Here Is A List Of Drugs That May Cause Problems With Erection

Here Is A List Of Drugs That May Cause Problems With Erection

Published on: 22/07/2023
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By james Martin

Erection issues are affecting your relationship. You have started taking erectile dysfunction pills. Unfortunately, the medications do not work in your body. Erectile dysfunction pills are designed to provide blood flow in and around the penile area.

If you have a problem with a firm erection after taking ED pills, this is something to worry about. It is better to have a look at other medicines you are having right now. Countless men take erectile dysfunction pills along with other medications. When they do so, they do not pay attention to the drugs they take. As a result, they do not get the erection they need.

It is advised to ED men not to have certain drugs when they are taking Cenforce 100. There are certain drugs which can interact with the erectile dysfunction medication. Men may feel sick or come across health complications after taking an ED pill with other drugs.

Some men experience serious health complications after ingesting ED pills with other drugs. By doing so,  certain drugs do not let men achieve and maintain an erection.

Why You Should Not Take Certain Drugs With ED Pills?

As per recent research studies, numerous medications are responsible for creating ED. As innumerable medicines can pose a problem in erections. As you take other pills along with impotence drugs, it is possible to experience a problem with erection.

Other health complications may erupt as men start taking ED pills along with other medications. Some men experience serious side effects of ED drugs when they have them with ED drugs.

If you have an underlying health issue, you will take medicine to cure the disease. In a bid to treat the underlying health issue, you may not know that the drug affects ED. Unfortunately, many medications do not allow men to have erections.

Research studies show that certain drugs pose a threat to impotence. When you take such drugs with ED pills, you do not get and sustain an erect penis. Cenforce 150 can prove to be a potent pill for treating erectile dysfunction.

When you take ED medications, make sure to have a word with your doctor. Your medical provider will tell you which drug you should not take while ingesting the impotence pills.

List Of Drugs Which Causes Erection Problems


Countless men suffer from depression in the current times. Depression can cause impotence and low sex drive. Taking antidepressants make erectile dysfunction problems worse. Many health experts believe that taking antidepressant drugs can lead to erection issues in men.

As men start taking antidepressants, they experience that they do not get the desired erection. Cenforce 200 can restore sexual function.

Psychiatric Medications:

There are many psychiatric medicines such as benzodiazepines, SSRIs, MAOIs, and SNRIs which create problems in ED. Some antipsychotic drugs can give rise to a problem with erections. Antipsychotic medicines lead to erection problems in men. These medicines can affect the flow of blood to the penis. Having an erection can be harder when men take antipsychotic drugs. Cenforce Pill can give men erections back.

Hair loss Medicines:

As men grow older, they experience hair loss. Men feel afraid of getting bald. To have voluminous hair on the head, men start to take hair loss drugs. Taking medications for hair growth can prevent men from having an erection. As men take pills for hair loss along with ED, they do not get an erection. In a bid to treat hair fall, men experience a problem with erections.

Prostate Medications:

As men grow older, they tend to go through prostate issues. Not all men suffer from prostate problems. There are a few men who company about having prostate problems. The drugs which men take for the treatment of prostate issues may hinder the activity of erection.

Taking prostate medicines can help treat prostate issues but it can give rise to erection issues. You may not get a stiff penis even after taking the impotence pill. The reason is that prostate medicines do not let you have the desired erection. Fildena 100 can resolve erection issues in men.

Blood Pressure Drugs:

Many men have high blood pressure issues at a certain point in age. When blood pressure is high, doctors advise men to take blood pressure drugs. As men take blood pressure pills, blood pressure gets reduced. But, taking pills to reduce blood pressure impacts the erection.

It is important to know that all blood pressure drugs can create problems for erectile dysfunction. Consuming blood pressure drugs decreases the flow of blood in the penis. Getting an erection tends to be difficult for men.

Antihistamines Drugs:

For treating seasonal allergies, many men take antihistamine drugs. This medicine treats other allergic conditions. The OTC drug clogs the action of histamine. It is a chemical in the body which involves allergic reactions. This drug also clogs healthy erections in men. Taking antihistamines with impotence drugs can stop erections. It is best not to take antihistamine drugs while you are having erectile dysfunction pills.

Opioid Pain Drugs:

Men who use opioids for many months can experience low testosterone levels. It is observed that low levels of testosterone lead to impotence problems. Stop taking opioid medications such as Morphine or Oxycodone with ED drugs.

Acid Reflux Drugs:

There are certain acid reflux drugs such as H2 Blockers which can create problems in erectile dysfunction. Even if you take ED drugs to get an erection, taking acid reflux pills will prevent you from having an erection. Stop using Nizatidine (Axid) or Cimetidine (Tagamet) while having impotence drugs.

Parkinson’s Drugs:

Men who have Parkinson’s disease suffer from sexual dysfunction. Taking medications for treating Parkinson’s disease can affect erections. Men may not get a firm penis when they have medicines for Parkinson’s disease along with ED pills.

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Bottom Line

To have a hard penis during sexual intimacy, stay away from the list of drugs that may cause problems in erection. In case you are already a user of any of these drugs communicate such things to the doctor before taking any ED-curing meds.