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Main 6 reasons behind for Erectile Dysfunction in men

Published on: 28/05/2021
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By John Mark

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is one of the kind disorders where the after-effects of the disorder are also equally harmful.

Doctors across the globe have a common perception about ED that it should not be considered as a disease like typhoid, malaria, etc. Instead, ED may be the symptom of some more destructive diseases that are yet to come.

Just like fever which is itself not a disease but rather an indication for the arrival of some hazardous ailment. When some is suffering from ED, it is a clear indication that he may be a victim of another disease which he may not know till now.

This is the reason before prescribing Fildena 100, Vidalista, Cenforce from PowPills doctors asks for several test reports. This is done to know whether there is some disease that is present beneath ED.

Causes that lead to ED


Smoking alone is the reason for more than a million deaths across the world due to asthma and cancer. But still, the number of smokers is increasing as more young people are getting addicted to it.

The organs are deprived of oxygen and blood which makes them work with lesser efficiency. Hence, when someone receives sexual stimulation sufficient amount of blood does not reach the penis, resulting in an inadequate erection.

Excessive consumption of alcohol

With alcohol, the problem is only when the limits are exceeded. Otherwise drinking alcohol in small quantities can help in getting rid of stress and tensions.

But when consumed in an excess amount it damages the nervous system at first. The brain loses its control over the organs. Necessary secretion of enzymes, blood circulation is hampered.

In such situations, despite the sexual stimulation all the major paths of blood are blocked leading to non-erection.

This is the reason that most smokers and drunkards are users of ED pills such as Fildena, Cenforce, Vidalista from PowPills.

Diabetes mellitus

Due to low levels of insulin, the glucose is not transferred to cells from the blood. This results in sugar levels rising to such an extent that even the urine becomes sugary.

This condition is called diabetes or diabetes mellitus. This cannot be treated with 100 accuracies and it can only be controlled by keeping a check on the sugar levels.

Due to high sugar levels in the blood, the blood cannot reach the penis in ample quantity as the blood is no more only blood but a mixture of sugar and blood.

Consumption of fast food

Junk foods are one of the reasons why one needs to take Fildena, Cenforce, Vidalista from PowPills.

Fast foods are foods that contain high percentages of bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol is needed by the body as fats. But bad cholesterol blocks the mouth of arteries which supply blood to organs.

This results in the organs getting deprived of blood, to overcome this the heart has to pump faster which increases the blood pressure and results in hypertension.

Hence, due to less blood in organs including the penis, erection is not possible. This condition is also called obesity when the cholesterol is high than normal levels. Usually, obesity patients are also patients of diabetes and ED at the same time.


If someone is mentally disturbed it is less likely that he would look for sexual pressure. The reason is a simple logic for getting the sexual drive one needs to be free of stress and anxiety or else you would not get stimulated.

Similarly, if someone is depressed, feels irritated while talking with strangers, and likes to remain alone. Such a person does not even think of having sexual intercourse. This is the reason doctors before treating ED test the person of depression.


Another reason which leads to Erectile Dysfunction or ED is the unfortunate injuries around the penile region.

As we all know that the blood flowing in the penis is what decides the erection of the penis. So, if the area around the penis gets severely injured and if the blood vessels are harmed. This can seriously affect the blood flow through it.

If the damage is not severe it can treat with medicine and surgery but in extreme cases, the person becomes a permanent ED patient.

ED makes us vulnerable to getting contracted with

  • An ED patient is most vulnerable to psychological ailments such as depression. In our society, an ED patient is mostly laughed at and made jokes. Such treatment lowers the confidence and self-respect of the patient making him feel worthless.
  • This makes them mentally disturbed, which leads to depression after a point.
  • To prevent such pessimistic thoughts, meditate and perform yoga for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Treat ED as any other disease and not something which has lowered your masculinity. Such thoughts are the main reason that makes their life a living hell.