Jelqing - What Is It?

Jelqing – What Is It? Can It Make My Penis Bigger?

Published on: 15/06/2024
Last updated on: 15/06/2024
Written By james Martin

Your spouse is not satisfied after you make love with her. The reason is Jelqing that the size of your sex organ hinders your partner’s sexual satisfaction. When you indulge in making love, it is necessary that both of you should be sexually satisfied.

What restricts you from making your loved one happy sexually Life?

It is the size of your genital organ which hampers your sexual performance. Because your sex organ is not large, you cannot make your female partner sexually satisfied.

Your penis size can keep you away from your female partner and it can affect your level of confidence. Having Sildenafil can make your sexual activity exciting. 

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A large number of men are reported to go through penile enlargement issues. Many men who are not happy with the size of their sex organs lose confidence in making love.

If you think the penis size does not matter, you are not thinking right. When getting involved in a sexual activity, the size of the sex organ plays an important role.

There are various ways of making your penis bigger. Some men who are not happy sexually because of the small size of their penis opt for surgical treatment to enlarge the penis size.

If you do not want to go for penile surgery, you can go for jelqing which can enlarge your penis size. Tadalafil can make your sex organ firmer.

❇ Delve Into Jelqing ❇

Numerous men are not happy with the length of their sex organs. To increase the girth of the genital organ, some men feel comfortable with jelqing. You must be thinking about what jelqing is. Before giving it a shot, you must have a detailed knowledge of jelqing.

Delve Into Jelqing

The practice of jelqing has helped many males gain a sex organ of a bigger size. Health experts prove that jelqing can be the best method of increasing your penis size on a long-term basis.

Once you adopt the technique of jelqing, you will not complain about the size of your genital organ ever again.

It has also been noticed that doing it in the wrong way can pose a threat to the sex organ. One of the effective penile enlargement techniques is jelqing which men should incorporate only from a professional. Pills of Sildenafil Citrates can give you the satisfaction of sex. 

❇ What Do You Need To Do In Jelqing? ❇

  1. Jelqing is a technique in which the sex organ of a male is stretched. The length and girth of your sex organ will increase automatically when you implement jelqing.
  2. The stretching exercise needs to be done with your hand.
  3. You can also make use of a specialized device for stretching your sex organs.
  4. When you use your hand to stretch the genital organ, the massage makes the tissues enlarge.
  5. Micro tears appear on the tissues of the penile region which makes your penis appear to be bigger.
  6. Fildena 150 tablets are another alternative to enhance your sexual stamina.
  7. You need to keep doing the massage constantly so that your penis grows in size.
  8. Your medical provider may not suggest you go for Jelqing, as this technique is not included in the medical treatment.
  9. Jelqing has gained immense popularity over the internet and google for the last few years.
  10. The jelqing technique comprises stretching your sex organ with the help of massages.
  11. Constantly massaging your penis with your hands is the best way of stretching your genital organ which in turn the size of the sex organ will expand.
  12. By using your fingers, you will have to massage the penis when your sex organ is in a semi-state of erection.
  13. Vidalista 60 mg tablets can provide quick recovery from erection hassles.

❇ Is The Technique Of Jelqing Successful? ❇

When it comes to talking about jelqing, it is an exercise that includes stretching. This new method of stretching exercise has proved to be effective in making a sex organ of a man big in size. Implementing may improve your sexual performance.

As this technique is based on manual massages, increasing the length of the sex organ is possible to an extent.

Men who are not happy with their penis size can try out jelqing. The technique will work only when you do the technique correctly. It is advised to talk to a healthcare professional before you start implementing the process of jelqing.

Apart from this advanced technique, swallowing medicines of impotence from Powpills can bring a positive difference to your erectile region.

❇ How Is The Jelqing Technique Done? ❇

Follow the right method of Jelqing so that it increases the girth of the genital organ naturally. It is better to take a warm shower and make use of compression to warm your genital organs. A warm compress will raise the circulation of blood in the penile area which can make the cock in a semi-erect state.

To prevent friction, it is advised to apply a lubricant. As you will have to massage your cock, making use of a lubricant will not make the skin inflamed. By using your index finger and thumb, you need to draw an OK sign on the surface part of your cock.

Now, wrap your index finger and thumb around your dick and start applying light pressure over the penis in a slow motion.

Keep applying this pressure till you go to the end of your sex organ and then apply the same pressure till you come back to the tip of the genital organ.

You need to do the massage many times and repeatedly. Keep in mind not to opt when your sex organ is in an erect position.

If you feel pain in your penis while doing, stop it at once.

Final Words

Without having a word with your medical practitioner, it is advised not to jelq. Although can give you the desired bigger size cock, you need to follow the instructions carefully while doing it.