Exactly What Is Jelqing

Exactly What Is Jelqing And How Does It Work?

Published on: 28/06/2024
Last updated on: 28/06/2024
Written By james Martin

Often when we are in the mood to have sex, we start masturbating the penis. But do you know about a relatively age-old technique that helps you to attain hard and longer penis erections and to make the penis increase in size?

Well, not many of you may have heard about the term jelqing and its exact process.

But if you have been unaware of this technique so far, don’t worry; we shall explain it in detail in today’s article. So let’s begin…

❀ A Basic Idea About Jelqing And What It Is ❀

Jelqing is an age-old technique in which you gently massage the penis with your fingers stretching and squeezing it such that you can gain penile hardness and also increase the penis size.

The way of this technique involves you to squeeze the stretch along the shaft of the penis to sensitize the region.

This technique may help gain an erection even in patients finding it hard to generate hardness on their own and those who have to rely on medicines containing Tadalafil all the time.

Why Jelqing And What It Is Necessary?

➯ To Be Straight Up To The Point, The Jelqing Technique Helps Men To Get A Hard Erection.
➯ Without A Doubt, Anyone Can Say That When You Start Squeezing The Shafting Of The Penis Up And Down That The Penis Sensitivity Would Rise Further Enabling You To Get A Hard Erection.
➯ But Not Many Of You May Know The Fact That The Jelqing Process Involves A Slow Massaging Technique Where You Don’t Want To Ejaculate.
➯ Rather The Aim Here Is To Hold The Hard Erection And Enjoy The Higher Sensitivity Of The Penis Region.
➯ It Is A Process That Helps You To Enjoy Your Indulgent Intimate Activities And Immerse Yourself In The Pleasure Rather Than Culminating And Reaching An Orgasm.
➯ The Aim Here Is Not To Ejaculate Semen But To Sensitize The Penis And Enjoy The Sensation.
➯ Another Important Job For Jelqing Is To Keep To Hold Your Erections Longer. Since It Involves A Slow Massaging Technique You Would Not Lose An Erection Anyhow.
➯ This Method Involving A Slow Masturbating Process Helps You To Sustain Erections Much Longer.
➯ Thus Jelqing May Directly Help Benefit The Patients Suffering From Penis Impotence Or Erectile Dysfunction Issues Using Vardenafil And Thus Achieve A Strong Erection Comfortably.

❀ Is It Truly Effective? ❀

Well, based on reviews of men who try out this technique and know the details about it, it is quite helpful they say. Even the doctors and scientists who have done some research are on the same page here.

See the main thing that males and even health experts seem to agree upon is the fact that the jelqing technique may be the most essential to get a hard erection and later on going on to sustain it.

The slow massaging process of the penis helps in avoiding ejaculation. Further, this process can help men in getting sexually driven and willing to have sex.

In the short term, it is a form of triggering mechanism that fuels your inner sexual drive to get intimate with your partner.


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❀ The Mechanism In Which Jelqing Works ❀

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The whole idea of the technique revolves around one thing which is to slowly stimulate and keep on doing so such that the penis would gain hardness and become longer.

The slow to-and-fro movement of the penis quickly triggers the nerves surrounding the region and directs a higher blood flow through the entire region.

This is how you get a hard penis erection and eventually your penis becomes enlarged.

But when you keep doing the process for a long time it also helps sustain this process and this is how jelqing is a process not to lose your erections.

❀ When To Stop Jelqing? ❀

  1. Well, although jelqing may help you to gain and hold on to an erection, it would not be a wise idea to keep doing it for a very long time.
  2. Even the reviews from the patients have gone on to tell the same saga. Doing jelqing for more than a few minutes to an hour could lead to pain inside the penis tissues and around the region.
  3. Without a doubt, the muscle tissues eventually start feeling the effects of pain after being stretched out so far.
  4. Another probable disadvantage of trying out this technique and forcing it too much on you is it causes the penis to become insensitive after a while.
  5. Hence this may cause problems in ejaculating in case you want to reach climax. Massing the penis for so long may cause the penis tissues to go slightly numb and hence you will find it tough to ejaculate semen.

Here Is A List Of Some Precautions While Jelqing

While most of you may be immersed in the pleasure of jelqing and the satisfaction that it brings you don’t forget to ensure these set of cautious measures to prevent any major side effects of jelqing.

📢 Lube Up The Penis First

Use a lubricating gel on the penis to avoid the pain. a lubricating gel may also help in preventing the pain initially while jelqing r when doing it for too long.

📢 Don’t Go Hard

Jelqing involves squeezing and stretching the pens at the same time. But this does not mean that you must go hard at it.

Remember that anyone who loves to enjoy jelqing would want to do it slowly rather than aggressively.


❀ Is There Any Risk Of Health Adverse Effects Due To Jelqing? ❀

Well, although most of the cases of jelqing do not seem to have caused any problems in most men but certain occasions have created doubts.

Certainly, jelqing daily or for long at a stretch could desensitize your penis and cause difficulties eventually to get a hard erection. this primarily happens because jelqing causes penis tissues to go numb.

Another health issue that you may face is not being able to ejaculate even trying it which again goes to show that your penis tissues have gone numb.