Listed Below Are The Most Recent Treatments For ED

Listed Below Are The Most Recent Treatments For ED

Published on: 10/04/2023
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By james Martin

ED is no longer a rare disorder these days. Normally males from all age groups have this penis disorder. Scientists have effective treatments to get rid of ED these days too especially with the use of medicines such as Vidalista.

But do you know that there are more recently developed treatments to cure Erectile Dysfunction more efficiently? Well, in this article we are here to find out and explore these new treatments.

So let’s get to know more about them.

Use Of Creams

Do you know that the leading pharmaceutical companies have developed creams that can potentially help cure ED? Well, if the FDA and the other drug administration bodies clear these creams or topical gels for a mass cure then it is going to get quite beneficial for patients.

Just to give you an example, you don’t have to take any of your medicines such as Vidalista 80 . Scientists have developed such creams that can potentially allow you to get hard easily with just their application on the penis region. Most of these creams contain the substance Alprostadil in them.

They can perform faster in producing effects as you don’t have to wait for an hour or so to have hard erections. The application of the cream allows it to get absorbed and directly start producing a hard erection.

Also, people taking other medicines such as alpha-blockers, Mao inhibitors, and those that have nitrate compounds in them will no longer have to worry about medicinal contraindications.

PRP Therapy

PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy is all about injecting a sort of plasma into the penis tissues to repair the existing blood vessels and arteries and help the development of more capillary networks.

The US FDA has not yet approved the PRP therapy but according to news from the medical research institutes it is in the ongoing phase of safety administration and testing. Once this stage is approved the next stage will involve trials where this PRP matter will be injected within ED patients and corresponding consequences will be measured.

There is a lot more research left as to what shall be the dosage during trials and what could be the potential side effects to keep aware of.

This PRP therapy once approved and tested should finally be able to recover patients from ED completely which is currently not possible with the use of medicines such as the Vidalista 20 Mg.

Vacuum Devices

Vacuum devices such as penile pumps are already existing in use. those people who want a newer form of ED treatment apart from the use of pills can try out using such devices. These devices by the way are known as penile pumps.

Such penile pumps and even other newer forms of devices such as penile implants allow you to inflate an inserted tube in the penis to achieve an erection.

Currently, such treatment is very limited in use and is not accessible to all patients primarily due to their high cost. The aim of researchers right now is to make these treatments more affordable for the masses. Another thing that scientists are still trying to figure out an answer for is effectively managing and negating the side effects such as allergies, and infections which is high these days.

Stem Cell Therapy

This is a highly advanced form of cell therapy cure for ED that can also permanently cure ED. After many years of research, scientists have found out that one particular problem that many ED patients face is the damaged epithelial cell lining in the damaged walls of Blood Vessels and capillaries. Due to this damaged cell lining the blood flow through such blood vessels drops severely and that is the actual reason why patients are not able to have or sustain an erection for a long.

But with stem cell therapy, scientists may be just on the verge to get effective answers to such issues. You see with stem cell therapy scientists are looking to directly inject stem cells in the patient’s penis where they will grow into healthy epithelial cells. And in this way, the blood-flowing issue will be resolved to put an end to ED once and for all.

But the current challenge scientists face is to find an effective and more affordable mass-scalable way to manufacture stem cells in laboratories.

Shockwave Therapy

Another highly advanced mode of treatment that is still in the development phase is shockwave therapy. Here low-intensity shockwaves s given to patients with ED which according to their research can potentially help people in achieving a better erection. scientists think that once the therapy and its administration are properly defined it will be able to cure mild to moderate severities of ED in patients. This way you don’t have to take ED pills like Vidalista 60 for weeks and months.

Penile Transplants

You may have heard about kidney transplants until now, but have you ever heard about penis transplants? And guess what we have more news for you which will probably surprise you even further. The first case of a successful penis transplant has already been successfully executed in 2018 at John Hopkins Hospital. Here the entire penis is transplanted. This way of highly advanced surgery can not only cure ED but other penile issues as well such as urinary continence and premature ejaculation.

Use Of Vascular Stents

These days many of us may have heard about stents being inserted in heart of many patients suffering from coronary diseases. Scientists have encouraged themselves to find out a similar way of developing new penile stents that can be inserted into the penis to ensure proper hard erection for impotent patients. This form of therapy is mostly in the ideation stage with huge research, development, and testing still left.


Till now, we have discussed many potential treatments that may be used on a large scale in the future. Some treatments and remedial ways are already in restricted use such as the use of penile pumps, penis transplants, and so on. But until such treatments become accessible on a mass scale basis you have to resort to the current form of ED treatments which is to use ED pills like Vidalista 40.