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How Do You Know If You Have Kidney Disease?

Published on: 30/06/2023
Last updated on: 26/06/2024
Written By james Martin

Kidney disease in men is escalating with each passing year. A large number of men from all over the world suffer from kidney disease. Unfortunately, half of the men are not aware of the fact that they are suffering from kidney issues. Men who know about kidney disease do not pay heed to the signs. It is necessary to pay attention to the signs of kidney disease to get an early diagnosis.

When you suffer from kidney ailments, your body develops physical signs. At times, men with kidney issues associate it with other health issues. Some men do not experience symptoms at the early stage. Other men with kidney disease who notice signs tend to ignore them.

As a result, kidney ailments tend to aggravate. It is noticed that kidney patients often suffer from impotence. Many patients with kidney disease take the health issue seriously when it reaches a later stage.

When there are large amounts of protein in the urine, the organ starts to fail. At the later stage, kidneys stop functioning. Kidneys fail when large amounts of protein are found in the urine during a medical exam. Chronic kidney disease needs to be diagnosed at the earliest. Your medical provider prescribes medicines that can treat kidney ailments. Also, treat impotence with Cenforce 100. People with kidney sickness might have to take extra watchfulness while utilizing Viagra and abstain from going too far. An excess might prompt serious kidney harm. Drinking plenty of liquids while taking Viagra might help protect the kidneys. Sildenafil (Viagra) is viewed as safe for the kidneys and might be prescribed to people with renal disappointment, incorporating men with cutting-edge kidney disappointment and seriously decreased renal capability who get dialysis.

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Brief Note About Kidney Diseases

A man suffers from kidney failure when he has chronic kidney disease. In kidney disease, there is a gradual loss of function in the kidneys. The role of kidneys is to filter excess fluids and wastes from your blood. It is then excreted through your urine. A high level of electrolytes, fluid, and waste tends to build up in your body. When this takes place, you suffer from chronic kidney ailments.

You may observe a few symptoms when you are in the early stage of kidney disease. Until the condition is advanced, you may not realize that you have kidney disease. If you do not pay attention to the signs, your kidneys start to fail slowly. In chronic kidney disease, the treatment aims at slow progression. Healthcare physicians try to control the cause of the disease.

Even after controlling the cause, it may not be possible to keep the kidney damage from progressing. When a man suffers from chronic kidney disease, his kidney is likely to be damaged in the end. Kidney disease is fatal because chronic kidney disease is life-threatening. The only way to make the kidney function again is to do dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Potential Signs To Know You Have Kidney Disease

Feeling More Tired:

When you go through kidney disease, you feel more exhausted. Owing to less energy, it is natural to feel excessively tired. Patients with kidney disease may also experience concentration issues. When the kidney does not function, toxins and impurities start to build up in the blood. Kidney disease gives rise to anemia issues which cause fatigue and weakness.

Itchy And Dry Skin:

With kidney disease, you experience itchy and dry skin. Healthy kidneys eliminate extra fluid and waste from your body. As a result, they make blood cells which keep your bones strong. To maintain the right amount of minerals in the blood, eliminating excess wastes and fluid is essential.

When you have kidney disease, your skin becomes dry and starts to itch. With advanced kidney disease, the organs cannot maintain the nutrients and minerals in proper balance.

Sleep disorders:

You may feel difficulty sleeping. Men with chronic kidney issues also suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep problems lead to problems in erection. Taking Cenforce 150 can be of great help.

Blood In Urine:

Men with kidney disease notice blood while urinating. While filtering wastes from the blood to produce urine, healthy kidneys keep the blood cells. When kidneys cannot filter wastes, the blood cells leak into the urine. Blood in the urine can also imply kidney infection, kidney stones, and tumors.

Urinate More Often:

You may be suffering from kidney disease if you urinate more often at night. You feel the urge to urinate often when the kidney filters are damaged. An increased urge to urinate can also be a sign of enlarged prostate in men. When you urinate frequently, it can also be a sign of a urinary tract infection.

Foamy Urine:

In kidney disease, you may notice excessive foamy in the urine. Excess foamy in the urine indicates that there is too much protein in the urine. The foam may be similar to the foam of scrambling eggs. Be alert if you notice too much foam in the urine.

Muscle Cramps:

Many men go through muscle cramps quite often. Constant muscle cramps affect your daily routine. Impaired kidney function can lead to electrolyte imbalance which results in cramping of the muscles. Poorly controlled phosphorus or low calcium levels lead to muscle cramps.

Poor Appetite:

Are you not interested in food? Aren’t you getting hungry? Having a poor appetite is a common sign of kidney disease. The buildup of toxins in the kidneys stops function in the kidneys. As a result, you may experience poor appetite. The interest in food tends to decrease with kidney disease. When kidney issues develop, you do not have an interest in food.

Swollen Feet And Ankles:

Are you experiencing swollen ankles? Are your feet swollen? Sodium retention takes place when there is decreased kidney function. As a result, your feet and ankles swell. However, swelling in the legs and feet can also signify liver disease, heart disease, and chronic leg vein issues.

Persistent Puffiness In The Eyes:

Are you noticing persistent puffiness around your eyes? Puffiness around the eyes makes a person look sick. You come to know that the filters of the kidneys are damaged when protein exists in the urine. Excess protein leak in the urine which results in puffiness around the eyes.

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Bottom Line

The aforementioned signs imply kidney disease in men. Do not overlook kidney ailments that can take a toll on your health.