Exercises to increase the penile size for great sex

Exercises to increase the Penile size for great sex

Published on: 17/01/2022
Last updated on: 31/01/2024
Written By Molly Wilson

Most of the time we hear things in our private life that having a bigger and enhancing-looking penis will help you to have better sex and even increase satisfaction for both partners. Simple stretching Exercises allow the penis tissues to get elongated and with this, there is a rise in the penis size too.

But is it also true? Don’t worry we will find out the answer here in this article.

And we will also help you to find out whether taking a pill of Sildenafil can help you to thicken or elongate the penis. 

The larger your penis size is the more it will be liked by females. This is the conclusion of several studies done by a scientist about how our naked preferences work. Generally, females would love to have a thicker and larger penis size.

So how can you increase your penis size for higher sexual satisfaction? In This Article, we are going to find out Contents about those. Let’s begin…

Some revealing information about penis size and our sexual preferences

We would like you to inform that there is a minute difference between what you think is and what the actual things are. Most men think that it is a better masculine feature to have a larger and thicker penis.

But for women, it is not about the length of your penis. Rather it depends on how thick your penis is. Women do love a thicker penis size.

Penis stretching for penis size enlargement

Penis stretching is the way of using your hands to elongate your penis size.  Some devices can help you to do this stuff more effectively. With the use of your hands or such advanced devices, you stretch the penis in certain ways to elongate it further.

But wait… it is only in due time that you can see the results. You see doing it just one day or a week will not increase your penis size. You have to do this Constantly for a Duration of a few Month to see some Visual change.

But as we have said earlier it is not about how tall your penis grows to that matters when you have an erection but how thick it is that is more preferable for the females.

Exercises to increase the size of your Sex

Stretching your penis as we have discussed above is a type of simple exercise that you need to do for elongating your penis further. But apart from this, there are some other exercising techniques that we have come out with here.

Massaging your penis with lubricants

Massaging your penis with certain lubricants mostly oil is a great way of doing simple stretching exercises. You can simply add oil to the penis and gently massage the entire penis. Remember as we have said earlier that you have to keep doing this for time to visibly see some changes.

Penis pump exercises

Although with using pills like Fildena 150 or Cenforce 150 you can get an erection but doing the penile pump exercises is also a great way of getting an erection and enlarging the penis.

So what you need to do is to apply some lubricant or oil to the penis and place the penile pump on the penis. And then simply turn on the pump to get a hard erection and even make it longer in the due course.

Jelqing exercise

Now if you are looking for the most common exercises to increase your penis size you can surely not miss out on this one. We generally recommend you to do this exercise at least once per day. It can also aid you to have an erection along with elongation.

So in this form of penis enlargement exercise all you have to do is place both hands on the penis and gently move the penis from top to bottom. If you can just warm the penis a little bit then this exercise works even better and more efficiently. Of course, it will first lead you to an erection just like the results of using an ED pill like Fildena 150 or Cenforce 100.

Stretching exercise

Sometimes if you see doing this exercise then it would appear pretty similar to milking a cow.it can help you to become elongated faster. Doing this exercise involves the major use of two fingers that is your index finger and thumb.

It might also look a bit similar to the Jelqing exercise. This is an exercise in which you do several repetitions of gently moving the skin of your penis up and down.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are common in patients who are suffering from ED and have to take pills like Fildena 150 and Cenforce 150. This is a form of exercise that requires massaging the penis more elegantly with stimulating touches. It is something that helps your penis to thicken up and elongate all at the same time.