52% of Men Experience Some Kind Of Erectile Dysfunction

52% of Men Experience Some Kind Of Erectile Dysfunction Throughout Their Lives

Published on: 07/07/2023
Last updated on: 26/06/2024
Written By james Martin

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most severe disorders that men face these days. Yes, and this is the topic that we are going to be discussing in this article here today. As the title of our topic indicates the percentage of men having to deal with this sort of penile issue is indeed severely concerning.

Think about this, about half of men on average suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. This single stat does not make it any other disorder but rather ED, you can now say that it is one of the severely concerning disorders.

In this article, we are going to find out why such an insanely high percentage of men suffer from the penile condition in the US and also look into the curative processes for ED.

So let’s begin…

Why Do Such A High Percentage Of Men Suffer From ED?

ED or impotence is a condition relating to the penis and its erection capabilities. But this ability seems to be lacking in the impotent patients.

After all, there have to be some reasons why ED occurs in men. Let us find out what are these.

The Actual Reasons No One Told You Would Like To ED

Unlike the other disorders, ED as a disorder may be linked with highly unlikely disorders. yes even disorders that may seem to have no relationship with ED can be the main back-end issue behind this. So what are these?

According to doctors, ED may occur in patients due to several other existing disorders.  After conducting trials among several ED patients across different age groups doctors have come to the highlight that up to 80% cases of patients suffering from ED have the disorder due to another existing disorder.

Some of the physical disabilities that may cause ED, in the long run, include heart disorders, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, and nerve disorders.

And guess what ED does not relate itself to just physical disorders. but if you have any mental disorder it may link to ED.

Mentally being unwell with severe stress, suffering from intense and frequent anxiety attacks and even depression may be the reason why you are suffering from the penile condition.

Does Your Lifestyle Have Any Relation With ED?

You may be surprised to know that even a poor lifestyle and living choices can interfere with your erection capabilities. Yes, indeed even lifestyle factors can be the reasons for having impotence. Some of the lifestyle choices that may cause ED include alcohol addiction, substance use such as the use of drugs like cocaine and marijuana, and so on.

Other ED Medicine:

How Do Your Lifestyle Habits Promote ED?

Now, while you may be still surprised that your alcoholic habits may be the reason for having ED let us see how exactly can such issues cause penis impotence.

First of all, remember that dependencies on alcohol or the excessive use of narcotic drugs are not good for your health at all. It may cause some of the other physical and mental disorders mentioned above triggering ED.

As you may wonder, alcohol and the use of drugs can easily cause heart disorders, obesity, diabetes, nerve disorders, and stress or depression which triggers ED.

Is There Any Way to Manage ED?

While ED can be a severely concerning disorder once you become a victim of it, still it is largely manageable. Don’t worry, even if you have ED it is possible that for the rest of your life, you will not have to stay out of touch with any sexual bliss.

For curing ED there are several means which we are going to discuss here-

Use Of ED Medicines

By far one of the most common and recommended ways from the doctor for curing impotence condition is the use of ED medicines. The use of ED medicines such as Vidalista pills can cure the fastest possible route to getting back hard once again.

The ED pills are also highly affordable making it easier for mass treatment. ED medicines available in the market are of generally two types. One is those pills that have been recommended by the FDA such as Viagra and Cialis and the other list includes generic pills such as Cenforce 100.

Surgeries And The Insertion Of Penile Implants

After the use of ED medicines another most common way to cure ED is by way of surgeries. While ED medicines may be affordable but they do not provide you with a permanent solution to curing the disorder even when you take the medicines for months.

But if you can undertake a successful surgery there is a much higher chance of getting a total cure for ED.

But unlike being affordable like medicines most ED surgeries are highly cost-intensive and not affordable for the masses. Some of the most common types of ED surgeries include the insertion of a manually inflatable tube inside the penis, reorientation of arteries and capillaries inside the penis soft tissues to allow more blood flow, and so on.

Do We Also Have Any Herbal Remedy For Curing ED?

Just like the medical treatments for curing ED, some herbal substances may cure ED too. Remember that even though the name is an herbal remedy it may have some minor side effects and even to use such substances you may need to see specialists first.

Some of the most common substances which are used in herbal medicines and supplements for curing ED include yohimbine, horny goat weed, Chinese red ginseng, Gingko biloba, and so on.

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Can Any Home Remedy Cure ED?

At last, we come to the final possible solution for curing ED which is the home remedies. But remember that there is no scientific evidence that by applying these home remedies you are guaranteed of curing ED. but at least if you use these tactics you can see pretty good improvements in your erection capabilities. Some of the home remedies for curing ED include eating the right diet, doing exercises such as pilates, meditation to help curb stress, ditching addiction habits, and so on.

Final Say

So, while ED may have a high percentage of victim cases, but still it can be cured using several remedies. The most important step for you is to consult with the doctors as soon as you can to detect it faster and then adopt a suitable remedial strategy.