Here are some vitamins that will help you stay in bed longer

Here are some vitamins that will help you stay in bed longer

Published on: 11/06/2022
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

Ensuring to last longer in bed is one of the prime requirements for males. Most of the time due to some sexual problems or even other disorders and mental stress or depression men are not able to continue lasting long too much on bed.

In this article, we are going to find out about the use of certain vitamins that will help you in lasting longer on the bed. It is with the help of these medicines that you will be able to ensure to elongate the time that you can last in bed. Using this remedy you will be able to get rid of your sexual troubles and avoid being the sufferer of various types of sexual problems such as ED or impotence and others.

In case you wish to avoid your dependence on the use of certain pills such as Vidalista and Fildena 100 then you need to take the help of vitamins in this regard.

Vitamins can help you boost your sexual capabilities, including increasing your metabolism. Some theories establish the use of vitamins in being able to find a cure for sexual problems.

And in this article, we are only going to find out more about the use of such helpful vitamins that can help increase male stamina while being on the bed and also boost your sexual capabilities.

Vitamin D

A recent study done with Vitamin D proves that using this vitamin you might just be able to find a cure for severe ED. People who are having problems such as hypogonadism, also have low levels of vitamin D.

The use of Vitamin D will help you in curing a low sexual desire in males and enable sustainable long-time erections. it is also known that Vitamin D can also help you to cure oxidative stress, regulate high blood pressure, and increase the production of nitric oxide in you.
IN case you are looking to find out about vitamin D food items then you can include oily fish, salmon, sardines, mushrooms, fortified milk, egg yolk, and beef liver.

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 or folates as you call it has a role to play in curing ED. generally, there4 is a link between having folate deficiency and finding it difficult to have erections.

In case you wish then you can take folates in then you can take any of its supplements or else take it through your food items such as cereals and pasta. It is also filled with food items such as beef liver, green veggies such as spinach and kale, avocado, asparagus, citrus fruits and bananas, bananas, leaves, lentils, and other legumes.

Having such food items is also beneficial if you wish to avoid the long-term disorders of ED that will force you to have pills such as Cenforce 200.

Vitamin B3

Commonly known as niacin this is another vitamin that can help you get a potent hard erection and increase lasting time for males. According to some research, it can also help you to recover from severe erectile dysfunction conditions.

Some of the food items that are rich in Vitamin B3 include beef liver, turkey, salmon, peanuts, lentils, brown rice, and sunflower seeds.

Remember to get a consultation with doctors in case you wish to take any supplements containing the vitamin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can help you in two ways that will either directly or indirectly help you to increase your lasting time on the bed. Generally, it can help you in increasing the flow of blood to the penis tissues and also increase your testosterone levels.

Vitamin C is surely good for healing the immune system and making you more stubborn to having allergies and infections caused by various malicious bacteria and viruses. Taking in Vitamin C is also recommendable for someone who is having ED and using pills such as Vidalista 60.


It is not that when you have ED you will only have to resort to allopathic medicines. Many herbs can also help you to recover from ED. and among them, ginseng is one of them. According to research, it has been seen that using this substance and taking it daily can help you with increasing your placebo and raising your sexual drive both of which help you in lasting longer on a bed with your partner.

According to experts and human trials, significant results have been observed in men who have been taking it for more than 6 weeks.


Arginine is another substance that can help you to recover from low sexual desire and impotence conditions. This substance is commonly present in some food items and according to researchers, it works in a way similar to that of Viagra. L-arginine is rich in food items such as meat, fish, nuts, legumes, and whole grains.