is suffering from any type of bacterial infection inside the prostate glands. Some of the symptoms include genital pain, pain surrounding the lower back region, pain in the scrotum and rectum, and so on.

➥ Sexually Transmitted Infections

These disorders such as AIDS or HIV transmit during sexual contact. Suffering from sexually transmitted disorders can cause pelvic pain to occur. Apart from pelvic pain other symptoms of this disorder include slight discharge from the penis at all times, painful urination, and pain in the testes.

➥ Lower Back Pain Causing Pain In The Pelvis

The men’s pelvic inflammatory disease may also occur for those who suffer from frequent back pain. Now if you are suffering from lower back pain issues then it could be due to excess labor involving the back, or even other disorders such as kidney stones, prostatitis, and CPPS issues. Since your pelvis is present in the lower back region it would soon get inflammation and thus the disorder begins to creep in.

☘ Diagnosis For Pelvic Inflammatory Disease In Males ☘

Generally, the doctors will recommend different diagnostic tests that help reveal the extent of the disorder and properly analyze it.

Doctors will undertake a physical verification externally, and then recommend blood tests, urine tests, and imaging tests such as CT scans, MRI, and ultrasound tests.

☘ Treatment For Men’s Pelvic Inflammatory Disorders ☘

While you visit the doctors they may recommend you some basic home remedies or else advanced treatment options under the supervision of an experienced doctor. let us find out about these remedies-

➥ Use Of Heat Pads

A heating pad will provide instant relief from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. use of heat pads can generally provide a cure for inflammation. The heat provides a sense of relaxation in the region and helps soothe the pain and inflammation.

➥ Use Of Medicines Or Painkillers

Generally, the doctors will not recommend you to use painkillers for curing men’s pelvic inflammatory disease unless the pain issues are too severe. But of course, using painkillers is more of a temporary remedy to heal pain get some immediate relief, and carry out your normal and daily activities. It does not provide any permanent cure other than helping in pain relief strategy.

➥ Use Of Medicines

Of course, a major issue of suffering from pelvic pain in males is suffering from urinary tract and prostate infections that occur due to malicious bacteria. Hence if you consult with the doctors they may suitably recommend you to use antibacterial medicines that kill this bacteria and thus help you to cure the infection.

And eventually, when the infection is gone you will gradually feel relief from the pain as well. Remember to consult with the doctors before abruptly taking any antibacterial medicine.

☘ Surgical Options For Curing Pelvic Pain In Men ☘

At times the doctors may recommend you to undergo surgery especially if the pain issues are severe. Now this may be recommended for curing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease pain especially when the issue is occurring due to kidney stones, hernia, appendicitis, PVPS, and other issues.

Remember that undergoing surgery is a critical process and the doctors will only recommend it even when the use of medicines and other homely remedies would not work.

Final Say

So, as you can see men’s Pelvic Inflammatory Disease may occur due to various reasons such as kidney stones, appendicitis, urinary tract infections, and disorders involving the prostate glands. We have also recommended some home remedies such as the use of painkillers and heating pads to temporarily bring some relief.

But in the long run, if these remedies won’t work you may have to consider talking to the doctors and using prescription medicines or undergoing surgeries.