Melasma And Triluma Cream

Melasma And Triluma Cream- How To Get Rid Of It?

Published on: 23/05/2024
Last updated on: 23/05/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

➥ Melasma And Triluma Cream is a peculiar skin disorder. It is often categorized as the formation of dark patches on the skin that mostly happens on the face. Most doctors feel that this type of skin condition occurs due to the excess secretion of the melatonin hormone in your body.

➥ Since the melatonin hormone would be concentrated in some regions, it would form dark patches on these regions of the skin, giving a different tone and color of the skin.

➥ In this article, we will find out how the effective use of Triluma can cure this condition and permanently get rid of melasma disorder.

“Doctors Generally Recommend The Use Of

Triluma Cream For Curing This Condition”

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So let’s begin…

Triluma Cream Basic Information

Triluma is a form of topical ointment that is only available with a doctor’s prescription. you cannot buy this medicine over the counter unless you consult with the doctors.

The most possible use why someone is using Triluma is because they have this uneven tone and the presence of dark patches on the skin mostly on the face. With the use of the Triluma, the skin condition of melasma can be cured permanently.

Drug Facts

Common Brands Tri-Luma
Drug Class


Corticosteroid / Melanin Synthesis Inhibitor / Retinoic Acid Derivative
Controlled Substance Classification Not A Controlled Medication
Generic Status No Lower-Cost Generic Available
Availability Prescription Only


It helps reduce the skin tone and the dark patchy surfaces that appear on the face as a result of excess melatonin secretion.

Generally, it is advised to consult with the doctors for using the Triluma to get to know about the suitable dose, possibilities of any side effects, and interactions with any other topical creams, lotions, or gels that you may be using.

Gradual use of the cream can help reduce the darkening of the skin patches and provide an even tone for your skin. The time to get a cure may differ based on the severity of the melasma disorder.

Dose For Triluma Cream

To effectively get rid of the melasma skin condition a patient has to confirm with the doctors for knowing the appropriate dose of the Triluma cream.

Doctors will externally verify the severity of the melasma disorder and may conduct some other diagnostic tests to know about the severity of the skin condition.

Based on this the doctors can chart out a suitable dose for the patient that helps in reducing the dark skin patches and providing an even tone or skin color.

If the condition of melasma is mild only then the doctors may recommend the use of the cream once daily. Or else if it is severe the doctors may recommend two or three times use of the cream daily at fixed time intervals.

The doctors mostly prefer that for a single time application no more than a small pea-sized amount of the cream is being used.

Dosage Form: Cream

Remember that the doctors will also suitably recommend a tenure for using the cream. If your skin condition is not cured within this time then the doctors may as well extend the tenure for use. but you have to keep continually applying the dose of Triluma cream on the affected regions.

If you miss applying the cream too frequently it does not help in providing the maximum benefits. The use of the cream is only possible to cause gradual effects and hence you must not miss applying the dose far too often.

On the other hand, if you keep using an excess amount of the cream some side effects may as well occur. We will find out about the adverse effects of the Triluma cream in the later sections.

When To Apply The Triluma Cream To Get Rid Of Melasma?

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Generally, you can apply the cream at any time of the day whether it is day or night.

But on some occasions, patients have complained that exposure to the sun after application of the cram has caused sunburn, skin irritation, and even skin darkening.

If you are facing such issues too then you may consult with the doctors.

Most often a reduction in the amount of dose would solve the issues or else you may need to prevent direct sunlight contact after applying the cream.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Triluma Cream?

Most often there have been no or minimal side effects of the Triluma cream for curing melasma, But in some cases where the patients have applied the cream in excess side effects such as rashes, swelling, inflammation redness, skin itching, irritation, and skin darkening issues of occurred.

Other than this the side effects may turn severe for those who are not suitable to use the Triluma cream. Especially those who have sensitive skin must refrain from using the cream.

What Precaution Measures Must Be Ensured With The Use Of The Triluma Cream?

📢 Before applying the Triluma cream on your face you must wash your face and even your hands to prevent any form of contamination.

📢 It is possible that if you have some makeup cosmetic items or mascara on your face application of the Triluma cream can cause skin burn, irritation, and itching problems.

📢 Once applied you must let the cream sit on your face and let it get absorbed deep in your skin pores. Remember not to wipe off the cream or wash your face unless at least 4 or 5 hours are gone.

📢 Remember to confirm with the doctors whether you are using any other forms of creams or medicinal lotions for curing any form of allergies, infections, or rashes on the face. There may be a risk of medicinal contraindications with these gels.

Where To Buy Triluma Cream?

Triluma cream is one of the most effective remedies for curing melasma skin problems and because of its wide popularity, it is available for sale both on online and offline platforms.

In the online mode, you can purchase the cream from any online generic pharmacy. Or else you may contact the local pharmacy shops in your locality too.

Final Say

So, as you can see in this article we have detailed how to use the Triluma cream for getting rid of uneven colored tones or patches on your face which is common during melasma.